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William and I are moving on. I believe

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Alright guys id hate to say it but .4 will be probably one of the last major updates for this mod. Doesn't mean we wont work it anymore. We tend to add new stuff but as of right now we are both busy. We are both working starting on our new mods. His the Blood and Iron (Franco-Prussian War) Mine Alastar: A Medieval Fantasy. We appreciate you all who enjoy this mod. We worked very hard on it and hope you all will play it. Thank you for your time! Again this doesn't mean we wont ever update it or add new things. Cheers!!!

BSM 'Shut up' Williams:
Cheers to you and good luck ;)

Sad to see you go, best of luck with your other projects.

Good Luck wherever you go!

Yes it's true but it doesn't mean the mod won't ever be picked up again.


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