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Back to work[Pistols and new armoured car]

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Hello guys, we are back in developing. Here we will post all the news about the process until v3. Hope you like it. We are currently being helped by Parabellum mod creator.

We will welcome:

-3d Modellers


-Warcries and orders recorders(Above all in spanish)

Okay, let's start!
We started a week ago and already implemented in mod next features:

* New visual effects and sounds from Parabellum mod I made;
* Now automatic weapons are fully automatic. Added 7 machine guns;
* Full drivible tanks now available in troops menu. They can fire with AP or HE shells and tank machine gun;Images & in-game screenshots:

[close]More info about coming features will be posted soon.

Duke Of LongTree:
Looks dank as Fuck

Holy sh*t, that looks amazing  :o

First God:
This mod is going to Re-Born :)


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