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I am here to share with you the final edition of the Imperial Army Skinset. Final editon, you might ask? After many years of service and all kinds of texture-packs we have redone our skinset to only replace the austrian faction without touching the other factions. Therefore we have started from scratch to create our version 8.0. It is final due to the fact that all additional contents (which will be skins from all our past editions also new textures and will be released as time comes along). After all those years we can say it is compatibel with every other skinset unless the other skinset replaces austria aswell. (it only needs two .brf files, mmaustrianuniforms.brf and mmaustrianhelments.brf). And yes, it replaces the entire austrian faction. Next to textures this Skinset also replaces all unit names of all factions and all weapon names to make them more historically accurate! So you won´t find any infantry_musket in the game anymore, however for example a sweet looking Brown Bess M1756, different Charleville Mousquets, a weapon called Infanterie-Säbel M1806, Kavallerie-Stutzen and many many more all being named in their nations language to offer a great feeling of immersion. All names were also touched on so instead of only reading the description "line infantry" you will be able to read things like "infanterie de ligne" or "Linien-Infanterie". Since it wouldnt be that easy to implement and to read the russian cyrillic letters russian names are mostly written in german.

All in all this Imperial Army Skinset primarly offers:
+ A total overhaul of the Austrian Faction with the replacement of all austrian skins, the implementation of new objects and ressources.
+ Historically accurate and more suitable names for all weapons and all units of all nations in their respective language.
+ New menues and design.
+ Future contents (DLCs without paying a thing, take that Electronic Arts...)

Some sneak peeks:
SpoilerPlay as the german grenadier bataillon "reisky" nr13 and be victorious.

Feel the wrath when facing the glorious infantry-regiment "alexander von jordis" nr59

Since it´s the imperial army skinset unique ranks are also displayed

Feel fancy playing as our Imperial Guard (replaces those lancers)

Watch as those historic cannon pieces are firing (every nation had its unique colours)

You don´t like those grenzers? Fight as the hungarian insurgency on foot and as hussars.

Play as a soldier of the imperial army
There are a two options for you to play our skinset:
The first option is to download the skinset as members of the Imperial Army play it. That means certain Officer names are replaced by the names of imperial army officers. (Officer of the IR59 -> Leutnant Darthkiller). Leave it that way when you want to...
Download the Imperial Army Skinset v.8.0 - Collectors Edition

... However as most may want to play this skinset with more historically accurate names you can download a small conversion to revert the names of said officers.
(This package actually is recommended for you and it needs to be installed afterwards)
Download the Historically Correct Names and Unit Distinctions

Additional Bits and Bytes:
SpoilerMany Cavalrymen are eager to make their salut putting their sword before their face and with this animation you can do that:
Download the honored salute

You want your french artillery back? Get it back once you download the old textures:
Download the French Artillery

Get freaky with our Dynamo-Music package which should only be given to younger regimental members below the age of 15... It contains classical music aswell as... some... newer interpretations of it...

Get nostalgic and be ready to conquer the rhine with this unique music package. This package has ported all the music from the new version 3.0 of Blood & Iron: Age of Imperialism to Napoleonic Wars:
Download the Blood & Iron: Age of Imperialism Music Package
Recommended additional Community-Contents:
SpoilerTo get historically more accurate souds of firing muskets and pistols and even explosions get the Reenactors Musket Soudns V3.
Reenactors Musket Sounds V3

The Smoke and Sparks Mod gives you more immersion about the Napoleonic Era. We have mad it compatibel with our skinset.
More Compatibel Smoke and Sparks Mod

Raddeo´s Open Workshop doesn´t only give us wonderful skins it also sends us great animations to use. Therefore I need to recommend you to get some nice animations.
Raddeo´s Workshop

I have no Idea who actually made this, however using this alternative reticule I am one of the most deadliest pistoleros since 2012. It´s more simple and it´s not exploiting the game since it opens and closes just like the other one. It has three lines coming together in the middle.
Alternative reticule[close]
How to install all of this
It can´t be more simple. Installing those contents happens by overwriting existing files. Once downloaded and extracted you will get a folder called: Napoleonic Wars, you need to put this folder into the modules folder where you game is located at. Most likely it is: C:\\program files(x86)\steam\steamapps\common\mount&blade:warband\modules

Play the game in english to see all the names correctly!
Basically that´s it!

If you like it give me a reply and send your recommendations as we are always eager to make our skinset better and to add new austrian skins or other contents.
Be thrilled to see our new inventions as time moves on.

"honored salute" - awwww, yesss.
This warms my heart, more than a thousand dead french men.
Looking forward to using this in action.

I shall salute you good sir!

Nice work! I will look into it with great anticipation.

Duke Of LongTree:
nice !

I'm having trouble downloading the historical names addon. The page doesn't load and the download does not start.


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