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OSP (Open Source Project)

Remember: If there is no '[OSP]' in the title, you can't use it without asking permission.

Like on the Taleworlds forum, the FSE forum has from now on also it's own OSP child-board!

What this child board's purpose?
This board is purposed for threads that contain released assets that are free to be used by all the other modders in their own projects (modifications).
Previously there was only the "Minor modification" child-board. However this did not clarify if the resources released there were also available to be used by other modders in their own projects. This new child-board should make that clear and so, make it easier for modders to find additional assets for their projects!

Give credit!
Although the owners of these assets have given permission to let you use their work. Don't forget to give them credit!
They worked hard for it and they deserve it!

How do I get my thread here?
Currently PM's are being send to people who already released assets, asking permission to move them to this child-board.
You can create your own thread, as long the thread contains released resources for others to use!
If you haven't received a PM while you have a thread with the required content. Please PM either me here, another forum moderator. Or leave a comment behind on this thread.

How do I make aware that other modders can use my resources?
Do this either let us know, or change the thread title yourself. Including the bit [OSP] in it. To let others know they can use your work in their projects!


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