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Napoleon I:
Skin Request - 4 Skins; Nr.3 linen Infanterie "Prinz Karl", Nr.4 linen Infanterie "Salern", Nr.5 linen infanterie "Von Preysing", and Nr.11 Linen Infanterie "Von Kinkel"
Replacing - Three Rhinebund Infantry Units and the Light inf; Saxon Infantry,Wuttumburg Infantry and Grenadiers, and the Hessian Light inf.
- Requested by: VG Owner PassTheMike
- Steam name:

Some Useful References:

Skin Request - Greek Regular infantary (1830)
Replacing - Guard unit For Uk
- Requested by:Argie the Greek (Leading officer of the 1st GLI )
- Steam name:

Some Useful References:

Skin Request - 15th Regiment Of Foot (East Yorkshire Regiment)
Replacing: - [UK] 33rd Regiment Of Foot
- Requested by: whoward
- Steam name: W. Howard (

Skin Request - Royal French Battalion
Replacing: - Total reskin of rheinbund, and if possible of the musics
- Requested by: Brigadier Staff Doguereau
- Steam name:
I have a book about french uniforms during Louis XVI to ease the process

Skin Request - 115e régiment d'infanterie de ligne
Replacing: - 45e régiment d'infanterie/FRANCE
- Requested by: Me
- Steam name:
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