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S E R V E R   H O S T I N G   S U P P O R T

Hello. There's been a lot of questions about it so I'm going to make a thread to support server hosters with first time set up and other troubleshooting, as well as
to give the devs a thread to get feedback from server owners. Please read the thread before posting problems and note that we cannot resolve actual problems
with your server, as that is between you and your server provider. We can however offer advice and support with running the mod itself.
First Time Setup

* Upload the folder "The Anglo Zulu war" from your PC's modules folder (found in your mount & blade directory) to the modules folder on your server. Either use an FTP program to transfer all of the individual files or zip up the folder and upload it using an admin web panel (if your server hoster provides one).
* Make a copy of the text file NW Sample Battle.txt and rename it. For this example, I will use ZULUconfig.txt.
* Open ZULUconfig.txt and edit the values in there to your preference (Server Name, admin password etc). Note that the server name cannot contain spaces or special characters.
* Navigate to the section of the config that deals with factions, and change it to match the code shown below*.
* If you want the config file to control more advanced options that aren't already in the sample config, then see the readme.txt that is included in the same directory as the configs.
* Save the ZULUconfig.txt and close it.
* Now that the config file and mod are installed, all that remains is for you to change the command line that starts your server. See the "Command Line" below**. (Note: This part differs depending on your server provider. If you are unable to change the command line yourself, submit a support ticket asking them to do it for you.
* If you are hosting it from a dedicated server box that you own and manage yourself, or a locally hosted server (on your PC), then you'll need to create an exception in the server/pc firewall and/or your router's firewall if locally hosted.
*Factions Config
Spoiler#adding all nations to both sides just to randomize all of them
#adding less nations will reduce the randomization set (used in set_randomize_factions command)
add_factions fac_britain fac_britain
add_factions fac_russia fac_russia
set_randomize_factions 1[close]
**Command Line
Spoiler-r ZULUconfig.txt -m The Anglo Zulu war [close]Useful Programs & Links

FTP Clients
Filezilla -
SmartFTP -
FireFTP (Firefox Extension) -
Cyberduck (Mac OS X) -

Custom Maps
Military Outpost (by Gokiller) -
Battle for Humbleberry Station (by Sir_Connor) -
Rorke's Drift & Colonial Outpost (by Av3ng3r) -
94th Regiment Maps (by Crash R Us) -

Informational Threads & Useful Tools
NW Server Hosting Thread -
Guide to Mapping on NW -,228008.0.html
Terrain Code Generator -

More information to come on different aspects of server hosting.


Reserved again. (I'm greedy.)


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Greedy :(

I'm hosting from my PC where do i add the Command line at?

-r ZULUconfig.txt -m The Anglo Zulu war


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