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If You have an event and want people to see it post it here. Ill make it organised here.

Name of the event /FSE URL if available:
Time/Date - Put the time of the event:
Organizer - Put who is organizing/hosting the event:
Type - What type of event is it ? Battle, Siege etc:
Region - Put where your event is based:
Sign up - Where to sign up and/or how:

Event: [EU] Tuesday Event (Flash's Weekly Shootystabathon)
Time/Date: Tuesday 2000 GMT
Organizer: Flash
Type: Mixed:
Region EU Hosted, but NA welcome.
Sign up: See thread.

Sir Lyra:
Event: [NA] Sunday Event (6th Warwickshire Sponsored)
Time/Date: Sunday @ 1:00 PM Central Standard Time (US)
Organizer: Sir Lyra/Caesar15
Type: Battle
Region: NA hosted, everyone welcome
Sign up: Go there, read the thread, scroll down and copy the code.

EDIT: The first event should happen this upcoming Sunday, the 13th. Hope to see everyone there!

Hey Immortal here.
We are a new regiment hosting events Such as British V British and Zulu V Zulu please go to this link for signup and info

Event:The Cape Town Rifles British Civil war event
Time/Date: Sunday 6pm GMT
Type: Battle
Sign Up:
 this thread for this event and many more :D


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