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Alpha Footage 0.03 [Uploaded :3]

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Hey guys I uploaded some footage of the alpha release 0.01 And I thought i would link it here.
The quality's a bit bad because i forgot to change the Fraps setting for from Half-Size To full-Size
But Hey ho what cha gonna do.
Spoiler[youtube][/youtube][close]Here is the link and a few other notes is that it cuts a few times because I either had things to do or I got a steam Messages.

Here is Alpha 0.02
Spoiler[youtube][/youtube][close]So the video is Finialy Uploaded and is currently processing... One problem is it apparently didn't Cut out the counting down at the start I know I removed that part but for some reason it is still there so you will hear me counting to 3 at the start of the video.
Its my bad i should have checked before uploading but it was 3.30 in the morning when i did it and i was tired
Im currently waiting for the Trim Edit I did to take change

Alpha 0.03
Spoiler[youtube][/youtube][close]:3 Ps I also did this run blind and I was a Little annoyed at the time so I sound a Bit depressed
I also missed a Few thing Due to the reasons stated Above^
Anyway ty

A quick 5 Minutes footage of me playing on the public servers.
Nothing special Just Infamous Interrupts My recording (For some reason I call it a stream) Murder follows and it cuts to some more recent stuff with ridiculous Hero/Glory music :3

Nice Ronan!! Good man, also awesome to be in your signature :P With both the actual sig and the quote ;)

Pretty cool stuff man, Liked and subbed. Try and get some 0.02 footage once you can download it. :P


--- Quote from: Ardagh on January 05, 2013, 05:38:44 pm ---Pretty cool stuff man, Liked and subbed. Try and get some 0.02 footage once you can download it. :P

--- End quote ---

Doing that Right now


I have Recorded New footage and I am currently rendering it and will upload it hopefully today or tommorow


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