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It has been a while now since modding was made much easier with NW and we have a huge and still active client side modding community who work pretty hard to provide smaller but equally interesting client side mods that aim to keep the game fresh for not only a single player but even big regiments by following custom requests and other wishes of the community.

Sadly these efforts until now have rarely listed, and to prevent the loss of all this free community creativity I'll happily make it a side project so old and new community members to quickly and easily browse and find what they so desire to spice up their play time with the DLC.

This thread is a WIP, which means I am hardly finished. I'll be tracking down and checking the status of quite a few mods some I suspect are lost forever because of they were uploaded on dubious file sharing websties and not Mediafire/Warband Nexus. I'm even considering throwing up Mediafire alternate downloads for these mods to be doubly safe.

If anyone feels like making a table to make this thread look more attractive, I will welcome the help and happily use it.

Remember users of these mods, ALWAYS back up your original files before you start tweaking your NW folder with these things. I am not responsible if a mod wasn't updated or somehow breaks the file structure of NW. Be safe and create back ups before dippng your toes into client side modding.

Modders do not be shy in posting your latest creations in this thread as well, I will get around to adding them to the big list below.

Faction Replacement Mod Packs:

These mods replace the stock factions of the DLC with different nations that fought in the Napoleonic Wars.

Raul47's Kingdom Of Spain (replaces Austria)

The 1812 inspired AEF (American Expeditionary Force) by Blitz_craig (replaces UK)

Confederation Of The Rhine Era Kingdom Of Saxony by Blitz_craig (replaces Austria)

The Woysko Xiestwa Warszawskiego (Army of Duchy od Warsaw) by Raddeo (replaces France)

Kingdom Of Holland by Jurkan (Replaces the UK)

Jack And Gravoids Army Of Italy Replacement Pack (Replaces France)

Regimental Reskins By Nation:

These mods are very simple reskins of stock NW regiments, you might see the odd new hat or jacket type but for the most part these will just be minor visual changes usually of other reigments.

United Kingdom:

11th Dragoon by Jurkan

Royal Horse Artillery by Baillie

2nd Light Battalion King´s German Legion by Mortem

3rd Battalion King´s German Legion by Mortem

King's Hessen Infantry by Alexkhom1

Mortem's 12th East Suffolk Infantry & Mortem's 52nd (Oxfordshire) Regiment of Foot

Black Brunswickers by Betaknight (replaces KGL)

Mr. Kochi's Skin Warehouse, British Line, Light and Foot Guard replacements.

Nighthawks 88th Connaught Rangers (replaces 33rd Line Infantry)

Oldest_Guard 90th Pertshire Volunteer Light Infanty (replaces 51st Light Infantry)

2nd Regiment of Foot Guards (Coldstream) in greatcoats (replace 2nd Regiment of Foot Guards (Coldstream) by Raddeo

Hinkel's 79th Regiment of Foot "Cameron Highlanders"

73rd Regiment of Foot (Macloud's Highlanders) (replace 42nd Regiment of Foot (Black Watch) by Raddeo

LLJK Pants Realistic British Sailors from Parrots Mod

79th, 91st and 92nd 'Dirty Campaign' Highlander Uniform Reskins by Hinkel

Atilla's 71st Highlanders

Atilla's Coldstream Grenadier with Bearskins

Atilla's Scots Greys (replaces Inniskilling)

73rd Perthshire Highlanders by Dan

23rd Regiment of Foot Royal Welch Fusiliers (replace 5th Line Battalion King's German Legion) by Raddeo

30th Regiment of Foot (replace 2nd Regiment of Foot Guards (Coldstream) by Raddeo

57th Regiment of Foot (replace 33rd Regiment of Foot) by Raddeo


Millander's 15e Voltigeurs Custom "Campaign Dress" Mod Pack

IeR Corp Texture Pack by Cruor_Volt

Chevau-Leger Lancier de Ligne by Blitz_craig (replaces Polish Lancers)

Neuchatel Battalion (The Canaries) by Blitz_craig

4e régiment d'infantrie Suisse by Jurkan

Companie de fussiller de Waldeck by Jurkan

Infanterie Légère Piemontaise by Jurkan

Oldest Guard French Line Greatcoat Project

Adding winter greatcoats to the default French line infantry.

3è Légion de la Irlandaise "Irish Legion" by Minister_Of_Prussa

Oldest_Guard Accurate Bavarian Uniform Texture

Ruhm für Bayern (Glory for Bavaria) A accurate selection of reskins of Bavarian Regiments

Nighthawks Dutch Grenadiers (replaces 1er).

Nighthawks 3eme Voltigeurs (replaces line infantry regiment Vistula Legion)

1er Régiment d'Infanterie Suisse (replace 45e Regiment d'Infanterie de ligne) by Raddeo

Nighthawks 6eme Voltigeurs (replaces 15eme infanry)

Mortem's Les Grenadiers Hollandais

Swiss Grenadier Guard by Minister_Of_Prussia

National Guard by Charles William

13. Pułk Piechoty Xięstwa Warszawskiego (replaces Vistula Legion) by Raddeo

Le Garde De Paris made by Reverse

2e Bataillon du Génie de la Garde Impériale by ZuS

LLJK Pants Realistic French Sailors from Parrots Mod

Dutch Red Lancers by BetaKnight (replaces Polish French Lancers)

Attila's Light Infantry Carabinier

Atilla's Early Voltiguers

Atilla's Chasseur a pied pre and post 1809 editions

Atilla's 1er Tirailleurs

Atilla's French Artillery Crew Reskin

Blitz_craig 's Saxon Garde du Corps (Replaces French Grenadiers a Cheval) See Below OP in this thread.

William's 4e Hussars replaces default French Hussars.


47th Czech Regiment by SamTheZamER

Jäger-Bataillon Linge (Bade) by Jurkan

Oldest_Guard 1805 Austrian Style Line, 1805 Era Grenzer Replacement Uniforms

Note: For now, Austrian only Hungarians coming in future.

K.u.K. Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 4 Hoch und Deutschmeister, Füsilier-Kompanie (1806 Uniform Variation) by kpetschulat

Hammer's Nr38 Archduke Louis

Nr.14 Austrian Line Infantry reskin by Devmc99

Atilla's Blue Coated Austrian Helmeted Officer

Atilla's Austrian German Grenadiers (Replaces Hungarian Grenadiers)


29y Chernigovskiy Pehotniy Polk (replace Simbirskiy Pehotniy Polk and Pavlovskiy Grenaderskiy Polk) by Raddeo

Hammer's Russian Life Guard Hussars


Feiwilligen Jäger Von Silésian Landwehr by Jurkan

Russo-German Legion, Jäger Company mod by kpetschulat replaces default Prussian Rifles.

Walko's Hovel: Prussian Line Infanty, Landwehr and Footguard replacements.

Mortem's GARDE JÄGER (replaces default Prussian Rifles)

Mortem's Westphälische Landwehr

Devmc99's 8 Brandenburgische Infantry reskin

Devmc99's Minor Landwehr Reskin

Prussian Shako Covers by Betaknight

Atilla's 1806 Era Prussian Grenadier

Atilla's 1806 Prussian Cuirassier[/left]

2. Dragoner-Regiment by Jurkan

Regimental Replacements By Nation

These mods replace the soldiers and officers/musicians of a certain nation of the DLC with foreign or ahistorical alternatives, for modders who do more than a single project I will just link directly to their project thread with a minor description of what they have done to save time.

United Kingdom

Deutch Carabiner by Jurkan

CommisarJDF's 1812 US Marines

12th Australian Light Horse during WW1 (replace 23rd Light Dragoons) by Raddeo

Devmc99's Red Uniformed KGL

Blitz_craig Nassau Grenadier replaces KGL

Devmc99's Blue Uniformed KGL Line


Walloon Granaderos by Attila the nun (replaces Grenadier a Pied)

Tekmo's Dutch Heavy Cavalry (Replaces 9e régiment de cuirassier)

Tekmo's Dutch Line (Replaces vistula legion)


Continental Army Line Infantry during American Revolution (replace 3. Kurmarkische Landwehr-Regiment) by Raddeo


Williams Nr14 Redcoated Austrian Line Infantry

Legion Polski Posiłkowy Lombardii - Polish Auxiliary Legion in Lombardia (replace Infantrie Regiment Freiherr von Wacquant Nr. 62, Grenz Regiment Oguliner Nr. 3 and Grenadier Battalion Purcell) by Raddeo


Bulgarski Chetnici - Bulgarian rebels during April Uprising (replace Leib-Gvardii Preobrazhenskiy Polk) by Raddeo

Sound, Graphics, Animations and interface Mods:

These mods will replace the stock sounds, animations or the game interface to something different.

Compilation Packs:

Parrots Epic Client Side Enhancement Mod

A huge mega pack of regiment replacements, reskins, sound, UI and animation improvements from the entire client side modding community. Perfect for those who want to really change how the game looks and feels. Includes Light Edition.


Realistic Musket and Artillery fire sound replacement pack

The Sethja Novelty Sound Mod


Willhelm's Artillery Model Reskin Pack

Improved Particle Effects: A Whiff Of Sulfur by Baillie

Smoke And Sparks: A Smoke Effects Mod

Smoke And Sparks: A Smoke Effects Mod


Flo's Single Key Horse Rear Script

Mount And Musket Style Reload Animations by Lecourbe

Ported Over Blood And Iron Braced Bayonet Animation for Waking by James. Moore

Mount And Musket style Walking and Running Animations by Dan

Raddeos Animation Pack

An impressive animation pack that includes running , marching and multiple musket holdig animation stances for infantry.

Williams North And South Style Musket Presenting Stance

Attila's Professional Shouldered Sword Idle Stances for Infantry and Cavalry Officers.

Saxingers Server Scripts

A server side mod that adds traditiona script activatel server messages with activity.

Very cool, thank you for the mentions on the list :D, I've also been wondering, would you mind if I updated your bicorns mod to the new patch? (It was one of my favourite mods


--- Quote from: Oldest_Guard on April 07, 2014, 09:06:00 pm ---Very cool, thank you for the mentions on the list :D, I've also been wondering, would you mind if I updated your bicorns mod to the new patch? (It was one of my favourite mods

--- End quote ---

Yeah go nuts, Atilla is the guy who made the generic bicorn so credit him alright?

Aye aye

Wow, this is just awesome. I feel compelled to finish the light infantry Bavarians I was working on now... Haha.


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