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unban request 33 NW SIEGE server


name: KOJAN
reason: i was sassing to the admin one could say, i was testing his nerves with questions like : " if i am black can i say niga?" i asked if a permanent ban was for ever or was it just for a couple of hours, and i found out the hard way that it was indeed permanent. also when hi asked if some one wants to join the 33rd i said the reg "suckz ballz", " its a shit reg" and so on...

i don't know what else to say, i mean u wouldn't believe me if i told u i wouldn't do that again, though am not planing too sooo can i haz unban? :'( :'(

Name: SS_AnneFrank_wasinmycamp
Server(s): 33rd NW Siege, NW_NA_Official_1
Time and Date: ABOUT 3/20-3/26 not sure
TimeZone: Eastern Standard Time
User Identification Number: 679158

Checked: yes, it is a perma ban.
What: There was a huge debate over ISIS and (for some reason) Adolf Hitler. I wasn't apart of the debate or anything. But the Admin said over the public chat "alright guys, calm it down with Hitler and ISIS in the chat" and so I replied in caps "Hitler did nothing wrong" in about 0.00003 seconds i was kicked and banned.
time/date: 7:30pm ish, 9/20/2014
Timezone: ES
ID: STEAM_0:0:32136963

Did this as a joke, wasn't really looking to get banned. I understand why i was, but i think a perma ban was a bit too harsh.

Guys, check where you posted.

and i was looking forward to some news about ZULU ffs


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