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AZW Mod News! (Dec 1, 2013)(AZ/SW+)

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Good news, everyone!
The AZW Mod team has returned from hiatus and has begun production on a new modification in the same historical   vein as the original. Scrapping both AZW and the now defunct AZW:Resurrection, this new mod seeks to display and showcase British historical conflicts throughout the late 19th century, including the early phases of the Anglo-Sudan War, the Anglo-Zulu War, as well as, later on in the mod's development, conflicts in Afghanistan and other regions.

This new mod will reduce the focus on PvP from the AZW section and convert it into a more horde-type survival experience, due to popular demand. New British units (Including foreign auxiliaries and an expanded Boer presence) will be introduced for the sake of content and historical accuracy. Zulus will be rebalanced (No more pesky sniper-spears!) and, like the entirety of the new Anglo Zulu War portion of the mod, redone in both models and textures.

 At the same time, the Anglo-Sudan war will be focused mainly around PvP, with Sudanese players standing more of a chance against the British faction in a 1 on 1 duel. AZW will still be playable in PvP, but will not be a primary focus of the new modification. New weapons and uniforms, as well as units and regiments will be added, distinguishing this more modern British army from its older counterpart in the Zulu war.

Like AZW Before it, AZ/SW+ will be multiplayer only, and require Mount and Blade Warband, as well as the Napoleonic Wars DLC.

Summary of new features (TLDR):
-Completely re-done mod from scratch, featuring the British (Older/Newer), Zulu, and Sudanese factions (With more to come later on)
-New Graphics, models, weapons, and uniforms for the British, Zulus, and Sudanese.
-New maps and scenarios
-Zulu will be focused on PvE, Sudan will be focused on PvP

We would like to stress that AZ/SW+ is /not/ an update or a continuation of the first AZW mod. It is a fully new version of the original AZW built from the bottom up.

Where is the team list?

Good luck!

Why would you scrap everything made instead of just continue on it?
And will Wilhelm or Blucher be working on this?

Looking forward to it!

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