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One change.

All rifle sergeants have same accuracy  (206) as rankers, since last patch

Modifications / Re: Have a question about Modding? Ask Here!
« on: January 05, 2015, 03:03:15 am »
Thanks chief.

One more if you will. How do I change the separate text (quotes) that appear on the splash screen?

Modifications / Re: Have a question about Modding? Ask Here!
« on: January 04, 2015, 10:57:25 pm »
My question is a simple one.

How do I change the splash loading screen?
Also, can I have more than one to alternate?

Thank you.

I downloaded this mod and I love it. Just I would like to ask if there is a way so that the pirate hats wont become horse heads. If there is a way to change that back to the vanilla pirate hats it would be great. Thanks!

It's the annoying little "funny" things like this that detract from this mod for me. Really need an option for this stuff.

I also want rid of the fake trees.


Reinstalling vanilla brfs won't get any units back with the latest version of the mod. It uses it's own brf files, you'll need to head into there to make the changes. No innisikilling files were removed, you basically need to replace the  bearskin with the helmets and you're done.

I've got open brf here, how do I replace only the helmets?

As much as I like the Scots Greys, I want my old Inniskillings back.
How can I get them? I've tried copying over vanilla files but no change.

As much as I like the Scots Greys, I want my old Inniskillings back. How can I get them? I've tried copying over vanilla files but no change.

This pack is really hit and miss with me, and while I was still playing NW, I ultimately uninstalled. It's a shame it's in it's final version, because it could really be updated and be a quite nice pack. Well, here are the problems I found with the pack after about 200 hours of testing various versions (all problems have still not been fixed).

1. Some skins are broken, for instance, one of the units has a shoulder pad that does the harlem shake whenever you move, and penetrates your shoulder blade when you crouch and aim. There are also a few other problems with some of the skins.

2. The textures are a nice update, they are a "bit" higher res looking, but at the same time, they removed a lot of the color and saturation, and overall, gave the game a more gritty, browner look, which would be okay if the game was meant to be a nitty gritty combat game in the vain of Chivalry, but Napoleonic Wars was never meant to have a dark tone to it, it was meant to be a more colorful, lighthearted war game.

3. The random objects (palm trees, bushes, rocks) are not only glitchy, out of place and ugly, but also put you at an inherent disadvantage against those who are not using the pack.

4. The blood is far too obnoxious, and while it looks nice, it is overly exaggerated and tends to get in the way a lot.

5. The death sounds are far too annoying, and they quite literally sound like they were ripped from porn films. They make my ears bleed, and I know many others feel the same.

6. The new animations are entirely hit and miss, some are good, others are not. The reload animation LOOKS good, but does not perform well. Unlike the vanilla reload animation, it does not give you an indicator of when it is safe to move without breaking reload, and it is left down to mostly guesswork and timing, which is easily botched in a heated battle where the reload could have meant life and death. On the other hand, the cavalry animations are just awful, even with the sword. It looks goofy with the sword, and even more so with a pistol or spyglass. Honestly, I think if anyone rode a horse like that with their pistol extended out like it does in the game, they would be flogged by their own comrades for looking like a douchebag.

7. Finally, the mod pack seems like it really had no goal, and was rather just a random compilation of any old mod there was to add. On one hand you add desaturated, grimey textures, realistic smoke, gore and "realistic death sounds", and on the other you add Pokemon and Pirates of the Caribbean songs to the pianos, plus MLP themed admin panels. Which are you aiming for, a darker, more true to life mod pack, or a lighthearted mod pack? Don't get me wrong, the music replacements are amazing, but they do not fit with the other mods at all.

Overall, it is a fairly decent mod pack for those who want a more atmospheric experience, but I'd rather take the skins and music replacers (and smoke enhancer, cause that was pretty nice) and play NW that way, because in my opinion, everything else in the pack detracts from the experience.
On the whole I agree.

I really like parts of the mod but I did not like the open surgery screams, some of the anims and a couple of the skins. Including the "1984" quote on the loading screen was just bizarre and the comedy musician tunes are jarringly out of place, funny the first time then quickly become annoying.
It would be far better suited as a mod collection with selectable options. I hear someone is making a version like that however.

Not to detract from parrots efforts of course, it is on the whole a fine mod, just needs some options.

I will actually use this myself too.


Servers / Re: 33rd Public Siege Server [33rd_NW_Siege] - Maps Updated!
« on: January 21, 2014, 11:02:25 pm »

You were rude, trolling, insulting admins and didn't listen to us.

Did you not read the conversation I had with the other admins? It was sorted out amicably.
This is done and dusted, explained from all sides, dealt with, over and yet still you felt the need to blunder in with that?

I deny all your accusations, I am calling you a liar and I don't care what you say from here on in. I'm amazed you're an admin.

Servers / Re: 33rd Public Siege Server [33rd_NW_Siege] - Maps Updated!
« on: January 18, 2014, 04:08:42 am »
I can only suggest using our servers at a different time. Throughout the day and evening we have several admins on siege, usually at least one in spectator to sort out issues like yours.

As Robin suggested, the best thing you can do from your end is to take note of the players name, and write once in the chat box what the player's name is and their offense. Any admin who is on and spectating will then be able to find that offending player and see if they are repeating their alleged offense.

I play on 33rd a lot, usually at night. Great server but does attract the trolls. I don't usually get sucked into trollathons and complaints but goddamn they were persistent, I was targeted for whatever reason.

It's only a game but it doesn't stop it being extremely annoying when it's ruined by trolls.
Anyway, its all done now and I've said here what I wanted to.

Thanks for the replies.

Servers / Re: 33rd Public Siege Server [33rd_NW_Siege] - Maps Updated!
« on: January 18, 2014, 03:56:11 am »
If you wish to return to our servers in the future feel free and be assured that all of our admins are aware of the rules of our server and how to enforce them. On this occasion, I "admined" while playing, but most of the time I admin in spectator.

You must understand our position that if we do not see it, we cannot enforce it. It's extremely difficult to slay/kick somebody who shoots a team-mate without killing them and runs away, because you're rarely going to catch them in the act, and if it did happen on this occasion, I'm sorry to say you were just unlucky. We did have you spec'd for half a round by another member though, and nothing occurred. However, I understand your position so maybe you can understand ours too.

As I said before, essentially spamming in the chat box doesn't solve anything, and from our perspective, it doesn't look good.

That is fair enough.

I wasn't asking for anything, just an explanation and to clear up what had been happening.

I was not trying to spam the chat but another player was being extremely derogatory at me, while I was still being team attacked and while I was being given a "final warning" into the bargain.

It is immensely irritating to be trolled for so long.

First off, dat formatting...

Second, I was on defender, and did follow you when I was dead and saw nothing.  If you want to report something, report the player name and what they did don't just shout ADMIN IM BEING TEAMHIT, that doesn't help us admins with anything
I temp banned you for the teamkill, dasher will have to explain the final warning with you, that was nothing to do with me.

I did give names at the start but the main troll was switching them.

Also, I've fixed the formatting on the original post.

Servers / Re: 33rd Public Siege Server [33rd_NW_Siege] - Maps Updated!
« on: January 18, 2014, 03:44:04 am »
Ok, first off you where temp banned...
After being trolled for four rounds.

Second, not once did I see you teamhit or teamkilled, you just wined about it non stop from the moment I joined the server.  You provided no information about what team you where on or anything.
I was being kicked and shot over and over again. It takes a long time to be tk'd, it was the team attacking that was the problem. One player in particular was shooting me then running away. Comes back half a min later shoots me then runs away. For 4 Rounds.

You were playing the game, you were not in spec at any point that i saw. You did not see it despite my repeated requests to look. You kept telling me to stop "whining" without dealing with the problem.

You then started arguing with half the server when they told you to be quiet.
I was defending myself from abuse. A couple of players took it upon themselves to tell me to "stop whining or leave" and were using nasty language.

Us admins let this go on for well over a round, about 20 minutes before we told you to be quiet.
You let me be trolled for about 20 minutes before giving me a "final warning" without any explanation offered as to why. You told me to "stop whining" and to shut up or leave way before that.

You then shot your own team mate and he died, there was no explanation that I could see in the chat, just the red text.

I explained it immediately, as the chat log will show if you look. I had also asked for help with the troll over and over prior to that.

I have seen you on the server before just being a big pain in the ass for everyone.

No. I am not. I have been playing this game since it was released and I enjoy it a lot. I do not troll. I am on here and the taleworlds site. Check my history.
Prove your claim. This is simply an attempt at character assassination, attacking the man to discredit my complaint.

Remember it was only a temp ban you can rejoin after 1 hour.

So I should just enjoy the abuse  and come back in an hour eh?

Firstly, I did not once notice while I was in-game with you (which was about 3 rounds) witness any teamkilling against you. Teamkilling in general is not punished if it's accidental (personally I don't punish for the 1st teamkill, I slay for the 2nd and a kick for a 3rd). If I'd see you be killed multiple times across the rounds I participated in, action would have been taken.

Secondly, you were the only player in the entire server who seemed to have a problem. We had another 33rd member checking you out on spectator for a round, and he didn't see anything worth reporting to us with.

Thirdly, it is also punishable to constantly spam in chat. As admins, no matter what you think of us, we will always check out complaints from players. If we are not able to clarify the player is truthful, we can't enforce any rules upon a potential offender.

And lastly, I have no idea why you tried to add me on steam. I have not requested you contact me to discuss any of this, as far as I'm concerned, there was nothing to enforce, so there's nothing to discuss. We can't take everybody's word for offenses, we have to see it happen.

Perhaps you are telling the truth and you were just unfortunate, but raging in the chat box on the server solves nothing.
I added you on steam to see if I could get some sense.
I was not raging. I was asking for assistance and being told to shut it. Incredibly frustrating.

Servers / Re: 33rd Public Siege Server [33rd_NW_Siege] - Maps Updated!
« on: January 18, 2014, 03:10:51 am »
Was just banned. Time is about 2:10 am UK time.

I was repeatedly, over and over, team attacked for 4 rounds.
I tried ignoring it, I tried avoiding the attackers. Could not so I reported it.
The Admins then told me to shut up, to leave, to stop whining etc. This went on for a long time. I was being attacked, and occasionally tk'd, the admins did nothing whatsoever.  I pointed out I just wanted to play the game in peace was again told to stop "whining".

I tried to play on regardless, still I was getting shot, over and over again, by a teammate who would then run away. I said nothing.

Then a player on the other team said I was "trolling him". I pointed out he is on the other team and that he is talking nonsense. The player said he "changed teams to get away from me". Then one of the admins gave me a "final warning", I asked what for, they said "I don't have to tell you". I asked why the warning? Was told to shut up.

I was being booted and shot over and over again by, I suspect, the same player using different log in names. The first and only time I  shot back, the troll player died. I explained immediately that I was being attacked and had retaliated but I was Banned.

The admins were 33rd_Sjt_Dasher54, 33rd_Cpl_RobinHood and 33rd_Pte_Hullzangel

User name: Major_Bastard


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