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Off Topic / More Terrible News About the Horrors the FSE Adminship
« on: March 14, 2013, 05:24:48 am »
The FSE Adminship continues to fail the Community, having lost the game roughly 2 minutes ago.

People everywhere on this thread express their anger in losing the game.



Community / Glorify The Person Above you
« on: March 11, 2013, 05:22:59 am »
With all this bickering and Regimental Drama, we tend to lose our imaginations we had in the begining of leading people to glory and stuff and being the Chuck Norris Badass we all have in our hearts.

***Remember this still should relate to NW/MM Russia Stuff, Unlike my story which I just made to start the run of things

*Insert My Story Here*~I Removed it because this example sucked eggs and might ruin the foundation of this threads Life :P

So Yea, Next Person, Glorify me however you please :P

Off Topic / The Word Game {Sexy Forum Game}
« on: March 08, 2013, 05:50:11 am »
What is the word game? Why it's a game about a word! What Word? Well lets see what words we can get!!!

But yea, it works like this
Guy #1:Pony
Guy #2:Cuirassier
Guy #3:Waterloo
Guy #4:Water
Guy #Russian:Vodka

And so on.
Now I shall start the game.


Yea so Im like, becomming of age to join a regiment, but I dont know anyone that lives near me and since my dad is sorta gone and my mom doesnt want to do reenactments, anyone sorta in touch with the whats stated in the title?

Regiments / {NA Guard}The Old Guard of Napoleon (Reformed!!!)
« on: March 02, 2013, 11:57:48 pm »

Our Recruitment Video


The Old Guard of Napoleon

The Old Guard of Napoleon is a Cavalry Regiment and Foot Guard formed on III/XV/MMXII. We strive to bring new tactics and old tactics a like to Napoleonic Wars having succesfully used Pikes to turn the course of battle, eliminating the enemy artillery before it could fire a shot, ambushing entire regiments, and even flanking an entire army by use of water. You, as a new recruit, will learn the golden rules to Cavalry, Swordmenship Skills, and most importantly not always truely taught in most regiments, common sense, a skill such a lifeline to that of a Cavalry Unit.


Colonel [Col]~~~~~~~~(Hand Picked by Colonel)
Major [Maj]~~~~~~~~~(Hand Picked by Colonel)
Captain [Cpt]~~~~~~~~(By Recommendation of Commisoned Officers and voted on)
1st Lieutenant [1Lt]~~~~(By Recommendation of Commisoned Officers and voted on)
2nd Lieutenant [2Lt]~~~~(By Recommendation of Commisoned Officers and voted on)
Sergeant [Sgt]~~~~~~~~(By Merit or by Recommendation of anyone)
Veteran [Vet]~~~~~~~~~(Rank worn by any Private in the regiment before MMXIII)
Flag Bearer [Flag]~~~~~~(By Request)
Fifer [Fife]~~~~~~~~~~~~(By Request)
Drummer [Drum]~~~~~~~(By Request)
Private [Pvt]~~~~~~~~~~(By being in OGN for one month activily)
Recruit [Rct]~~~~~~~~~(By joining OGN, must stay for one month before above)

Want to Join?
Add OGN_Col_Valjean on steam (

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