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General Discussion / Sailors...
« on: July 29, 2013, 03:18:12 pm »
There is no other solution to make some kind of 1.004 with maybe a bug fix or two just to force everyone to update...

As this is most likely the last chance for it, I shall ask now.

For this micro-patch, could you perhaps add a couple of shirts for the Sailors?
You could still have a small chance of shirtless spawning as well, just for the fun.

It's awfully jarring to have half of your team running about as naked pirates when your supposed to be in the Napoleonic Wars, if most sailors spawned with shirts it would be a bit less Matthew McConaughey Wars and a bit more Napoleonic.

From L'Aigle mod:


I don't expect such detail for a micro patch, but you get the idea. A couple of basic shirts would take little time but would enhance the period immersion.

Not one single CB server has functioned since the patch and I've been told that CB is still not working even with the new server files.
If the new server files are working properly then that means that zero CB servers are using the new files.
A bit strange.

Can FSE  or TW make a big announcement that servers MUST update their files if they want to function properly?  Then we can see for sure if the new files are working.
Can someone with access to a server look into this?

I'm also experiencing a LOT of ctd's post patch and I have a brand spanking new full installation (non steam) of both WB and NW.

Update the servers with the server files as found in the notice.

ALL SERVERS need to update with the new bugfixed server files.

I have been plagued by Nap Wars ctd's for some time, mostly in CB battle servers, I tried a fresh install but I still get them. Is there anything to be done or is it just expected.

Official Servers Bans & Unbans / Ban request for all servers. Jaffa Africa.
« on: February 11, 2013, 05:33:40 pm »
A troll by the name of Jaffa_Africa who has, for months now, been visiting servers and mass killing his own side. He has plagued the official servers and on the private servers.

Evidence of his last mass tking:

Tking without appearing on the score board:

Admitting that he has done this many, many times before and boasting how "no one ever managed to ban me":

His banning from all servers would improve the quality of fun on those servers immeasurably.

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