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Community / Affjoris's Signature Corner
« on: January 26, 2013, 01:22:38 am »
Hello, and welcome to Affjoris's Sign Corner. Here we ( Which currently includes me, Affjoris ) will be making signs for you (The guy you see in the mirror when you look at it )!

Some examples of my work:

My own sign
Other examples of my personal banners
9th Connecticut banner
10th NJ banner/header
33rd Banner
75th Banner
Stefans Signature

yes they are not perfect, and yes there is a lot of room for improvements. Thats why i am also asking your help, because if you have any tips/tricks you think would help me, feel free to post them here!

Now, if you want me to make a banner for you/your regiment/your army/ your company/your cat, i would like you to use this format:

Regiment/Name incase of personal banner ( Preferably with links to the Tread ):
Incase of Personal banner, please state what should be on it:
Incase of Regiment banner, any particular nickname's/War-cry's?:
Extra information/Wishes:

Incase you want me to make a sign for your cat:
Go die in a hole :D

Greetings, Affjoris

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