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General Infomation!

Our teamspeak:
This is an EU Linebattle, all timings listed here are GMT unless stated otherwise
The event Begins at 19:00, be on the server by 18:55 (Don't be late, we say 18:55 so i can balance, go over the rules and sort any issues
To confirm places please come onto teamspeak at 18:15 (This is mandatory, got an issue? Message me on Steam
All classes are welcome!
Signup rules! *Read these*
To sign up, you must sign up here in the application format below, your slot will then be reserved untill 6:15 that week, you must then come on teamspeak, or i will give that slot away to whatever regiment wants it; or find a replacement, by signing up you are reserving your slot, you are not given it automatically. The teamspeak meeting that begins at 6:15 decides that, there will be no weekly slots unless your regiment takes up 2 or more of the classes in the event,(This can include 2 lines, but they must be over 10 men each) or you prove to be reliable and  trustworthy, in which case we will offer you the chance to take a slot for a month. This has been done to add variety to the linebattle, and ensure it's not just the same regiments slogging it out week after week. It's also been done to ensure that regiments do not just take slots, then not attend and leave me with a mess to sort at 6:45

Sign up format:

Name of the regiment:

How many people can you bring :

Which class will you play :

Regiment leader's Steam name:

Did you read the rules and did you accept it :
Would you like to be signed up weekly:

*May only fire when in formation
*Must be at a reasonable distance to charge
*No Fire in charge
*May crouch while not engage, but while shooting or in close quarters may not crouch
*Must maintain a line formation
*No Officer Aim
Server 1 Line:

                      CAVALRY RULES
*Must maintain cohesion.
*Dragoons may fire off horseback buy only when halted and in a line formation.
*Pistols may be fired off horseback during the charge.
*Dismounted Dragoons are classed as skirmishers in terms of rules.
*If you have 3 or less, please dismount
Server 1 Cav: 73rd 10+

                      LIGHT INFANTRY RULES
Note if line infantry numbers are too low,
 light is converted into line for that event
*May use 5 man spacing in their line.
*May crouch.
*May fire in the charge.
Server 1 Light:
14th Regiment of Foot: 10-15
3rd - 15+
                      RIFLE RULES
*May use 8 man spacings.
*May crouch.
*Must maintain cohesion.
*May fire in the Charge.
Server 1 Rifles:
3rd 10
                      ARTILLERY RULES
*May use either howitzers or cannon but may not take more than 2 artillery pieces in total.
*Artillery guards may fight as skirmishers but should stick close to the guns under normal circumstances.
*May take rocket Arty (Seriously, we won't stop you) and you may take two rockets for every cannon you signed up for
Server 1 Arty:
14thRHA: 6-10

Common Courtesy; you wouldn't walk into someone's house party and start giving them abuse (Yes, i know you'd do it if you're drunk, but if you're playing NW and drunk, i think someone needs to rethink their life) so don't do it here.

No spamming, it's just immature and annoying

Common Sense; we're here to play a linebattle, so don't rambo and don't break your formation.

Obey the Admins; As soon as you enter the server you enter our domain, our word is law, have an issue with our word? speak to me on steam, or feel free to come into our teamspeak and talk it out; don't be a Keyboard warrior and start talking crap in all chat, it embaresses you're entire regiment and is generally stressful for us all (inc you)

Organiser and Main Admin (Contact this guy for sign ups and major issues)

Community / Fish's Fancy Forum Bowl [Threads/Art/More!]
« on: April 30, 2015, 11:06:14 pm »

I seem to be spending a lot of time doing nothing, so i'm going to (try) and make it productive/

What can i make?
Well, threads are probably my forte, but i also dabble in graphics etc, and can even do creative writing if you want a bit of flavor text for your regiment.

How to commission work
What do you want (Thread/ThreadWork/Signature/Writing)

Resources (Images, references, description etc)

When do you want it by? (Can't always be fufilled, but i try my best)

What regiment is this for? (If any)

Examples of my work are probably best shown here; i made pretty much all of the NWBC thread, obviously taking some pictures from google, but y'know

The only thing i ask, is if it is a thread or writing you credit me in it, it is not necessary in thread work or signatures  though
Disclaimer, don't pester me; i do this as a hobby and to help, annoy me and i may just simply say no ;)

Finally, do not feel any obligation to use these if you don't like them; just because i made it for you doesn't mean you have to like it. I'm open to criticism as long as it's constructive.

Events: EU / Napoleonic Wars Battle Championship [NWBC]
« on: March 22, 2015, 05:34:00 pm »
    You're looking at this and thinking another NWL clone. You're wrong.
    Ok, so What the hell is this?
    The NWBC Is a league, similar to that of the NWL but with one spectacular difference. The NWBC expects it's teams to field 80 members spreading across 5-6 units. It will bring large regiments together and combine them into powerful forces, and pit them against each other and create incredible battles with a tactical dynamic where communication will be one of many keys to victory.

    Main Staff
    Head Organiser: Fish
    Co-Organisers: Etherton + Tenford

    General Rules
    subject to change
    • All battles must be admined by an Admin team, if not they will be discounted.
    • Only Large maps will be used, both regiment (not detachment) leaders must agree
    • No bonuses.
    • battles are best of 3.
    • Both regiments must agree on an Admin team.
    • Battles must be within the given match week. No earlier, no later
    • White chat is only to be used by Regiment and Detachment commanders, for questions and concerns that need to be be directed to an admin, nothing else.
    • Admin's decisions are not to be disputed in a match, but instead to be brought to a organizer afterwards.
    • If one team appears, they get a 3-0 win, if neither it is a tie.
    • No Invites
    • All Charges may only be called when the following criteria is met
                           - There is less than 15 people on each side
                           - The timer is past 45 minutes
                           - There is no cavalry alive on the battlefield
                           - The bulk of the remnant is line infantry, at least 7 infantrymen (not including artillery)
    Servers, Sponsors and Contacts
    Could use some ;)

    Line Infantry may...
      • Not Fire in charge
      • Not Officer Aim
      • Keep in a Line formation, no gaps, blobs and squares are counted as formations.
      • Musicians and Flag Bearers are allowed, but remember it detracts from your overall amount of muskets.
      • Fire in formation, if there's a gap it's not a formation.

    A team may have...
    Any variety of lines that equates to 50


    Cavalry may...
      • Pick all classes accepted apart from Dragoons
      • Must dismount when they have 3 or less (that's inclusive)
      • Continuing the charge is allowed,that means finish off the unit your fighting,
        don't head over to a nearby unit or the arty
      • Maintain Cohesion*     
    Generals may...
      Scout for the Team
      Take the General Class, and only the General Class
      Must keep a good distance from enemy Units, not going right up and teasing them
      Must not enagage unless with friendly cavalry, or dismounted with infantry

    A team may have...
    12 Cavalry
    1 General

    Skirmishers May...
      • Have a maximum of 5 man spacing
      • Fire in charge
      • Officer Aim
      • maintain Cohesion
    Light Infantry May...
      • have a maximum of 2 man Spacing
      • not Officer Aim
      • maintain Cohesion
    A team may have...
    10 Riflemen
    10 Light Infantry
    A mix of the two is not permitted.


    Artillery may...
      • May use either howitzers or cannon but may not take more than 2 artillery pieces in total.
      • Artillery guards may fight as skirmishers but should stick close to the guns under normal circumstances.
      • Arty Guards must fight as line when leaving the Artillery Position./li]
        • Sapper defenses must be reasonable, plank glitches are OK as long as you're not blocked in, and no floating earthworks etc

        A team may have...
        A total of 8, split into:
            2 Rankers
            2 Trains
            1 Sapper
            1 Officer
            2 Guards


    Events: EU / The British Army's Wednesday Siege *capped at 150 slots *
    « on: March 10, 2015, 06:21:21 pm »
    Thread is WIP, to apply post with this format:

    Name of the regiment:

    How many people can you bring :

    Which class will you play :

    Regiment leader's Steam name:

    Did you read the rules and did you accept it :
    Would you like to be signed up weekly:

    Events: EU / NWBC Discussion thread
    « on: February 07, 2015, 01:39:30 am »
    Put your discussion and shit talking here.

    Link to official thread:

    Other Games / EvE Online
    « on: February 01, 2015, 12:17:17 pm »
    Anybody play? I'm currently a low grade caldari mil pilot with my crappy Dragoon

    Community / The Chronicles of Fish
    « on: January 24, 2015, 12:14:27 pm »
    This has been a side project of mine for now, it's in essence the insertion of my character into historical events, i plan to expand this massively into a 1st person perspective, but this is only a side project that i pick up when i feel like it. It plots the course of the 1st RHA's original command staff, with Fish (me) at it's head, through to the formation of the Brunswick Corps and the antics after that

    Chapter 1: The Early Years
    Originally, the 1st Royal Horse Artillery started out as a two independent batteries, raised in Woolwitch  on February 1st 1793. Captain Michael Fish assumed command of the first Battery and 2nd Captain Jack the second. The new regiment was equipped with Chestnut horses, and 6 pounder cannons, becoming the first fully mounted Artillery regiment in the Empire and possibly the world. The regiment's first trial came in 1798, where A Battery was assigned to County Wicklow and B Battery in County Wexford, the fighting was thick in both areas, and the regiment partook in many serious battles (and unfortunately massacres) before being sent home.
    The Regiment also saw some serious action in the Netherlands, again distinguishing the newly promoted Major Fish. After this the Regiment saw some peace, something every Artillery Officer hates (Due to the slow advancement and lack of buying commissions), until 1809, when the RHA was called up to fill the deficit of Artillery, fighting in many serious battles the regiment often played a pivotal role with it's ability to fire 1 shot every 2 minute, making it both deadly and efficient.

    Chapter 2: Salamanca (This summarizes the merger between the 1stRHA, and the 3rdRA, Welsh Lad merged into us and formed our 3rd Battery. It also introduces Euan, one of my most trusted friends in NW, and ex-commander of the Line Company in both BC and RHA. It is also all fiction)
    As the war raged on eventually the regiment, now 3 Batteries strong, with the 3rd Commanded by Captain Welsh, came to Salamanca. The Batteries had been firing on the enemy for an hour or so when a Company of highlanders came running past them... Away from the enemy, while the piper still played Scotland the Brave. Lieutenant Colonel Fish (Currently commander of both the RHA's 1st Battalion and it's A Battery) shouted "So much for Scotland the Brave!" With that, the gruff highlander Major, and about 30 others turned around, and charged straight back at the enemy, rallying a significant portion of the men around them. After the battle, both officers had a drink together, and became close friends, as did both regiments (This would lead to the RHA later being placed in the highland brigade in WW1) to the point where a company of highlanders were attached to the battalion, protect them from the cavalry that artillery so dreaded. At the Battle of Vitoria the highlanders actually formed a square around the cannons, protecting the entire battalion from cavalry, not a man was lost!

    Chapter 3: A Brigade!! (This reflects the raise that came with re-organisation in the British Army, i did actually become a brigadier General, and the Regiments were all in that brigade)
    After Salamanca, Lieutenant Colonel Fish petitioned General Kammin to create a dedicated brigade for the Artillery, instead Kammin  placed the RHA's 1st Battalion in a brigade with the 6th(General's own) Holyrood Guards, the 35th Royal Sussex the 88th Connaught Rangers, and a small detachment of the HMS Victory's marines, then gave Fish overall command of the Brigade.
    Because of Fish's raise to Brigadier General, serious re-organisation was required within the RHA. Major Jack got his lift to Lieutenant Colonel, and became Commander of the RHA's Senior Battery, known as the Chestnut troop. C Battery was amalgamated in to both A and b battery, with Major Welsh Commanding, and Major Euan's Company was now made a permanent part of the regiment, becoming C Company (Euan's Highlanders).

    Chapter 4: All Must End (This one shows my short Leave of absense, and also the merger between the 1st RHA and 6th Guards, to form the Brunswick Corps. The Duke's last words in this were pretty much the Duke of Brunswick's last words, only the names were changed)
    After having served dutifully within the 2nd Brigade for the duration of the campaign in Spain, Fish returned home to his Lincolnshire Estate; he lived a good life for the next few years relaxing and enjoying the royalties that came with a Generality's pay.
    Unfortunately all good things must end, and in 1815, Brigadier General Fish was called up, not to serve as Commander of the 2nd Brigade, but instead to serve as Chief of Staff to Duke Kammin of Brunswick. Kammin had seen Fish in action during Spain, where the Brunswick Corps had seen some action alongside them. Along with him Fish dragged Lieutenant Colonel Jack with him, who had recently retired from the 1st Royal Horse Artillery.
    The pair made off, and Fish arranged Jack his own battery, and even a few Bombardiers from the Chestnut troop. After arriving in Brussels, Fish received a warm welcome, finding many old comrades from the 1st Royal Horse and other regiments. He even saw Major Euan, and with the few friends he had at horse guards, arranged his transfer into the Corps. He then found General Kammin in his tent, with Colonel Morris.
    He joined them for battle plans; while the two both had significantly more experience than him, he watched and nodded, occasionally offering his insight. Fish was more of an organizer than a Commander, so when the order came that Fish would command the Guards Battalion at the battle of Quatre Bras, it was a shock. After standing against a fusillade of artillery fire, the guards pulled back a short distance and took position in the new battle line while being blasted by canister. Unfortunately, it was at this point that the Duke himself got hit by a musket ball, and was dragged to safety by two of Fish's men. Cooper and Matthews pulled him in a tent, and made sure he was tended to. His last words were “My dear Cooper, where is Fish?” The truth was Fish was only a few meters a way, holding the front with his guards.
    Only a few minutes later, orders came from Wellington, the Hussars were to make a gallant charge at the Light Cav, but were put to flight by heavy fire...[TBC]

    So that it so far, feel free to give me some feedback, i welcome it as long as it's not overly critical :P

    Community / The Brunswick Corps is accepting new Battalions!
    « on: January 15, 2015, 01:00:13 am »
      Free cookies
      So, now that i have your attention, the Brunswick Corps is now willing to accept new battalions into our ranks, after a structural reform we now have the infrastructure to hold more battalions! Currently a Line and Light Company, or anything NA are the most desirable, but we can work something out if you'd rather something else
       Once inside the Corps you will be given your own battalion, to do with what you will. You will be in charge of creating the identiy of that battlion, whether it's a savage unit of bloodthirsty grenadiers or a well disciplined fusilier line, it's your choice! As an officer you will be expected to obey our chain of command while still maintaining your own battalion, you will only answer to the high command staff or myself personally. If your battalion is struggling with numbers or discipline you will be supplied with one of our senior NCOs to assist.

    How we operate (wall of text you don't need to read)
    For those who are curious, the Corps is a hybrid of a regiment and a brigade, we formed from the remnants of the British Army; the idea is comparable to a very strict Brigade. The individual Battalions are autonomous to a degree, they may promote and demote whoever they want, train their men how they want (as long as they're trained) etc etc. Generally, the Corps will attend events together, but exceptions can be made at the request of Battalion Commanders and approval of Command. You will also find you retain full control of your battalion while in combat, unless you are ineffective at it, by that we mean that you have no idea what your doing and are running in a straight lines towards a cannon every round. Also, if a line infantry detachment has over 10 men, i can guarantee them line every event we attend, any less than that and they may find themselves with another undermanned detachment for the duration of that event, regarding specialists, i will be able to guarantee you a slot at our Friday line battle if you can have 10 men or more turn up for it; other than that i try my best, but it's not always possible; that doesn't mean you can't attend, most other Battalions are happy for you to join in with them as their 2/3IC, with your men complimenting their numbers as well. Finally, as Kammin mentioned we have a dedicated team of Staff members who handle all administrative work, leaving you free of paperwork and able to focus on the development of your battalion. (If you want to assist in it, you are free to though)

    The benefits of joining the Corps as a Battalion
    -The prestige of being in a large regiment
    -Power over your troops; You promote, train and command your men: unless there is an issue (eg your men are undisciplined) that requires intervention.
    -Line inf are guaranteed spots at every event as long as they are over 10 men active.
    -Specialist slots granted as much as we can, and guaranteed in our Battle.
    -All Administrative work handled by myself and the Staff (unless you want to do it).
    -Access to our 200 slot server.
    -Access to, and admin powers on our Teamspeak3 Server.
    -A wealth of experience from officers in every field to draw upon
    -Entry into a great, friendly and fun community!

    Requirements to join as a battalion
    - 10 regulars willing to follow your orders and begin training.
    - The willingness to learn. You will make mistakes but you will learn from them.
    - A decent understanding off the game mechanics, you should know how to play I'm teaching you to lead.
    - Regular attendance! It's important that you're here for the battle your battalion has signed up for. If you don't show up another officer will have to command in your place for that battle and this -will- lose you respect. 

    If you're interested in joining us, feel free to add me on steam ([BC] Fish) or Kammin (Duke_Kammin_Of_Brunswick) or you can simply post here saying your interested and i'll contact you

    Thank you for reading
    Brigadier General Fish

    Events: EU / [Concept] Historical Linebattle
    « on: January 08, 2015, 12:10:16 am »
    So, a few of these ideas have been thrown around, both in and outside the BC. The idea is to create a linebattle where regiments would fight and move in proper multi-ranked lines as opposed to the snakey columns that we see in current Linebattles, a good example of the 6te's old linebattle. Here's a video of the battle (thanks 18tes!):


    So as you can see, the event isn't totally accurate, but it's about as close as we're going to get in NW, and that's exactly what we'd be trying to do in this battle. Make epic, well disciplined battles that are also enjoyable. I'd like to hear people's opinions and whether their regiment would be interested in attending one hosted by the Brunswick Corps

    Community / Debate thread
    « on: December 27, 2014, 12:51:21 am »
      So, i was sifting through the forums earlier and I've never actually seen a thread for debating regimental policies and controversial topics before, by that i mean things like multi-clanning, donations, trolling and many others. Once a week i'll update this thread, and post in it with a new statement/question, and then debate can ensue.
      I'll also keep a list of all previous questions/statements as well as some quotes for and against
      If you have suggestions for a topic, feel free to PM me!

      A few rules:
      • No flaming, i'd like this thread to stay up, not be locked because people are using it as a place to abuse each other and talk crap
      • Secondly, respect peoples point of view; normally i wouldn't feel the need to mention it, but just in case ;)
      • Third, if you have nothing to say that doesn't contribute to the discussion, don't post it...
    This week:
    What is your opinion on Multi-clanning/regimenting?

    I'll throw in my two cents a little later [/list]

    Regiments / Delete me
    « on: December 25, 2014, 05:00:19 pm »
    Delete me

    Servers / Brunswick_Corps Server
    « on: November 20, 2014, 09:19:52 pm »
    From now on, every night without fail the Brunswick Corps will transfer their server over to Anglo Zulu War for the night, anyone is welcome to join us for some great fun! You are also welcome to come on our TS ( to join us for some banter, and coordination!

    Technical Support / Slow Motion
    « on: October 02, 2014, 07:58:37 pm »
    Whenever i join a server the game is literally in slow motion, smooth FPS and Ping, but it is just slow
    My specs are top end, i know they're not the issue, in case anyone was wondering

    Events: EU / The Brunswick Corps Official Thursday Night Siege!
    « on: September 10, 2014, 11:21:26 pm »
    The Brunswick Corps Official Thursday Night Siege!

    All timings are GMT
    The event Begins at 19:00, be on the server by 18:55
    To confirm places please come onto teamspeak at 18:30  (teamspeak ip will be handed out in the steam group)
    All classes are welcome!
    (Apart from cav :P )
    Rules (read these!)


    *Must be at a reasonable distance to charge
    *May crouch while not engage, but while shooting or in close quarters may not crouch
    *Must maintain a line formation

                          LIGHT INFANTRY RULES

    *May use 2 man spacings in their line.
    *May crouch.
    *May fire in the charge.

                          SKIRMISHER RULES

    *May use 5 man spacings.
    *May crouch.
    *Must maintain cohesion.
    *May fire in the Charge.

                          ARTILLERY RULES

    *May use either howitzers or cannon but may not take more than 2 artillery pieces in total.
    *Artillery guards may fight as skirmishers but should stick close to the guns under normal circumstances.


    *All except artillery must join another line when they number 3 or less, Cavalry must dismount at this point!

    *Fire in the Charge is allowed

    *No teamkilling!

    *No Ramboing!

    *No trolling!

    *No abusive behaviour!

    *No Spamming!

    *Leave spawn in groups of 5 or more

    *Obey the admins!
    Sign up format:

    Application Format
    Name of the regiment:
    How many people can you bring :

    Which class will you play :

    Regiment leader's Steam name:

    Did you read the rules and did you accept it :
    Will you be signing up weekly?

    Regiments attending
    Brunswick Corps Artillery Battery 6-8
    Brunswick Corps 1st Battalion "The Death Guard" Line 10-15
    Brunswick Corps 3rd Battalion "The Raven's Wings" Light 8-10

    Team One
    Brunswick Corps Artillery Battery 6-8
    BB Arty - 5-7

    Brunswick Corps 3rd Battalion "The Raven's Wings" Light 8-10
    BB Skirms 5-15

    BB Line - 5-10
    Brunswick Corps 1st Battalion "The Death Guard" Line 10-15
                              Team Two
    4th KS - Rifles - 10-15
    4th KS - Line - 15
    4th KS - Arty 5-10
    4th KS - Light - 10-15
    126th Line 10-15

    Regiments / The Brunswick Corps *Recruiting* [EU/NA]
    « on: August 31, 2014, 11:26:58 pm »
    Virtus Unitatis Est
    Unity is Strength


    Regimental Command

    *Coming soon*

    Rank Structure
    General (Gen)
    Brigadier General (BrigGen)

    Commissioned Officers:

    Colonel (Col)
    Lieutenant Colonel (Lt Col)
    Major (Maj)
    Captain (Cpt)
    2nd Captain (2Cpt)
    Lieutenant (Lt)
    Ensign (Ens)

    Non-Commissioned Officers:

    Serjeant Major (SjtMaj)
    Colour Serjeant (CSjt)
    Serjeant (Sjt)
    Corporal (Cpl)
    Lance Corporal(LCpl)/Bombadier(Bmdr)/Lance Corporal Of Horse(LCplH)

    Enlisted Men:

    Private First Class

    The Death Guard
    "The Death Guard are the core of the Black Legion; while every man is a Linesman first; the Guard truly are some of the best. Weather it's covering an advance with volley fire, or being first into the breach, the 1st will excel and prevail"

    Battallion Officer Commanding:
    [EU] Brigadier General Fish

    Comissioned Officers:
    [EU] Captain Lakesh
    [NA] Captain Maxwell

    Non Comissioned Officers:
    [EU] Sjt Matthews
    [EU] Cpl Lavaz
    [EU] Cpl Cooper ?

    [EU] Gren Tbaggus
    [NA] Gren Logan
    [EU] Gren Misha 
    [EU] Grd Barbaros ?
    [NA] Pte Bobo ?
    [EU] Pte Dark2k
    [NA] Pte Mikey
    [EU] Pte James Septim
    [NA] Cdt Waffens
    [EU] Cdt Hénřï/Bradbury
    [NA] Cdt Michael
    [NA] Cdt SwagicalWalrus

    16 Members total
    3 Officers
    2 NCOs
    12 Rankers

    10 EU
    7 NA

    SjtMaj Monkee
    SjtMaj Lofty
    Cpl Thonen
    Cpl Cooper


    2nd Battalion "The Night Hunters"
    The Night Hunters are some of the best shots in the entire Corps, able to stalk their prey (Wether an animal or Frog) and kill it before it even realises they're here. The Night Hunters are in charge of guarding the camp every night, protecting the troops when they're in their most vulnerable state, often the patrols will head off and launch a raid on French supply lines, hunting for some decent rations or gear. Doing this for many years has earned them the rightful title of Night Hunters.
    Battallion Commanding Officers:
    [EU] Major BennyZ
    [EU] Major SilverLeaf

    Non Comissioned Officers:
    [EU] Cpl ErenJaeger

    [EU] Chsm Custer
    [EU] Chsm O'Shea
    [EU] Rfmn Pol Pot
    [EU] Rfmn Duke Nelson ?
    [EU] Pfc Angelo
    [EU] Pte Warhammer Dwarf
    [EU] Pte Wolf Slayer?
    [EU] Cdt EGPrime
    [EU] Cdt Eclipsek

    11 Members total
    2 Officers
    1 NCO
    9 Rankers

    13 EU






    The Shadow Troop
    While one of the lesser known Artillery batteries within the Army, the shadow troop has proved to be one of the most elite artillery troops within the entire army! The ability to move Cannons on a battlefield is truly invaluable, and when combined with the Shadow Troop's lighting efficiency horse artillery as a whole really comes into it's own. On the battlefield, the Shadow Troop are unparalleled (their Commander, LtCol Jack especially) in rate of fire, while maintaining a deadly accuracy required to run cannonballs down lines like bowling pins, the Shadow Troop  truly are a General's most valubale asset

    Battery Officer Commanding:[EU] Lieutenant Colonel Jack

    Battery Second in command:
    [NA] SjtMaj Danno

    Competant Sappers:
    Brigadier General Fish
    [EU] Bmdr Tokkio
    [EU] Bmdr Hjc
    [EU] Pte Sai

    Non Comissioned Officers:
    [NA] SjtMaj Commissar Danno

    [EU] Bmdr Tokkio
    [EU] Bmdr Hjc
    [EU] Bmdr Valados
    [EU] Bmdr Jacob
    [EU] Rgl Scott
    [EU] Pfc Tolmat
    [EU] Pte Sai
    [EU] Cdt Finn


    The Black Riders
    The Cavalry are the elite of the Corps, and have the pomposity to match; lead by none other than The Graf Von Kammin himself, the cavalry may not be noble, but they are some of the best led. Each one of them are taught Swordplay by the Graf himself, and ride with him daily. All of this contributes to making them some of the most fearsome riders in Europe, and makes a virtually unbreakable bond between them, their motto is:  "Never say die!"
    "Never say die!"
    Squadron Officer Commanding: [EU] General Kammin

    2nd In Command:
    [EU] MajorDagon

    Dagon steam name [BC] Maj Dagon
    [EU] Lieutenant Angbar

    Non-Commisioned Officers:
    [NA] Cpl Rafter

    [EU] Huss Savage
    [EU] Huss Diddles
    [EU] Huss Flames
    [EU] Huss Matt
    [EU] Huss Stalin
    [EU] Huss Mech
    [EU] Huss Lew
    [NA] Rgl RangerRex
    [EU] Pfc Geb
    [EU] Pte Atroix
    [EU] Cdt Fabio ?
    [EU] Cdt The Nacho God ?
    [NA] Cdt Talon
    [EU] Cdt Eclipse
    [EU] Cdt Ammeg

    [EU]Lieutenant Toygar

    20 Members in total
    3 Officers
    1 NCO
    14 Rankers
    1 Reserve


    1. No kicking, trolling or headbanging etc in line, and ABSOLUTELY NO TEAMKILLING AT ANY TIME.

    2. Do not spam in the server chat- doing so will be punishable by various means.

    3. Respect each other, and especially those higher ranking than yourself.

    4. Always listen to NCOs and Officers, and respond to commands instantly.

    5. When running in line, keep your crosshair on the person infront of you, and try not to use A & D in order to avoid messing up the line.

    6. Respect PTS, as when Officers need to listen to Radio, you need to be quiet in order to stop their heads from exploding.

    7. Use push-to-talk, no-one wants to hear the noise from your house throughout events!

    8. When using artillery, do not fire at unidentified targets without orders to do so. It's hard to make out banners from across the map, and that's what leads to teamkills!

    9. If for any reason you cannot attend an event, you must give an officer prior warning, and you must give a valid reason.

    10. These rules are for the good of you and the regiment as a whole. Failure to comply will result in a series of warnings, but if deliberately repeated, it will lead to demotions, and possibly removal from the regiment.

    Recruitment Details

    So, you've got this far. Interested in joining the Brunswick Corps? There are a few ways you can enlist:

    A add General Kammin/Brigadier General Fish on steam and say you want to enlist in the Corps!

    B Reply here with an application in the format below

    Link to steam:
    Prefered Class: (Inf/Cav/Arty)
    Have you been in any regiments before? If so, please name them:
    How Long have you had Mount and Blade: Napoleonic Wars?
    Have you read and fully understood our rules?

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