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-Padre Suns at dueling

Events / **New** Wednesday Iron Europe Event [NA]
« on: April 25, 2021, 02:31:36 am »
Coming Soon

140 slot server

Probably going to require a group of at least 5 people

Limited specialty slots and whatnot

4eme going to admin

add me on steam if interested!

The Mess Hall / U.S. University tier list!
« on: September 06, 2019, 08:27:37 am »
University/State/Endowment (billions) source: wikipedia bby

Tier 1 (Has a chance at making it)

Harvard University   MA   $38.303
University of Texas System (system-wide)[17]   TX   $30.886
Yale University   CT   $29.351
Stanford University   CA   $26.465
Princeton University   NJ   $25.917
Massachusetts Institute of Technology   MA   $16.529
University of Pennsylvania   PA   $13.777
Texas A&M University System (system-wide)[17]   TX   $13.525
University of Michigan   MI   $11.902
Northwestern University   IL   $11.088
University of California (system-wide regents portions only)[17]   CA   $11.008
Columbia University   NY   $10.869
University of Notre Dame   IN   $10.728
Duke University   NC   $8.525
University of Chicago   IL   $7.928
Washington University in St. Louis   MO   $7.594
Emory University   GA   $7.292
Cornell University   NY   $7.230
University of Virginia   VA   $6.953
Rice University   TX   $6.278
University of Southern California   CA   $5.544
Dartmouth College   NH   $5.494
Ohio State University   OH   $5.211
Vanderbilt University   TN   $4.608
Johns Hopkins University   MD   $4.325
New York University   NY   $4.266
etc... If you don't go to one of these schools then you're fucked...

tier 2 ()
no name schools, junior college/community college

sorry kids, the game was rigged from the start

Composite List (fuckin every1)

Data points are from each lister's respective threads.

Mine: Tier 1 = 4 pts, Tier 2 = 3 pts, Tier 3 = 2 pts Untiered = 1 pt.
Cwater: NHL = 4 points, KHL = 3 pts, SHL = 2 pts, AHL or SM = 1 pt.
Rune: Tier 1 = 4 pts, Tier 2 = 3 pts, Tier 3 = 2 pts, Tier 4 = 1 pt.
Oatmeal & Co.: (91+) = 4 pts, (85-90) = 3 pts, (79-84) = 2 pts, (<79) = 1 pt.
Fart: (90+) = 4 pts, (87-89) = 3 pts, (84-86) = 2 pts, (80-83) = 1 pt.
Mikey: MVP = 4 pts, All NBA - 3 pts, All star = 2 pts, Starter = 1 pt, Role player = .5 pts, Two way contract = .25 pts
Cytiuz: (85+) = 4 pts, (80-84.9) = 3 pts, (71-79.9) = 2 pts, (>70.9) = 1 pt

Player must be included in 2 or more lists to be listed here

heres my work:

Tier 1 (3.4+)

Rune (4)
Yoshie (3.86)
MATT (3.71)
Godfried (3.57)
Suns (3.5)
Anthony (3.5)
Cwater (3.43)

Tier 2 (2.5-3.39)

Billthebutcher (3.2)
Jaax (3.14)
Russian (3.14)
Rafael (3.14)
Puppytron (3)
Maniac (3)
Yolo (3)
Waste (2.86)
fireboy (2.86)
Vetro (2.71)
Pinoy (2.71)
Risk (2.66)
Sleek (2.57)

Tier 3 (1.6-2.49)

Sanders (2.4)
KnightofSaintJohn (2.33)
Horse (2.3)
Pedro (2)
Glenn (2)
Oatmeal (2)
Nappy (2)
Galavant (2)
Mexicant (1.83)
Armada (1.8 )
Nick (1.8 )
Redviper (1.75)
Eastern fox (1.75)
Theodin (1.67)
Maple (1.67)
Ghostrider (1.64)
Hawk (1.6)
Gavin (1.6)
JerryOs (1.6)

Tier 4 (<1.6)

James (1.58)
Montoytoy (1.5)
Rever (1.42)
Winters (1.4)
JollyCanadian (1.33)
amiranger (1.3)
Lawbringer (1.25)
Cytiuz (1.25)
Dio (1.25)
Moraine (1.25)
BabyJ (1.21)
Firezz (1.2)
Fartknocker (1.1)
Jakester (1.1)
Camden (1)
Rico (.875)
Midnight (.83)
Derps (.81)
StrykerOP (.81)
Pira (.75)

Mexicant List
Summer 2019

Tier 1
Yoshie (Somehow always 1 stabs)
Cwater (Biggest Tryhard)
Runepkyz (Probably on Adderall or speed)

Yolo (nice ping kid)
Anthony (Other tryhard)
Rafael ^

Vetro (nice ping kid)
JerryOs ^
Rever ^
Redviper ^
Amiranger ^

Everyone else either barely plays, is mediocre as fuck, or I dont actually care enough about to put in this list. I play this game a lot btw and pretty much know all the relevant ppl by now.

Also NA >>> EU

The Mess Hall / 2015 Oscars
« on: February 05, 2015, 06:50:34 am »
The oscars are coming up in a few weeks. discuss your predictions or complain about movies that got snubbed.

These are the nominees this year

Off Topic / Sydney Siege
« on: December 16, 2014, 06:47:21 am »
SYDNEY -- A tense, 16-hour Australian hostage standoff ended with gunfire when heavily armed police stormed a cafe in the heart of Sydney's financial center. Two hostages and the gunman were killed, authorities said.

Community / Mexicant's Headers and Signatures
« on: March 23, 2014, 12:39:33 am »


I have decided to start my own workshop because many people have recently started asking me to make headers/signatures for them so I am taking requests from the public for any signatures or headers. Please keep in mind that I am by no means a professional so don't expect amazing artwork. I usually complete requests in 1 - 2 days but it may take longer depending on how much time I have. I am best at making signatures and headers but I am willing to accept other requests. Here is my steam if you have any questions or if you need to contact me for any reason. [22e] Mexicant

Some of my work

14th Buckinghamshire Header

3ème Régiment de Grenadiers Header

Moskovii Grenadiers Header

Mamelukes Header

22éme Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne Header

Irish Legion Header

79th Cameron Highlanders Header

57e Regiment Header


Type of Image:
Pictures I can use:
What text do you want on it?:
Additional Details:

Regiments / 22éme Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne [Recruiting NA]
« on: March 08, 2014, 10:55:52 pm »

About the 22e

We are an active North American Regiment who prides themselves on both skill and execution of orders. The 22e was formed by old Pulk members with common goals of being "good" at Napoleonic Wars. We have been slowly growing to over 60 members. The 22e brings over 25 members to our events! We also have our own teamspeak that we share with other regiments. The 22e is filled with a bunch of different type of people, aswell as people from abroad countries.

Teamspeak IP:
Colonel Praetorian: [22e] Praetorian
Lieutenant Colonel CrumBum: [22e] CrumBum
Website: Coming Soon


Note: There may be grammatical errors as this was translated from french

22 th Infantry Regiment traces its origins under the monarchy in the creation of the Regiment of Vienna in 1776, itself formed from 2 e and 4 th Battalion of the Regiment de Guyenne. From 1776 to 1783 he was stationed in Martinique where he fought against the English. Then garrisoned at Boulogne, Calais and Dunkirk from 1788. After the revolution in 1791, it becomes 22 th Infantry Regiment of the line. In 1792 he was stationed in Saint-Omer. He participated in the expedition of Trier in the army of 22 RI flagthe Moselle and the same year, his 1 st Battalion at Valmy, while the 2 nd fights Jemmapes and participated in the siege of Lille. In 1793, it fought in the north Hondschoote. Then, a reorganization amalgam in 44 th Demi Brigade line in 1796. In 1794, it is found in the northern army, and in 1798 she participated in the campaign in Egypt where it fought in the Battle of the Pyramids on July 21. In 1800, it is in Montebello and Marengo. In 1803, it becomes regiment. From 1806 to 1807, the unit fought against the Prussians and Russians and in 1813 it was in Germany where she illustrates Lützen and took part in the Battle of Leipzig from 16 to 19 October. The regiment fought in Maastricht in 1814 and dissolved in 1815. The regiment was reconstituted in 1820 from elements of the Legion d'Isère and in 1832, he fought in Spain and Belgium, Antwerp, before being sent to Algeria to participate in the conquest of 1839-1846. In 1847, income in Metropolis, he is stationed in Lyon. Moved several times, he participated in the Italian campaign in 1859.

Code of Conduct

1: Members must attend at least once every other week.
2: Members must follow the orders of NCO's and CO's
3: If you're going to troll, troll without OUR tags on.



Colonel [Col]

Lieutenant Colonel [LtCol]

Chef de Battallion [CdB]

Capitaine [Cpt]

Lieutenant [Lt]

Sous-Lieutenant [SLt]
Non-Commissioned Officers

Adjudant Sous-Officier [AdjSoF]

Adjudant-Chef [AdjCf]

Adjudant-Maitre [AdjMa]

Adjudant [Adj]

Sergent-Major [SgtM]

Sergent [Sgt]

Caporal-Fourrier Premiére [CplFoP]

Caporal-Fourrier [CplFo]

Caporal [Cpl]

Soldat de Premiére [SoP]

Soldat de Deuxième [SoD]

Cadet [Cdt]

Credit: Spunned's Free Graphics Compilation


All events listed below are mandatory which means means you must provide a valid reason for being absent if you cannot make it. There will be optional events that are not listed below which are not mandatory however it is recommended to come if you are online!

Tuesday: 8:00 PM EST 7NA Tuesday Linebattle

Friday: 8:00 PM EST 7NA Friday Linebattle

Sunday: 8:00 PM EST Off Day/Skirm Day

1v1 Linebattle Record

22e vs 102nd Score: 6-0 Victory
22e vs 8th Grenz Score: 6-5 Victory
22e vs 71st Score: 5-9 Defeat
22e vs 7th Kings Score: 4-6 Defeat
22e vs 1stMEF Score: 5-3 Victory
22e vs 76e Score: 6-4 Victory
22e vs 76e Score: 8-6 Victory
22e vs 76e Score: 6-9 Defeat
22e vs Nr3 Score: 6-0 Victory
22e vs 4thRI Score: 6-1 Victory
22e vs 21st Score: 3-0 Victory
22e vs 12th Score: 0-10 Defeat
22e vs 9y Score: 7-3 Victory
22e vs 8th Score: 3-2 Victory
22e vs 13teSKI Score: 6-4 Victory
22e vs 74th Score: 6-4 Victory
22e vs 1stMEF Score: 6-4 Victory
22e vs 19thIJA Score: 7-3 Victory
22e vs 63e Score: 4-6 Defeat
22e vs 27th Score: 7-3 Victory
22e vs 20thED Score: 6-1 Victory
22e vs 14th Score: 6-4 Victory
22e vs 79th Score: 6-3 Victory
22e vs Nr92 Score: 8-6 Victory
22e vs 47th Score: 9-0 Victory
22e vs Nr92 Score: 6-4 Victory
22e vs 90th & 72nd Score: 6-0 Victory
22e vs 10te Score: 6-2 Victory

NANWL Match History
22e vs RGJ Score: 6-4 Victory
22e vs 2eme Score: 10-0 Victory
22e vs 14th Score: 2-8 Defeat
22e vs MoskovGren Score: 7-3 Victory
22e vs 8th Score: 5-5 Draw
22e vs 73rd Score: 8-2 Victory
22e vs 63e Score 2-8 Defeat
22e vs 1stFL 8-2 Victory
22e vs 27th 8-2 Victory

Total Wins - 29 Total Losses - 7 Total Draws - 1


Interested in joining? Just add one of the following officers on steam.
In game banner
In game tags are as such: 22e_Cdt_(Name)

Media & Downloads

Custom Banner
Installation Instructions:
1. Download
2. Extract to Local Disk (C:)/Program Files (x86)/Steam/SteamApps/common/MountBlade Warband/Modules/Napoleonic Wars/Textures
3. When it asks you to replace the file hit accept
Here is how it looks in game
Made by Mr. Kochi
Made by Zzehth

Custom Skin
Coming Soon!

Thanks to:
Mr. Kochi for making the 22e Divider
Jesus for writing up some parts of the thread
Spunned for his amazing rank templates and french divider
Zzehth for his nice signature

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