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Regiments / Re: 33rd Regiment of Foot [EU] Founded 05/06/2012
« on: July 11, 2022, 09:48:44 pm »
Updated signature when, Kincaid

Regiments (Game Clans) / Re: 1st New Jersey Volunteer Regiment
« on: May 24, 2022, 10:50:36 pm »
He's back
Indeed and im coming for that booty
You mean all of the recruits  8)

Events / Re: Age of Napoleon Monday Linebattle [NA] - 8pm EST
« on: May 24, 2022, 06:43:47 pm »
this event would be better if steve urkle was hosting
Never forget SteveUrkle12

Regiments (Game Clans) / Re: 1st New Jersey Volunteer Regiment
« on: May 23, 2022, 10:58:20 pm »
He's back

Events / Re: Age of Napoleon Monday Linebattle [NA] - 8pm EST
« on: May 21, 2022, 12:11:18 am »
Bump - Thread done. Thanks Hess  8)

Events / Age of Napoleon Monday Linebattle [NA] - 8pm EST
« on: May 19, 2022, 05:45:35 pm »

This will be the newly founded Age of Napoleon event hosted by the 3e. Below are the rules and information you may need for this event.

It is you and your regiment's responsibility to read over the rules and forward any questions to the admins.

General Rules
  • The event will consist of 2 maps with 3 rounds per map, each round will last precisely 10 minutes.
  • Custom maps will be used as much as possible to provide a balanced map and disincentivize camping.
  • "All charge will be called with 2 minutes remaining or if gameplay has become negative and teams are avoiding conflict.
  • Specialties will be done on a first come, first served basis.
Line Infantry Rules
  • You must have at least 3 men to be considered a line.
  • If only 2 men remain in a line, they must seek out and join a friendly line or charge directly toward their enemy into melee.
  • Lines must always fire in line and formation, shoulder to shoulder.
  • Line infantry is not allowed spacing or gaps.
  • Gaps from deaths in line must be addressed and fixed.
  • FoC and RoC are not allowed and will not be tolerated.
  • Garrisoning is not allowed.
  • Crouching is only allowed when not in combat, forming double ranks, or behind man-made cover. Man-made cover is defined as fences, walls, etc. You may not fire while crouched under any circumstance.
  • 2 officers maximum per line.
  • 1 medic per line is permitted.
  • No engineers
Skirmisher Rules
  • Minimum of 6, maximum of 12.
  • No FoC or RoC. If you charge, you are charging, however, you may hold a position, fire, and then charge.
  • 1 medic is permitted
  • 1 flag bearer is permitted
  • 1 officer is permitted
  • Light infantry and rifles are permitted 5 man spacing.
  • If you are in melee, you are all in melee. This is described as if any person is blocking or attacking in melee. You are not allowed to shoot or reload while in melee.
  • Must go all lights or all rifles, no mixing is allowed
  • You are able to crouch to fire and reload. You may garrison trees, rocks, etc.
  • 10 skirmishers mean 10 skirmishers, this includes the officer, flag bearer, and remaining rankers. Medics however do not count towards this count.
Artillery Rules
  • Minimum of 5, maximum of 10.
  • May bring 1 piece of artillery unless specified by admins.
  • 1 sapper maximum.
  • 2 officers maximum.
  • Artillery guards must be within 5 paces of an ACTIVE cannon to fire out of line.
  • Sappers are allowed to build defenses with TNT and planks but do not spam them. Spamming will result in a slay.
  • No limit on artillery guards, however, mind the limit of 10 max artillery units. This includes regular line infantry that may play as artillery guards.
  • When under a melee attack, artillery guards mayt FoC but not RoC. Once any artilleryman is in melee mode and blocking or attacking, they are considered in melee.
  • Rocket artillery is not allowed.

The event host is Jorvasker also found below

Signups Discord:
Numbers taken at 7:30 EST.
Specialty signups start at: 7:30 PM EST on the 3e's Discord during signups.

Go to events AON MONDAY LINEBATTLE discord section of the 3e Discord to signup.

Official Event Admins
Current Regiments in Attendance
Nr.17 (Emperor's Own) Infanterie Regiment (10-20)
3e Légion de la Vistula (15-20)
1er Régiment de Grenadiers-à-Pied de la Garde Impériale [15-20]
1st Light Infantry Battalion, King's German Legion [10-15]
21st (Royal North British Fusiliers) Regiment of Foot [10-15]
73rd New York Infantry Regiment "Excelsior Zouaves" [10]
8th Virginia Infantry Regiment [5-10]
1er Régiment Suisse [6-10]
Thomas' Legion of Cherokee and Highlanders (69thNC and 16thNC) [15-25]
1. Konigliche Linie von Sachsen/74th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment [6-10]
92nd Regiment of Foot (Gordon's Highlanders)/Texas Brigade [22-27]
20th Maine Infantry Regiment [20-30]
2e Grenadiers à Pied de la Garde Impériale [5-7]
Royal Scottish Lowlanders [3-5]


Admins may change event rules/class limits at any time and/or if need be.

Credits to Hess for the graphics and formatting

Thread added - Bump

Regiments / Re: 33rd Regiment of Foot [EU] Founded 05/06/2012
« on: May 18, 2022, 04:18:33 pm »

Regiments / Re: 29th Worcestershire Regiment of Foot
« on: May 18, 2022, 07:02:58 am »
Oh wow, the return of the GOATs


(Click on the titles to read the desired subject)


About Us
The 3e Légion de la Vistule was founded by Korwan on April 28th, 2020. During the pandemic, Korwan felt an urge to return
to Napoleonic Wars, and got his old officer Don to hop on and start the regiment. SteveUrkle12 was then invited, creating the
3 man officer corps of the regiment. Through strict old style discipline and mass recruitment, the 3e has sustained itself quite
well, without having any fear of disbanding.

With the world opening back up, Korwan felt the need to take a step back from leadership, but not the regiment that he
created and put his time into. He stepped down on April 5th, 2021, handing leadership over to SteveUrkle12. With a fresh
leader, the 3e is looking to keep its traditions, while adapting to the new environment of NW.

Our Morals
Morals of the 3e Légion de la Vistule The 3e Légion de la Vistule is a regiment which will fight and stand for each other no
matter the odds. We will support our brothers, just as they would support us. We have a sense of discipline that keeps
everyone refreshed and in line, so no one person feels left out or degraded. We have a strong community of people willing
to help one another, whether it be in life or in game. We are here to help, defend, and maintain the community.

"... there were plenty of young men determined to prove their prowess on the battlefield."
- Norman Davies

Introduction: A Brief Military History of Poland
"Darling war, what a lady you must be for all the most
handsome boys to follow you like this."
- from a popular Polish song

          During the American expansion in 19th century there was a saying in Mexico: "What bad luck for us. We are so far from
God and so close to the USA." In 1840s Mexico lost more than 55% of its national territory to the much bigger neighbour.
The Poles had not just one such neighbour but two. They were sandwiched between the militaristic Germany and the
mighty Russian Empire. Furthermore, from the south and south-east came the Mongol (Tatar) hordes and the vast armies
of Ottoman Empire. From the political and military point of view it was one of the worst locations on Earth. For this reason
Poland has in the course of history had little acquaintance with peace, but has again and again been forced to take up arms
in the defence of the country.

Neal Ascherson, Scottish journalist, writes, "Russia and Prussia, especially, tried to suppress both Polish culture and language
and the Catholic faith.  In response, the Poles developed one of the most intense and self-sacrificing versions of Romantic
nationalism ever seen in Europe."The Poles have been compelled to fight almost continously. Norman Davies writes, "Few
nations in the last 200 years have seen more military action than the Poles, Private armies abounded.  Vast numbers of
indigent petty noblemen filled the ranks of a military caste of proportions unequelled in Europe.

But their contempt for state service, their preoccupation with private wars and vendettas, their obsession with cavalry to
the detriment of all other branches of warfare (infantry, artillery and engineers), and their opposition to the idea of raising an
'ignoble army' of peasant conscripts, put them at a marked disadvantage in relation to all their neighbours. ... From 1765 to
1831, constant attempts were made to develop Polish military potential to a level commensurate with that of the neighbouring
countries.The Napoleonic episode initiated three decades of strong French influence."The Polish land forces has developed
along parallel lines to those of the evolution of western european armies, although local conditions, produced certain
deviations and left their own mark on tactics, uniform and weapons.

The best part of Polish army was the cavalry. There was a saying that if the sky fell their lances would support it. On 26
September 1660 at Kutyszcze, 140 Polish winged hussars defeated 1,600-3,500 Russians and Cossacks. (Ratio of 1 to 11!) The
enemy was under Vasyl Sheremetev and consisted of fine regiment of reiter cavalry (armored, mounted on strong horses)  and
regiment of Cossack infantry. The Russians delivered several salvos. It however made no impression on the Poles. The winged
hussars charged and oberthrew everything on their way.


Napoleonic Wars, Vistula Legion 1806-1814
"Napoleon stated that the infantry [of the Vistula Legion]
were to be treated on a par with French line regiments."
- George Nafziger

When it comes to Poles of the Napoleonic era, consider how hard a proud
people fight when they have no homeland of their own, and they feel that
following one man, Napoleon, is their best chance to get one.
          By 1806 what was left of Dabowski's Polish Legions in Italy and Kniaziewicz's Danube Legion was one infantry regiment and
one cavalry regiment. "In February 1807 these remnants became part of the French army and were sent to Silesia. These Polish
veterans became the core of a new Polish Legion ... and were initially called the Polish-Italian Legion (Italian since they had
fought in Italy, not because the unit had Italians in it).Napoleon's decree of 1807 stated this Legion should consist of three
infantry regiments and one cavalry regiment. ... In June, the formation took part in the siege of Klodzko. From Silesia the
Legion moved to service in Westphalia in October 1807 ... On 21 February 1808, Napoleon ordered the Legion to Poitiers in
France, where it was formally inducted into the French army.In a letter to Davout dated 31 March 1808, Napoleon renamed the
Polish-Italian Legion (Polacco-Italienne) the "Vistula Legion." He also stated that the infantry were to be treated on a par with
French line regiments ... The depot for the Legion appears to have been Sedan. ... It should also be noted that French nationals
were not permitted to serve in the Legion, except as the company clerks (fourriers), battalion adjutant non-commissioned
officers, and as paymasters.

After the battle of Wagram (1809), Napoleon found that he was once again in possession of a large number of ethnic Poles
amongst his Austrian prisoners of war. The Decree of 8 July, 1809, directed that these men were to form a 2nd Vistula Legion.
The 2nd Vistula Legion never was able to form completely, so it was disbanded by the Decrees of 12/15 February, 1810. It was
incorporated into the 1st Vistula Legion as a 4th Regiment. The Vistula Legion was sent to Spain where it fought in the sieges
of Saragossa and Segunto. In fact, the Vistula Legion seemed particularly destined to participate in sieges, and it fought in all
of the major sieges in eastern Spain during the early years of the Peninsular War. ... In preparation for the invasion of Russia
the Vistula Legion was withdrawn from Spain in early 1812

On 2 April 1812, Napoleon decided to include the Poles in the Young Guard corps under Marshal Mortier rather than
designating them as Guard. The third battalions were formed, but on 31 May, after reviewing them in Posen, Napoleon directed
that they not form elite companies, feeling their soldiers were too young. However, they would follow the main army as far as
Smolensk and Gjatsk, joining the main body only during the retreat in the beginning of November. ... The 4th Regiment was still
in Spain while the other regiments went to Russia. ... These men had fought bravely at Smolensk, Borodino, Tarutino, Krasnoe
and at the Berezina Crossing. " (Nafziger - "Poles and Saxons of the Napoleonic Wars")

General Joseph Chlopicki (born March 14, 1771 – died September 30, 1854) commanded the infantry of Vistula Legion between
June 1808 and 1812. (Earlier it was under General Grabinski.) He was one of the toughest Polish infantry generals of Napoleonic
wars. Chlopicki was awarded by the French with Legion of Honour for the battle of Epila and the storming of Saragossa. In 1809
he was promoted to the rank of general de brigade. During the invasion of Russia in 1812, Chlopicki was wounded at Smolensk.
In 1813 he was made a general de division. He held aloof at first from the November Uprising of 1830-31 (war with Russia), but
at the general request of his countrymen accepted the post of commander in chief of Polish army.


Commissioned Officers
   Capitaine - Cpt
   Lieutenant - Lt
   Sous-Lieutenant - SLt
Non-Commissioned Officers
Adjutant - Adj
Sergent-Major - SgtMaj
Sergent - Sgt
Elève Sous Officier - ESO
  Légionnaire - Legio
  Caporal-Fourrier - CplFr
  Caporal - Cpl
  Soldat de Première - SdtPr
  Soldat - Sdt
  Cadet - Cdt

3e Légion de la Vistule

Only Ranks Soldat and Above will be Counted

Commissioned Officers
   Capitaine Jorvasker
   Lieutenant Jadog2003
Non-Commissioned Officers
  Adjutant Hoops
  Elève Sous Officier Adobe
  Elève Sous Officier NeedForSleep
  Elève Sous Officier YNCMemes
  Elève Sous Officier Leroy
Légionnaire Korwan
Légionnaire Don
Légionnaire Velmer
Légionnaire Sparky2ben
Légionnaire Revan
Légionnaire Suzuki
Légionnaire SteveUrkle12
Légionnaire Dahan
Légionnaire Orange

Caporal-Fourrier Thaxx

Caporal ConsistentCanadian
Caporal Ponfino
Caporal WheelchairLegs
Caporal Silverstag
Caporal TheGaul9
Caporal Awsnap
Caporal Shrek
Caporal Thugoso

Soldat de Première Coachwooten
Soldat de Première Emiuz
Soldat de Première Bloodrincer
Soldat de Première Jcax
Soldat de Première CheaterEater
Soldat de Première Hotspot
Soldat de Première Jaredh621
Soldat de Première Blueboi
Soldat de Première Frog107
Soldat de Première Commissar Hunter
Soldat de Première Gringo
Soldat de Première Myfir
Soldat de Première Svero97
Soldat de Première Xarlea

Soldat Pineapple
Soldat Kennedy
Soldat Lorax Man
Soldat Gus Fringo
Soldat Doyle
Soldat Cedric
Soldat Prussian Enjoyer
Soldat Andrew
Soldat Denzel
Soldat Beinganoob176
Soldat Fiddler
Soldat Hoshi
Soldat Molestreus
Soldat Mr Mono
Soldat O'Neill
Soldat Polyphemus
Soldat Ravenmaster
Soldat Robard
Soldat Wolf

Wish to enlist? Contact those below or join our Discord!


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