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Full company name: 1st Greek Light infantry
Ingame tags: 1GLI
Regimental motto: We are not greek actualy
Expected attendance: 15-20
1st in command steam:
Attending weekly or once: Once
Have you read and agree to rules? yes

Regiments / Re: Regiment Leaders Steam Contacts
« on: July 13, 2020, 11:09:46 am »
The following people that Are on the list seem to not even be in a regiment. pls fix papa (if i got anyone is in the list and he is still a leader of a regiment but is not part of the steam group or said steam group does not exist for his regiment sorry in advance.)

Gummy - 3rdKGL
Falk - 15th YR
Rick - 126th (his steam is not there idk)
Ace - 82nd (steam also no work no more)
Colonel Mysty - 68th
LtCol Jager - 68th
Qifi - 66.Hussars (link is not working)
1st Lt Leopold - Light Infantry Leader (link not working)
Shoon - 4thKGA (Dead regiment)

Revan - 21o - Greece (the 21o joined with the 16th and became the SB with leader being Alekos)

-Frence-  Frogs

Patrykus - 14pk
Dash - 57e
Joaquin - 7 Flanq [dead reg]
Alec-I  - Art 1iC

Griff - Nr.3 Hussars [ dead reg? not sure actualy but they seem to not be doing events ]
Allen - 1stRI
Stox - 12te [steam link don't work ]
Heinrich - 1st East Prussian Infantry [1st EPI went to arma]
Shadow - 19te Prussian Infantry [link problemos
Volk - 1stFKI [link problems]

Ben - Nr59 + Nr4
Germanius - 1tesWIR

Norwegian - Pavlovsky [ went to holdfast rip ;-;]

Don't see this as a way of me trying to say how bad this list is.. no this list is well made and very well reserched  but it is simply out of date. I hope my findings here will help you update it.
if anyone that i mentioned happend to be still a leader pls inform me so i update my list and fix the mistake ;3

Regiments / Re: 1st Greek Light Infantry [EU]
« on: July 13, 2020, 10:28:24 am »

Regiments / Re: Regiment Leaders Steam Contacts
« on: July 06, 2020, 07:02:48 pm »
Will update this tomorrow. Was out today.
this list needs an update

i thought that name was taken  :o

Regiments / Re: 1st Greek Light Infantry [EU]
« on: July 05, 2020, 12:37:35 pm »
can i join this reg
No... can I join the 19th tho?

Regiments / Re: 1st Greek Light Infantry [EU]
« on: July 03, 2020, 01:50:01 pm »
I don't mind anyone using my old header, by all means go ahead. I just want to be notified beforehand. Nothing more.
no worry's i wantted an original one. i am not that lazy bruv ;) just needed somthing there as a place holder

Regiments / Re: 1st Greek Light Infantry [EU]
« on: July 03, 2020, 09:38:52 am »
How to use somebody else's material on your thread:

Step 1: Ask for permission
Step 2: Get permission
Step 3: Use the material

sorry for that i used it as a place holder till i made somthing original ;)
i also plan to update it a tad more  in the following day's so it will look a little bit more nice also i want it to give bit more info out (but never a roster.. rosters are useless)

*Least Disbanded Regiment!*  that is an achievement

Community / Re: 16x16 Teamspeak Icons |Requests Available|
« on: July 02, 2020, 12:20:43 am »
Regiment it is for: 1st GLI
Requested Icon(s): 3 icons each one for a copany 1 for lights one for line and one for Officers.
Reference material: *required (can be images or links, use spoilers!)
Folow the 3 hat's that can be seen in the pictures
Will you be happy for other regiments to use the images? (with no permission)  yeah sure let everyone use it with no need for a permission i don't mind free stuff is alway's good ;)

Community / Re: Historical Teamspeak Icons
« on: July 01, 2020, 10:39:19 pm »
Nation: Greece
Requested Icon(s): Ranks and/or Medals (wich you like or have time the most )
Reference material:

Skins & OSP Resources / Re: Herzogtum Nassau[OSP]
« on: July 01, 2020, 09:05:37 pm »
Sup my man i am willing to commission a reskin if you are interstead add me on steam (argie.goulios) ;)

Regiments / Re: Regiment List
« on: July 01, 2020, 07:36:40 pm »
- Regiment Name :  1st Greek Light Infantry
- Faction : UK
- Class : Light/Line Infantry
- Based : EU
- FSE Thread Link :

Regiments / 1st Greek Light Infantry [EU]
« on: July 01, 2020, 06:54:21 pm »

The 1st Regiment Greek Light Infantry (1810–12) was a light infantry regiment, founded as a local establishment in British service consisting mostly of Greek and Albanian enlisted men and Greek and British officers that served during the Napoleonic Wars. Later it became a regular British Army regiment as the 1st Greek Light Infantry ("The Duke of York's") (1812–16). It had no official association with the modern state of Greece or the Filiki Eteria or any Greek War of Independence groups; however, several future leaders of the War of Independence fought in its ranks.

About Us
The 1st GLI was created with the intend of being a relaxed regiment wich does not force it's members to be active.We got a specialty slots on every event we go to mostly being light's or arty.We don't have a single leader. Each of our 2 leaders has the same rank and power to make choices after fruitful debade.Even though most of our members are from EU we also got a big amount of people that are from Asia and the US

When one joins the regiments he is moved to the englisted corp while he can join at any time after a test the guard wich will allow him to participate on competetive events.
Administration is a assignment consisting of officers  who's job is to do all the paper work the regiment needs to operate at it's finest. Officers of the Enenglisted corp have a task of recruting people and Officers of the Guard have the assignment of Training the members.


*Consists of Co's & Nco's*

Participates in:

-Main LB Events
-Basic Trainings

Participates in:

 -Competitive Events
 -Extended Trainings

The 1stGLI Light Infantry Regiment has Plenty of scheduled events threw the week. Even though we have scheduled events every week, we don't force people to come to every single one of them nor force them to be active.
If interstead on calling us on an event don't even try to persuade us to come if we alredy got a event at that date



Tuesday -

Wednesday -

Thursday -

Friday -

Saturday -

Sunday -

No event  UwU

No event  :3

No event  OwO

No event  x3

1erArt Line Battle (Arty) 7:30 GMT

19th Line Battle (with Lights) 7:00 GMT

2ndKGL Sunday Line Battle (with Cav) 7:00 GMT

Interested in joining the 1stGLI? If so then add any of the contacts below on Steam!

« Leaders »
Colonel Argie
Colonel Kostas

«CO's »

Admin. Corporal Misaka
1st Lieutenant Open Slot

«NCO's »

Sergeant Open slot
Corporal Larry
Corporal Saki

The Officers assign members to detachments before any Event.
Members can also sign up before hand to any detachment of their choosing.

Light Infantry

-Used to Skirmish
-Max 13 Per Event
Line  Infantry

 -Bigger Size
 -Forms in a Line
 -More Fire Power

«Artwork »

artist ;) :AXDG


1stGLI Officer
1stGLI Soldier

Artist: Montejean Monte jean de Lorraine#1550

Artist: ♥ Ralki Desu! ♥

Artist: solip04231319

 Artist:Wintry -


Youtube Channels that post our events :
and him :

P.S if you see anything that can be improved do tell ;3

Community / Re: ~Corrupt Admins in NW~
« on: July 01, 2020, 10:13:19 am »
we are not at the list :3

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