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Groupfighting Teams / Good Vibe Tribe | 55th GF Team
« on: April 27, 2022, 12:10:52 am »

| Stoiki

| Ase
| Domi
| Ck
| Chada
| Vixtro
| Nihilus
| Plushka
| Zenepl
| Rey

Groupfighting Teams / Winx Club
« on: March 15, 2022, 10:31:25 pm »



Stoiki - Bloom
Meatball - Techna
Bluewinx - Musa

J3wels - Faragonda
Domi - Stella
Krembit - Roxy
Spooky - Verstappen
Marji - Sky
Galava - BlitzIsGay

Honorary Members

Rey - Leila
Ralakesh - Riven



    "One eye open when im sleeping"
Who are the Nr.55?:
[Our Mission]
To become the greatest regiment in Europe, Africa, Australia and China. We hope to destroy all opponents in the next RGL season with our team of loyal members who are not a merc stack like other completely dogshit trash regiments.
[About Us]
The regiment was raised in 1655 by Colonel Jonas Casimir Baron zu Eulenburg. In 1667, Fürst Boguslaw Radziwill took over command. After his death, Electoral Prince Karl Emil lead the regiment against France till his death in Strasbourg in 1674. Colonel Hans Adam von Schöning merged the regiment with Infantry Regiment No. 1 after the capture of Stettin in 1677. It then took part in the campaign against Sweden and Poland in 1685. The following year, in 1686, the regiment fought under Schöning's command in Hungary and on the Rhine in 1689. In 1690, he was dishonourably discharged by the “Great Kurfürst”.
During the War of the Spanish Succession, under the command of the “Old Dessauer”, the regiment took part in the campaigns in Italy from 1705. In 1707, it became independent again as the Leibregiment. In 1708, it campaigned in Dauphiné and in 1709 in Flanders. From 1713, it carried the name of its long standing Chef Lieutenant-General Georg Abraham von Arnim. In the Pomeranian campaign of 1715, it distinguished itself at Stralsund and Wismar and during the crossing over to the isle of Rügen.
From 1716, the Fortress of Magdeburg became the garrison place of the regiment. It recruited in the districts of Luckenwalde and Jerichow and in several towns of the Duchy of Magdeburg: Aken, Calbe, Egeln, Görtzke, Loburg, Luckenwalde, Magdeburg and Stassfurt.
In 1732, Lieutenant-General Christoph Heinrich von der Goltz succeeded Lieutenant-General Jakob von Beschefer as the Chef of the regiment. In 1739, Colonel Johann Heinrich von Wedell took over command of this elite regiment.
During the First Silesian War (1740-1742), only the grenadiers of the regiment came into operation while the regiment was assigned to the Observation Corps of the “Old Dessauer” against the Saxons and Hanoverians. In a night attack the Grenadier Battalion 5/21 under the command of Major Hans Carl von Winterfeldt stormed the “Brostauer Gate” of the Fortress of Glogau. Four weeks later in the Battle of Mollwitz (April 10, 1741) the Grenadier Battalion 5/21 stood on the right wing steadfast between the beaten Prussian cavalry and lost 211 men. At Chotusitz (May 17, 1742) again on the right wing losses were light but the regimental Chef Colonel von Wedell was killed in action. His successor was Colonel Anselm Christoph von Bonin.
During the Second Silesian War (1744-1745), the regiment fought in the second line at the Battle of Hohenfriedberg (June 4, 1745) as part of the Hertzberg's Brigade. It took part in the last infantry attack of 18 Prussian battalions against 33 Austrian battalions between Thomaswaldau and Günthersdorf. In the winter battle of Kesseldorf (December 15, 1745), the regiment within the Kalnein's Brigade attacked the hill range south west of Zöllmen and broke through the Saxon centre.
During the Seven Years' War, the chef of the regiment was:
since June 7 1755 to December 12 1766: Lieutenant-General Duke Ferdinand von Braunschweig (Ferdinand of Brunswick)
In 1763 the Infantery Regiment Herzog von Braunschweig had a nominal strength of 50 officers, 118 NCOs, 12 surgeons, 48 musicians, 274 grenadiers including carpenters and 1,220 musketeers, for a total 1,722 men.
[Code of Conduct]
We expect every member to perform their best and not troll!


|Application Format|

Ingame name -
Time Zone -
Age -
Do you have a mic -
time played on M&B -
Steam name -

Make sure  to add one of the officers on Steam!


Commissioned Officers:

Oberst Naatsuu
OberstLeuntnant Stoiki
Major Trexons 

Non-Commissioned Officers:

Karporal Zenon
Karporal Coco Ayala -_-
Karporal Smok
Karporal Rey1786
Karporal Glenn

Enlisted Men:

Enlisted Men

Soldat Mikey
Soldat James
Veteren Lebrun
Veteran Ironreign
Soldat Lulu
Soldat Vixtro
Soldat Zeyden
Rekruit Quenouille
Rekrut Horse
Rekruit Xaos
Rekruit Ingram
Rekruit Ciomcio
Rekruit Giorno
Rekruit Nightwing
Rekruit Gerher
Rekruit Fietta
Rekruit Freedomxd
Rekruit Fred2
Rekruit Sheun
Rekruit HiReaper
Rekruit Alf
Rekruit Vexis
Rekruit Herakles
Rekruit Ase
Rekruit Ralakesh
Rekruit Rikimaru
Rekruit CocaineCookie
Rekruit Valentin
Rekruit Poberta
Rekruit Ck
Rekruit Zahu
Rekruit Evan
Rekruit Jakob
Rekruit Galava
Rekruit Joker



Commissioned Officers








Non-Commissioned Officers









Enlisted Men











   ....TO BE EDITED....


Steam: Naatsuu
Steam: Stoiki
Website: WIP
If you would like to join the Nr.55 please Contact me on steam or come onto teamspeak and talk to me.




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