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Community / Probably last chance to play NA NW
« on: July 14, 2022, 04:33:13 am »
Ill keep it short and simple, ive been running the NA events for a while barely keeping NA alive since the release of BCOF. I think I have done basically everything I could do besides quitting my job and becoming a NEET to keep NA alive which I wont do. I dont plan to host events post August and since there is pretty much nobody I can find willing to carry the torch of whats left of NA should 61e fully transition from NA-NW to NA-HF, I am letting everyone know July and August will probably be your last chance to ever attend an NA NW event again. So if you want to make your peace and attend an event before it all goes caput, I would consider coming to an event or two just for old times sake

You can add me on Discord Macbeth#0776 if you would like info for the events or join the Event discord server at

Feel free to bring yourself, your friends or your reg to an event or two while you still can

I plan to stop hosting by August 27th

Just an FYI events are every saturday at 8pm EST

pls consider sharing this with ppl you think might be interested in knowing about this

To whoever is reading, please consider coming with your regiment to the Sunday Miami Linebattle.

The Sunday Event used to be hosted in SA for well over two years. However, we have decided to move to the server due to issues with accessibility to South American Servers. This is a permanent change.

- TK is not allowed, subject to slay or ban;
- Special units have a limit by default, with exceptions (On skirmishers, for example);
- Spam is subject to kick or ban;
- Pistols are considered “melee” for any load;
- By default, events have 6 minutes of fire time. The time can be increased to 7 minutes or more on Large Maps, or shortened if the round is too slow;
- Each map has 3 rounds. There may be rare exceptions, such as bad map conditions requiring immediate replacement, or special cases.
- FOL/FOC/ROL/ROC/RAMBO rules normally apply until the time of All Charge or Rule of 3.
- Rule of 3 takes effect when there are only three players alive on a team. At this point, all rules except TK cease to apply.
- Advance in All Charge, don't stand still and don't waste the event time.
- Avoid references to Nazism. It's a crime, and it can cause problems for event players.
- If there are not enough players, one or two special classes will be removed.

Disrespecting the above rules can result in a slay, kick, ban or a warning (which will become a permanent ban, with a shutdown period to be defined)

You must make a line and act with it normally. Allowed use of any weapon, except Rifle or artillery weapons.

1 - No shooting while crouching.

2 - Forbidden FOL = Fire off Line, when the player shoots outside his line.
 - Infantry do not shoot crouching, only in defense (walls, barricades or houses);
 - Infantry don't need to line up inside a building, so the rule doesn't apply there.

3 - Forbidden FOC = Fire on Charge, when the player shoots in the middle of the charge.
 - Even in a charge to a building, if the shot came from inside it and killed the player, the rule does not fit.

4 - Prohibited ROL = Reload off Line, when the player reloads outside his line.
 - Valid for artillery members regardless of whether they are Arty Guard or not.

5 - Prohibited ROC = Reload on Charge, when the player recharges in mid-charge.

6 - Forbidden RAMBO = Abandon your line to attack another.
 - Tactics like “Spotting” where the player goes out of line to observe enemy positions is allowed.

7 - Sappers allowed based on admin's will

8 - Forbidden the same player to be in more than one regiment of the community.

9 - If a player gives charge, the rest of the line must follow him. Otherwise, your members will be charged with MASS FOC and more than one player may be slayed.

10 - Infantry fire at the defense of the artillery only if it is next to it. Shooting away from her counts as FOL.

11 - Allowed to split a line into up to 3 divisions.

It must respect the boundary and act as a support capable of holding lines, supporting charges against other lines or dominating enemy artillery. Allowed from 60 players on weekends, from 6 units. Rules:

1 - Maximum of 10 units. 6 with 60 players, 8 with 80, 10 with 100.

2 - You can use all units.

3 - Dragoons are authorized and can shoot while riding, except in charge, falling under the FOC rule.

4 - A cavalry squadron consisting of officers is allowed.

5 - The rule of RAMBO fits the cavalry.

6 - “Spotting” must be performed by line officials.

7 - Cav mixing is allowed.

8 - Dismounted cavalry can join other lines and artillery, but cannot join skirmishers.

Artillery is a vital point of the event and must be deployed by responsible regiments capable of avoiding TKs and defending against mass attacks. Allowed from 80 players.

1 - 1 cannon while there are 80 players, 2 cannons when there are 100 players. (Howtizers are allowed)

2 - No limit for rankers or artillery guards;

3 - Sappers must be careful to build around the cannon.
 - TNTs are allowed in a DEFENSIVE manner. Using them to randomly blow them up or to sabotage the friendly team will result in an immediate ban;
 - Avoid using points to create staircases, sandbag towers, etc.
 - Maximum of 3 sappers. You can use a sapper from another regiment, but if it gets in the way of the artillery, you can be banned.

4 - Artillery Guard must follow the same rules as the infantry, always shooting along the defense.
 - Shooting without defense counts as FOL. Cannon does not count as defense.
 - Shooting while your other artillery members are charging counts as FOC.

5 - Rocket Artillery only allowed inside the artillery area, one unit only.

It should act as support for the allied infantry with shots at better distances, avoiding charge and staying close to your platoon. Allowed from 100 players, with 8 units.

1 - Maximum of 15 members. 8 members with 100 players, 10 with 110, 14 with 120, 15 with 130+.

2 - It is tolerated to FOL within 6 man spacing
3 - Allowed to use Cavalry Musket/Carbine in addition to the Rifle.

4 - Mixed units are not allowed (All must go from Skirmisher - Except for Austria, which has two rifle units).

5 - Infantry Rules are integrated if:
 - The player shoots more than 5 men away (In short, farther than normal, counting as FOL);
 - Shoot on charge;
 - Reload in charge or more than 5 men away;
 - RAMBO also applies to this unit.

6 - Can shoot crouching or lined up with the defense.

7 - Only 1 officer allowed.

8 - Doctors, musicians and flag bearers are allowed.

9 - Can use any melee weapon in All Charge.

10 - Spotting allowed for any member.

11 - Falling below 3 members, must join a common line or artillery.

12 - Ordinary infantry line is NOT skirmisher, as is any unit not mentioned here.
1-✧ Event with +60 people 6 cav allowed

2-✧ Event with +80 people 1 cannon allowed

3-✧ Event with +90 people cav to 9

4-✧ Event with +100 people there will be 2 cannons, 10 cav and 8 skirms

5-✧ Event with +110 people there will be skirms 10

6-✧ Event with +120 people there will be 14 skirms

7-✧ Event with UK team will be released 1 rocket if the Admin has given permission to do so.

Specs Sign ups:

Spec signups are done once a thread at AT #specs-unidades-especiais has been opened for the day of the event.
*For Sunday, the thread will be up generally 2pm EST, the day of the event.

Participating Regiments:
NA - 61e
SA - 61e|13th
SA - 61e|BLD
NA - 6teSLR
NA - Nr9
NA - 2ndHan
NA - 84th
NA - 65y
SA - 6L
SA - Nr.49

If you would like to sign up, just make a post below your regiment is interested and join the discord server

Events: OC / [ASIA]61e Saturday Singapore Event - Active since March 2021!
« on: December 10, 2021, 09:46:08 am »
Event time: SATURDAY: 4PM BEIJING / 7pm Syndey /3 AM EST / 8AM LONDON
Rules: Admin has final say
           line only unless admin says otherwise

The 61e Saturday Singapore is a public event that has been going on for a while now. It is the last remaining event to be hosted in South East Asia.

Please consider attending if you happen to be awake around the time when the event is due to begin!
The events have no password and can be joined anytime while the event is going on

No Password

If you would like to merc for a regiment, pls consider mercing for the 61e and meet people from all over the world such as Mongolia, Japan, Korea, China Vietnam and many more! <-- 61e discord

If you and your regiment would like to join, just come on in, everyone is welcome, <-- Event Discord



Events: NA / [Public][Host: Miami] 61e Thursday Trench battle
« on: November 29, 2021, 10:12:44 pm »
Public Trench battle event, we got some pretty cool maps, pls consider coming

Event time
8pm EST
- Admin has the final say in all cases
- Fol is allowed
- Rol is allowed
-FOC is allowed
- Muskets cannot fire during all charge
- Pistols can reload and fire during all charge
- Only assigned units may go Artillery
- No intentional TKing
- Rambo is not permitted
- dont spam
- Sappers will be permitted depending on the admin
-Rule of 3 is activated when a team has 3 or less ppl alive in their team




Chevalier Arlo#3651


Participating Regiments: As of 2/2/2022

Community / Weirdest/funniest thing you ever saw/experienced at NW
« on: July 09, 2021, 02:15:52 am »
Ill start

Just say a story of what you thought was the weirdest/funniest shit you ever experienced at nw or post the video/screenshot if you have it

Ill try to bump with other stuff i have

You can just post some epic clips too if you want

Community / Whats wrong with the servers?
« on: March 21, 2020, 09:38:15 pm »
The servers seem to be crashing every saturday... this happened 1-2 weeks ago. Someone pls save warband or i am going to go insane

Events: OC / ---OC/CN/ASIA--- The Chinese Community's events.
« on: March 12, 2020, 09:42:23 am »

The Chinese Mount and Blade Community

As someone who has been attending Chinese Napoleonic Wars events for over a year. I would like to invite anyone willing to the mount and blade warband Napoleonic Wars community. The Chinese community has strict regulation for foreigners and as far as I know, I do not believe any chinese host will accept any other foreign regiment than the 61e to attend their events.

If you do happen to be interested in taking part, please leave a reply down below if you would like to merc for the 61e in the event. The Chinese community is very strict in what can be said in the game chat (Sorry, I dont make the rules) so there is a chance I may not let you come due to the fact that you coming could anger the hosts of the event.

"But wait, I want to play for a chinese regiment, not the 61e!": You are able to contact colonels of the Chinese community through steam. I am not going to give out their information due to privacy. In order to join, you are probably going to need to download a QQ and YY which are the main means of communication in the Chinese NW community. Some regiments i'd recommend looking at are the 60thHNV, SailCoprs and the FexFG which are all regiments that have been around for a while. HOWEVER, there did used to be a Korean regiment. I have not seen the Korean regiment in a while though so I assume they have disbanded. If you do want to check for yourself if infact the Korean regiment is still alive, there name was the 2ndCSG if I recall correctly.

  EVENTS ARE HOSTED EVERY FRIDAY AND SATURDAY 8pm Beijing time/ 8AM EST. Expect 180-200 Attendance

ADD Fleance#6694 for more information on joining. replying here not necessary

The Mess Hall / [SERIOUS] the perro sniff poopoo???
« on: September 11, 2019, 04:33:49 am »
sniff caca poopoo sniff???  :-[ :-[ :-[

The Mess Hall / he poop le caca
« on: September 09, 2019, 06:26:55 am »
caca poop sniff you

The Mess Hall / he fard
« on: September 02, 2019, 07:49:20 am »
he sniff 8)

« on: May 31, 2019, 01:39:27 am »
someone help i need my thursday event or im going to go into a meantal breakdown

« on: April 01, 2019, 07:00:46 am »
Apparently a Russian Forum managed to get a leak on some Rome Imperator gameplay. Dont ask me how they got it but there it is

Im surprised to see Hoplite also developing this game tbh

Regiments / 61e Regiment De Hussards NA/EU/OC/SEA/AS/SA *Est 2014*
« on: September 26, 2017, 08:44:24 pm »

Commissioned Officers

| Col King-Macbeth
| Capt Inoua

Non-Commissioned Officers

| Adj Nachtel
| Brg Devo
| Cpl Jcor
| Cpl Niko
| Cpl Person
| Cpl Stubbs
| Cpl Ian
| Cpl Jesuitta


| ChvlH Bastic
| ChvlH Mavvy
| ChvlH Bjurn
| ChvlH Animal
| ChvlH Lorivaldo
| ChvlH Rusty
| ChvlH Lucretius
| ChvlH Chinatown
| ChvlH StormKi
| ChvlV Robard
| ChvlP Sergio
| ChvlP LuckyFella
| ChvlP Muffin
| ChvlP Tinker
| ChvlP Noah
| ChvlP John_Will
| ChvlP Jcat
| ChvlP Bradotomato
| ChvlP Capt_Ocean1
| ChvlP Conqueror
| ChvlP Draughtfan
| ChvlP Harvesting_Season
| ChvlP Aiden
| ChvlP Fungus
| ChvlP Senogi
| ChvlP GenJan
| ChvlP Helmut
| ChvlP HuddyHud
| ChvlP Jurassic_Fart
| ChvlP Tim
| ChvlP RemnantCult
| ChvlP Isonzo
| ChvlP Saxton
| ChvlP Sword
| ChvlP WreckEM
| ChvlP Bluethunder97
| ChvlP Pug
| ChvlP Groover
| ChvlP Musa
| Chvl FatedSaber
| Chvl Liu
| Chvl Jerry
| Chvl Selic
| Chvl Alex
| Chvl Shane
| Chvl Aquillius
| Chvl Favela
| Chvl Gknight
| Chvl Grant
| Chvl Butcher
| Chvl Ben
| Chvl Hessian
| Chvl GhostFace
| Chvl Magadan
| Chvl Noahjr
| Chvl Frosty
| Chvl Persone
| Chvl Questly
| Chvl Squiddy
| Chvl N3rds
| Chvl Virulent
| Chvl Zhengde
| Chvl Pineloaf
| Chvl Porkito
| Chvl TajoWhi
| Chvl Taylor
| Chvl Ahry

Officers: 2
NCOs: 7
Knighted: 66
Enlisted: 93
Overall Strength: 168

      The 61e, established in 2014 by either Animal or Bastic (this information is still under debate) first began as the 61st Scottish Highlanders. Over time, Chinatown would take over and turn the regiment to the 61st Life Hussars then to the 61e Regiment Des Hussards. This regiment was surely destined to fail, but through the sheer will of everyone through the years, the regiment has strived and continued to succeed against all odds. Although, traditionally a cavalry regiment, the 61e is now an international regiment that plays a variety of classes across the world.
     King-Macbeth, having taken over at late 2015, the 61e temporarily merged and joined forces under Jakester’s 41st. This is where the 61e would learn much about running regiments and is proud to consider itself one of the last remaining vestiges of the 41st. Today the 61e strives to become known as the world’s public, casual, and international regiment that where no matter where anyone is from, the 61e will be the international regiment that will accept anyone of any background, any creed and any values as long as they hold the common goal of helping the regiment succeed.
For more history of the 61e, please consider reading the history doc here


The 61e is traditionally a cavalry regiment. However, the 61e now plays across the world as a variety of classes. In North America, the 61e plays usually Cavalry, Artillery and sometimes Infantry. In Europe, the 61e plays Infantry and sometimes Cavalry. In South America, the 61e Infantry and Skirmishers. In Australia, the 61e plays Artillery and Infantry. In South East Asia, the 61e plays infantry. In China, the 61e plays infantry. These specializations are subject to change over time. Detachments do not exist in the 61e so all players follow the same ranking system.
   The regiment strives to be purely casual and to focus more on community rather than very competitive play. That is why since leaving the 41st, the 61e abolished all attendance quotas and has focused more on trying to make an environment where people are encouraged to come instead. The regiment has also been more committed to public play such as playing in the public NRP events like the campaign, the zombie events and other roleplay events across the world of NW.
        Furthermore, the 61e also strives to spread NW across the world and to expand the community so that the 61e is known internationally. We have learned that their is much to learn from all the regions of NW and we wish to capitalize form this.

Commissioned Officers

| Colonel [Col]
| Capitaine [Cpt]
| Lieutenant [Lt]

        Non-Commissioned Officers
| Adjutant [Adj]
| Brigadier [Brg]
| Caporal [Cpl]
| Aspirant [Asp]

| Chvl De Honneur [ChvlH]
| Chevalier De Vétéran[ChvlV]
| Chevalier De Garde [ChvlG]
| Chevalier De Première [ChvlP]
| Chevalier [Chvl]


| Cvl De Vétéran [CvlV]
| Cvl De Garde [CvlG]
| Cvl De Première [CvlP]
| Cavalier[Cvl]
| Cadet [Cdt]





Wednesday Linebattle - NA
Thursday Trench Battle - EU
Friday LB - CN
Nickyjs corruption hour - NA
Saturday 61e Event - SG
Saturday 19th Event - EU
Saturday MOV Event - NA
Saturday MOV Event - OC
lhr Event - EU


8:00 PM EST
7:00 PM GMT+0
8:00 PM Beijing/SG
8:00 PM EST
5:00 PM Beijing/SG
7:00 PM GMT
9:00 PM EST
7:00 PM Sydney
7:00 PM GMT+0
9:00 PM BRT


| CvlV Aurelian
| CvlV Fred
| CvlV Toasty
| CvlV Nabertontis
| CvlV Steve
| CvlV Tails
| CvlV Tiagvard
| CvlG Juba
| CvlG Chainmail
| CvlG Subtrfuge
| CvlG Cthulu
| CvlG Ichabod
| CvlG Wigfrid
| CvlG Catboy
| CvlG Das
| CvlG Endo
| CvlG Gymp
| CvlG Lanco
| CvlG DuckWizard
| CvlG Nikkie
| CvlG Sircery
| CvlG Vegetable
| CvlG Erebus
| CvlG Zeke



| CvlP Shermantor
| CvlP Giovani
| CvlP Lorensius
| CvlP Pear
| CvlP PonyShadow
| CvlP Webber
| CvlP Wirth
| CvlP Vicente
| CvlP Alan
| CvlP BaronMagnus
| CvlP BitterSteel
| CvlP BlackHusar
| CvlP Cummington
| CvlP Sharktop
| CvlP IlDoge
| CvlP Ismael
| CvlP Liftfork
| CvlP Le_Lemon
| CvlP Nyanberry
| CvlP Noble
| CvlP Orange_Chicken
| CvlP ResolutePath
| CvlP Segway_Steve
| CvlP Sewersnake
| CvlP Sirnori
| CvlP Theanine
| CvlP The_Vegan
| CvlP Thrizz
| CvlP Jake
| CvlP Wolfie
| CvlP KarSrenDec


| Cvl Gladiator_Games
| Cvl Icarus
| Cvl FatalError
| Cvl Juan
| Cvl Heideburg
| Cvl Andres
| Cvl Andyearlobes
| Cvl BnanaMAN
| Cvl Bilbo
| Cvl BiteSizedChicken
| Cvl Blazedoom
| Cvl BrickVapie
| Cvl CaoWaShima
| Cvl Vandim
| Cvl Crafter
| Cvl Cuckree
| Cvl Brody
| Cvl DrgonOF
| Cvl EBA
| Cvl Ekac
| Cvl Lizwiz
| Cvl jjcool
| Cvl Kenobi
| Cvl laladehulu
| Cvl Lucas
| Cvl Maninthebrownie
| Cvl MechisGod
| Cvl Konta
| Cvl Olekzolek
| Cvl Pandaexpress
| Cvl Pendyy
| Cvl Kitten
| Cvl Ravi6
| Cvl Reformist
| Cvl Secric
| Cvl LacishKing
| Cvl Thorn
| Cvl Player_Brown
| Cvl Youngwolf
| Cvl Drako

-Recruits and Mercs Excluded

NW Screenshots (May need to scroll)


61e Artwork (if youre gonna get a mental breakdown from anime then dont click


Note: It will be way easier to join the discord if you are interested in joining rather than adding them via Steam.

Thank you Hess for letting me use the template


61e Hussars
Recent History- We are the 61e Hussars! A growing Cavalry regiment that has recently reformed from the NW community after some time now. Everything we do is all in the final goal of having fun on this great game.
Some Info About Us- We are a North American Cavalry regiment that goes to at least two events every week. We also have recently just reformed and join union with the Australlian 7thRF! If you would be interested in joining a Fun & Semi-laid back Cav Regiment, please add Me (King-Macbeth) on steam!
Our Forum Post- We have recently been split up and due to this, we must quickly make a forum post before these other people try and claim the 61e name that I  have previously made myself in the idea that it would be great fun. But during these previous few days, this has not been the case… Although we will eventually get through these rough times and we will come out the better and brighter regiment! Because of this, the forum post will be updated very soon and hopefully will look very better in the near future.

Vive le Roi!

Please feel free to add me on steam if you would like to contact me

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