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The Mess Hall / Re: M. Points | 10.07
« on: July 13, 2022, 10:03:12 pm »

ddb are last winners of 7v7 + 2 swords
me and janne as swords > gibby maximou that time

I carried you

gj with the admin choices, definitely didn't see that one coming  ::)

M.Tournaments Board / Re: M. Tournaments | TRT III | 19th June
« on: June 07, 2022, 09:54:38 pm »
Nickname: Golden
Steam Link (required):
Where you from (Country): IRE

Beautiful, and I will be taking home my 50 euro per match income from Ryan  :-*

Groupfighting Teams / Re: Proud Boys
« on: May 24, 2022, 09:54:39 pm »
This will be my ethos for the team

Wtf guys the real final is tonight stop caring about that other one
goldens first nwwc final :D

Technically smashed the swiss up in a final already  :-*
shut up golden the only thing u smash is ur balls such u wank hard

Anyways as the new grand champion with Ireland, after a firm decisive win against Russia, I would like to thank Ryan my lack luster captain who did at least organize some matches for me. My Italian friend Giorno. Mac the rubber duck fiddler. and smylie for absolutely fuck all. Lonedoge was ok and I can't remember who else was in the team!

Oh and of course thank you Irish:

Team Ireland Circa 2022

Wtf guys the real final is tonight stop caring about that other one
goldens first nwwc final :D

Technically smashed the swiss up in a final already  :-*

Only thing ill say is chuckster please stop running while holding your stab, you keep getting caught!

Ggs tho always fun to watch an nwwc final :)

Fun final, enjoyed watching Congratz france on the win!

Groupfighting Teams / Re: Proud Boys
« on: May 19, 2022, 08:08:54 pm »

Thanks to Fietta for letting me cast with him again, overall another intense match from the rivals GG France.

>supposedly has everything in life and hasn‘t suffered a single moment in his life
>commits suicide
ok buddy

I wouldn‘t recommend following this comparative logic. Eventually it always leads into a vicious circle of endless 'A is not even that bad if you compare it to X', which leads to nowhere. Hell, equipped with such logic, one might even argue that currently Ukrainians shouldn‘t complain so much about their situation, since there are much more brutal and deadly wars happening around the world, e.g Yemen and Syria. Obviously I would never even think of making such an argument, because it‘d be just stupid and pointless. Though it illustrates how dumb these kind of (never-ending) comparisons are.

I thoroughly believe tragedy, pain and suffering - especially the emotional and psychological aspects - are always to be regarded in their individualistic nature. Meaning to be seen relatively. Suicide should of course never be an option! Taking your own life is the single most drastic and momentous decision a human can possibly make. Lord knows how much personal suffering someone must go through to ultimately be left with no other than this ultimate way in his own sight.

Calling him weak and basically to forbid someone like him to feel such a high level of despair - a level that in his point of view left no options but self-murder - simply because his life looks alright on paper to you is unfair and leaves zero thought for the actual situation the person has repeatedly found himself in. It not just disregards the mental struggle but also completely belittles the dead-end nature of suicide, an aspect anyone actually committing it is definitely aware of.

Personally, I didn‘t know Jones and even though it is always tragic when someone passes away, I did not take part in the abstruse discussion before. But since Marxeil's post has more of a general touch I felt like responding with my thoughts on such a matter. With a clear but necessary maxim: always put yourself in someone‘s shoes before judging him and if you can‘t, then simply don‘t.

thank you


@Muha I remember the 82nd with Jones that was some good times a really funny guy.

Shame some people lack even basic levels of respect, if you want to make nasty jokes about it do it with your own friends in your own time, but to post it on a public gaming forum is just sad and disturbing.

Still getting my retirement pension cash in hand for this one thanks movement.

Agree with the brackets being a complete circus, as Herishey said very strong MightyPain hosting vibes.

Team Name: Tba
Captain's Steam Contact (Link required): movement
Did you read and accept the rules?*: Yes
Roster (IDs required):
No Fwuffy, Shadey or Ledger

So essentially proudgirls but better
missing the manager too  :'(
manager was the trashest part of this merry band of cretins

but I can't deny it was a hell of fun and I genuinely miss those times  :-*

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