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Groupfighting Teams / Re: Renaissance
« on: July 06, 2022, 11:26:28 pm »
Out of those three only Descartes isnt Reinassance but it's Witcher so everything explained

The reason why I didn't flag up Descartes is purely because of time period.
The reason why I don't count Dante and Giotto as Renaissance is because they are from the 1200-1300's.
Giotto was part of the Italian Proto Renaissance, an art movement. Giotto lived in the medieval era, even if he might have been part of the artistic origins of the Renaissance.
This is the same for Dante, the only reason I can think of counting Dante as a Renaissance figure is due to the use of Virgil in his Divine Comedy and the constant references to the Homeric world throughout; However, a huge issue I have with this is that he lived in the medieval era and it is clear that those who he wrote for would have had a good understanding of Virgil and Homer's writings, otherwise the constant references throughout Dante's works would have been pointless. Therefore, seeing as the people Dante wrote for were well educated and clearly knew the classics well I don't think using them as part of his magnum opus wouldn't make it a revolutionary Renaissance work.
I don't know much about this and not like I really care or find it interesting. To be honest, I just googled Renaissance era and found all famous names, Giotto was there for sure.

Groupfighting Teams / Re: Renaissance
« on: July 06, 2022, 10:42:56 pm »
Out of those three only Descartes isnt Reinassance but it's Witcher so everything explained

Team Application:

Team Name: Renaissance
Captain's Steam (Link required):
Co-Captain's Steam (Link required):
Roster (ID of each player | 7 minimum - 9 maximum):

MarxeiL = Giotto
Twister = Leonardo
Desant = Machiavelli
xodok = Paracelsus
Witcher = Descartes
Archangel = Galileo
Do you accept the rules?: Yes

Best list

The Mess Hall / Re: New-Gen Points [NGP] Update 04/07
« on: July 05, 2022, 08:17:51 am »
Desant carried 7v7 should have mentioned him

I don’t disrespect HiReaper and Giorno’s opinion on that, they are the ones which volunteered to host a tournament, I would say I even respect them for that. But our team and some others would prefer playing 6v6 instead, just cause last time we had it was last year probably, and since February we are playing 7v7+ tournaments only. So if there any other more interested teams in smaller format I will make a thread for it tomorrow, if majority decides to play 6v6 I don’t think it would be a problem for the boys to move their 7v7 for August. If majority will sign up for this, then let it be, nobody would actually lose anything by it. Community will decide after all.

maybe i should just host 6v6 or 5v5 on that day so he wouldn't need to come at all

why did you delete all the comments lmao

Ну так это не подразумевает собой как рейтинг за ласт турнир онли, просто я так понимаю это как дополнение повлияло, например на довнгрейд Архи и Кобзика за вчера

Ну а если чисто за ласт турик, то блоки на сабле мне 100 и футворк 100. За все матчи даже тренировочные 0 дуэлей на сабли проиграно. Максимоу выебан в дуэли. Лапач выебан в дуэли. Арас выебан в дуэли.

GG WP Jedis, great match

Competitive EU Events/Tournaments / Re: Event Ideas
« on: July 03, 2022, 10:44:27 pm »
someone host regular tournaments for fuck's sake why are we all practicing if there's nothing to play cyka

ddb are last winners of 7v7 + 2 swords
me and janne as swords > gibby maximou that time

I carried you
No it was moris

M.Tournaments Board / What's next tournament to host? [POLL]
« on: July 03, 2022, 05:12:00 pm »

Feel free to take part in a poll and discussion below, also feel free to propose any kind of tournaments you guys want.
I'm planning to make polls after every tournament I host, so take this seriously, please.

Groupfighting Teams / Re: Renaissance
« on: July 03, 2022, 01:55:36 am »
loser team

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