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Name: Xethos
GUID: 440789
Do you want to be a captain?: No
Do you accept and agree to all of the rules?: Yes

Never know when somebody might need forfeit insurance in September

Events: NA / Re: NickyJ's Corrupt Friday Linebattle
« on: May 21, 2021, 01:06:06 am »
4eme cav ok great

Or skirms, I guess

Events: NA / Re: NickyJ's Corrupt Friday Linebattle
« on: May 15, 2021, 03:29:12 am »
I had my holy hand grenades set to target relevant people only, which was the actual arty guy and the commander. bdof was an FOL, which was separate. I forgot you were even standing there.

First of all, fuck you

Yes, this is how you negotiated the scheduling issues too, which was actually part of the problem.

The Round 12 Nittany Lions versus Cringe Management match will not take place. The match will go down as a 0-0 tie.

As an interested party, Risk recused himself completely from scoring it.

Detailed explanation for aggrieved parties
The amount of theater that went on for this is ridiculous. There was every possibility this match could have been played, and the fact that sufficient effort was not taken to ensure it was is an insult to the captains who managed to schedule and play all twelve of their matches.

There were three main issues:

1) There was no recorded attempt by either captain until very late Friday night/early Saturday morning to schedule the match.

2) During that abbreviated scheduling attempt, one team stated it could play Saturday; the other could only play Sunday.

3) The team that stated it could not play Sunday could, in fact, very likely have played Sunday, but failed to understand this until after the point at which the teams could have been reasonably expected to play; its commitment to failing to understand this likely contributed to their inability to play it.

The charade that took place all afternoon and evening is embarrassing, and everybody who participated in it should be ashamed that they took more time to do it than it would have taken to play the match. Further, some of the messages that passed between various interested parties were absolutely unacceptable, as was one captain's repeated insistence that we follow a rule that does not actually exist.

Nevertheless, the issues that happened Sunday were incidental to the fact that there was no earlier documented effort to schedule the match. Day-of and day-before scheduling has been acceptable for most of the league because there was another week to push it back to. There is no more next week, and sufficient measures—measures such as sending any messages before the small hours of Saturday morning—were not taken to account for that.

Lastly, moving forward, this is your reminder that rules #29 and #34 do still exist, regardless of whether you believe your opponent is negotiating in bad faith, or how much mental energy you've expended. There were other conceivable solutions to this than forcing the moderator to arbitrate who got the better seed that were written off by bile, sloth, and choler.

Playoffs begin this week. Barring another internet shutdown or a gym accident, Risk will post the bracket some time today. Our thanks to everybody for getting 41 of the matches in on time. There are no extensions planned for playoff matches, so let's not make mistakes with those and get them scheduled early enough to plan around.

Congratulation to the playoff teams and good luck moving forward!

The entire Prussian Army. If I couldn't do that, the pubs. Gloria per motum.

You ever just get on the forums to watch two goldfish argue over who forgot to admin more?

New spreadsheet alert. There's a bit of function over form going on here and a whole lot of jank under the hood, but this is now up and working. If there's something you want to see added, send me a message. I'm more likely to do it if I don't have to count more things.

Also send me a message if you're a quasi reliable person and want to save me or Risk the ten seconds it takes to update it.

Community / Re: NW Community - Where are they now???
« on: April 05, 2021, 04:25:11 am »
im here!

I miss being asked on NA1 why I left the 3eVolt by people who couldn't read past "Xe" :(

The Mess Hall / Re: Baseball Thread
« on: April 03, 2021, 05:21:31 am »
I watched the Blue Jays-Yankees opening day game. It was kind of sad, there were three or four errors that the official scorer called hits. Biggio looked like he was not comfortable with the long throws.

Never mind the shirt, I'm more concerned about whether he is my cat that refuses to use the litterbox.

Jedi Masters won 2-0 (16-5 and 16-11).

The Mess Hall / Re: Baseball Thread
« on: March 02, 2021, 01:08:09 am »
actually forgot that they were originally the Anaheim Angels lul, also the Lakers are like the only large market sport team that I like so that's funny

They were actually originally the Los Angeles Angels, and they even played in Dodger Stadium for four years. Then they renamed to the California Angels and moved to Anaheim. (And then the Anaheim Angels, and then the all time great name, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim).

Now the real Los Angeles Angels were the Pacific Coast League team from the PCL's first year as an independent league until the Dodgers forced them out, but that's a different story.

Our first big debate of this league was how to handle late signups, and how to interpret the circumstance of one of these signups in particular.

It was the league's initial belief that Cwater's late signup was a deliberate spite to the league host. We viewed this more harshly than leagues have before because it is absolutely our intention to crack down on the unfortunately characteristic toxic behavior of our community, at least for the duration of the league. This intention has not changed. However, Cwater has repeatedly assured us that the late signup was neither intentional nor spiteful, but the result of unfortunate events, miscommunications, and the unusual length of time we set between the deadline and the draft itself.

As such, and in light of our initial intention to be flexible with the signup deadline, we are amending our stance on the issue. Our official position now is that we all had legitimate greivances that could have been much more painlessly resolved, but more importantly, that the punishment does not fit the crime. Cwater, as well as Jorge and Whalefish, will be admitted, and the ratings board will get overtime pay tonight.

Our thanks to everybody involved for their input (except for the bastards we're going to pillory later, you know who you are), and to everybody participating for your patience. Draft day is tomorrow, and unless something changes, the results will be revealed on Tuesday.

No, I am not the only person who is hidden on the forums. Yes, I am the one deleting posts. There's a whole board that we have specifically for shitposting roblox memes or whatever. About the only thing easier than signing up for a pubically available deadline is not going out of your way to drive a reasonably serious thread off topic.

toxic mod, get off ur high horse (get it???)

Joke's on you, I already warned Horse.

No, I am not the only person who is hidden on the forums. Yes, I am the one deleting posts. There's a whole board that we have specifically for shitposting roblox memes or whatever. About the only thing easier than signing up for a pubically available deadline is not going out of your way to drive a reasonably serious thread off topic.

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