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Re: 84th Regiment of Foot (Royal Highland Emigrants) NA [2 years on 6-6-22]
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Re: 84th Regiment of Foot (Royal Highland Emigrants) NA [2 years on 6-6-22]
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Where are the mods when we need them

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Re: 84th Regiment of Foot (Royal Highland Emigrants) NA [2 years on 6-6-22]
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Where are the mods when we need them

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Re: 84th Regiment of Foot (Royal Highland Emigrants) NA [2 years on 6-6-22]
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imagine getting watched in 2023 😭😭😭
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Re: 84th Regiment of Foot (Royal Highland Emigrants) NA [2 years on 6-6-22]
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Table of Contents
(Click on the titles to read the desired subject)


About us

The 84th Royal Highland Emigrants is a regiment in Mount and Blade: Napoleonic Wars. Originally founded by
TheJollyCanadian and Glenn on 6/06/20. Although the 84th is a primarily North American based regiment,
we also are happy to have players from around the globe. If you are interested in joining, read on!

The 84th will attend a handfull of linebattles a week, These events include artillery, cavalry, and line to
conduct large scale battles. This is a fantastic way to get more from this game, and also be part
of a fun and friendly gaming community. If you're interested in joining the 84th contact
an officer on steam for more information!

History of the Regiment

The 84th Regiment of Foot (Royal Highland Emigrants) was a British regiment in the American Revolutionary War that was raised to defend present day Ontario, Quebec
and Atlantic Canada from the constant land and sea attacks by American Revolutionaries. The 84th Regiment was also involved in offensive action in the Thirteen Colonies;
including North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia and what is now Maine, as well as raids upon Lake Champlain and the Mohawk Valley. The regiment consisted of
2,000 men in twenty companies. The 84th Regiment was raised from Scottish soldiers who had served in the Seven Years' War and stayed in North America. As a result, the
84th Regiment had one of the oldest and most experienced officer corps of any regiment in North America. The Scottish Highland regiments were a key element of the British
Army in the American Revolution. The 84th Regiment was clothed, armed and accoutred the same as the Black Watch, with Lieutenant Colonel Allan Maclean commanding the
first battalion and Major General John Small of Strathardle commanding the second. The two Battalions operated independently of each other and saw little action together.

Battle of Moore's Creek Bridge, North Carolina

Members of the 84th Highland Regiment were in the Battle of Moore's Creek Bridge,
North Carolina, in early 1776. On 27 February 1776, the 84th Regiment, with a number
of new recruits, was marching to the port of Wilmington, North Carolina. There they
were to join with a force arriving from Europe and participate in operations in the
southern colonies. The recruited force, at first numbering 1,600 American Loyalists but
reduced during the march by desertions to fewer than 800, faced off against 1,000
American Patriots. The American Loyalists' movement was blocked by Patriot forces on
two occasions, but the Loyalists managed to bypass them to reach the bridge over
Widow Moore's Creek. Captain McLeod, who had survived the Battle of Bunker Hill,
was killed leading the charge at Moore's Creek Bridge. Half of the regiment was
captured and thirty were killed; with ninety six officers and men taken prisoner. The
majority of the Carolina recruits were never able to join the regiment since the Loyalist
forces were scattered after the battle.

Military operations – Quebec

Under McLean's command, the First Battalion acted primarily to defend Quebec from
 American Patriot forces. It marched from Quebec in an attempt to repel Brigadier General
Richard Montgomery's invasion in the Siege of Fort St. Jean, Quebec. The regiment made
two attempts to relieve the fort, but eventually returned to Quebec, where it helped to
stiffen the resolve of the civil population until Carleton's return from Montreal.

The regiment was also involved in the Battle of Quebec. Montgomery and Benedict Arnold,
who led an expedition through the wilderness of what is now Maine, combined forces and
mounted attack on Quebec City. At a crucial moment in the battle, Captain McDougal led
120 of the 84th and 60 Royal Navy sailors against a force of New Hampshire troops
commanded by Henry Dearborn. They overwhelmed Dearborn's men, forcing the
survivors to surrender.

Battle of the Newcastle Jane, Newfoundland

On October 23, 1776, under Captain Murdock MacLaine, the 84th Regiment was in
the Battle of the Newcastle Jane. This battle was the first in which a merchant British
vessel defeated an American Privateer vessel. The 84th Regiment was on the transport
ship Newcastle Jane off the coast of Cape Race, Newfoundland. Onboard the ship was
20,000 pounds sterling and 3,000 sets of uniforms, much of which was for the 84th
Regiment. On October 23 at 4:00 am American privateer came within 30 yards of the
Newcastle Jane. The American had ten carriage guns and twelve swivel guns and the
Jane had only 6 three-pound carriage guns and a few swivels. The ships opened fire on
each other. After a 24-hour standoff, the 84th Regiment had outmaneuvered the
Americans, leaving them with many wounded and a damaged vessel. By the time the
battle was over, the Newcastle Jane only had two rounds of shot left.

Lachlan Macquarie

One of the crew in the Battle of the Newcastle Jane was a young recruit Lachlan
Macquarie, who eventually became known as "the Father of Australia." Macquarie
began his military career in 1776 at the age of fourteen when he sailed from Scotland
to the New World. The attackers were repulsed and, six months later, on 9 April 1777,
he obtained an ensigncy in the 84th Regiment. He did garrison duty, first in Nova Scotia,
and then in New York and Charleston.

He was commissioned a lieutenant in the 71st Regiment in January 1781. In 1784 he
returned to Scotland from his posting in Jamaica, and was reduced to half-pay.
Siege of Saint John (1777)

Machias, Maine was used as a base for privateering against Nova Scotia and as a
staging and supply point for American Patriot attacks on Fort Frederick, Saint John and
 Fort Cumberland. In 1776, privateers from Machias had burned Fort Frederick at Saint
John to the ground. In 1777, American forces briefly controlled Saint John. In response,
Major John Small personally led a force to drive out the Americans. When the 84th
Regiment landed at Saint John on June 30, 1777, the Americans retreated to the woods.
The 84th marched through the woods and were ambushed by the American. Twelve
Americans and one member of the regiment were killed. Weeks later, on July 13, 1777,
American privateers again attacked Saint John and were repulsed by the 84th. In August
1777, the Americans attacked yet again and were successful, carrying off 21 boatloads
of plunder. The 84th immediately began to replace the low-lying Fort Frederick with Fort
Howe, which overlooked the settlement. Fort Howe became instrumental in curtailing
privateer action and was used as an assembly point for attacks on the 13 Colonies.

Raid on Cape Sable Island, Nova Scotia

On September 4, 1778, the 84th Regiment, under the command of Ranald
MacKinnon, was in the Raid of Cape Sable Island. Privateers were threatening Cape
Sable Island when the 84th arrived; they surprised the ship in the night and
destroyed it. For his aggressive action, MacKinnon was praised highly by Brigadier
General Eyre Massey. In response, one of his friends, Captain MacDonald, wrote to
Major John Small, "McKinnon was embarrassed by the praise of the General and
requested it not be inserted in the record since he only did his duty."

Southern theatre

Upon leaving New York, the Second Battalion, 84th Regiment was engaged
in the Southern theatre of the American Revolutionary War. The Southern theater
was the central area of operations in the second half of the American Revolutionary
 War. During the first three years of the conflict, the primary military encounters
had been in the north, focused on campaigns around the cities of Boston, New York,
and Philadelphia. Earlier in the war, the 2/84th Regiment was involved in trying to
take Charleston, South Carolina, in the Battle of Sullivan's Island.

On June 24, companies of the 2/84th Regiment from Boston and New York left their
ports to descend upon Fort Sullivan (later renamed Fort Moultrie), South Carolina.
Four days later the 84th Regiment from New York, on June 28, 1776, engaged in the
Battle of Fort Sullivan (see Fort Moultrie National Monument). The fleet bombarded
the fort and suffered excessive damage by return fire. The attack was a failure; 38
of the regiment died.

The 2/84th Regiment was involved in a skirmish at Wiboo Swamp, Savannah River,
Clarendon County, South Carolina (1781). 3 of the 84th Regiment were killed as
were about 18 American Patriots.

The 2/84th Regiment was then involved in protecting the Loyalist stronghold of
Augusta, Georgia. The first skirmish was at Wiggin's Hill, Savannah River, Georgia,
in April 1781. The Patriots surprised the regiment at Wiggin's Hill, but were twice
repulsed. The 84th then took prisoners, killed many of them and burned their homes.
Captain McKinnon tried to stop what he considered his own regiments "barbarity".

The 84th was also involved with trying to protect Fort Motte in the Siege of Fort Motte,
Georgia (1781). The 2/84th Regiment was forced to surrender on May 12 and were
taken prisoner.

Regimental Hierarchy


Commissioned Officers
Major - Maj
Captain - Capt
Lieutenant - Lt

Non-Commissioned Officers
Serjeant Major - SjtMaj
Colour Serjeant - CSjt
Serjeant - Sjt
Corporal - Cpl

Lance Corporal - LCpl
Grenadier - Gren
Regular - Rgl
Fusilier - Fus
Private - Pte
Recruit - Rec

Royal Highland Emmigrants
Muster Roll

1st Battalion

Commissioned Officers

General RussianFury
Major TheJollyCanadian
Captain Glenn
Lieutenant Hawkince


Serjeant Major FireBOY


Lance Corporal Crazy Texan
Lance Corporal Dragon of the West
Lance Corporal Ericson
Lance Corporal Headless
Lance Corporal iodine
Lance Corporal Source

Grenadier Achilles

Grenadier ghostrider7811
Grenadier Spooky
Grenadier Yoloswag

Regular Airsoft31
Regular ArgThePirate
Regular Bamboozler
Regular Colonel Sanders
Regular CombatleaderZ
Regular Curtis
Regular Dredd
Regular DrunkenSpartan
Regular Fartknocker
Regular Jingles
Regular Leselwin
Regular Lukasoh
Regular Novaking
Regular Primor
Regular Unicorn
Regular Zhang_He

Fusilier Aurum
Fusilier Cerberus
Fusilier Commissar
Fusilier Gammascreed
Fusilier God
Fusilier Gregor
Fusilier Gryfons
Fusilier iuff
Fusilier Juanshot Lenshanks
Fusilier KingRich
Fusilier Maskman
Fusilier Mattboi
Fusilier Mech
Fusilier Merit
Fusilier Metalero
Fusilier sHype

Fusilier Skinny
Fusilier Tired_Jake
Fusilier Uhtred
Fusilier WiFiBills

Private Ahmed
Private Anyelo
Private Beef
Private Boston
Private Crunch
Private Dust
Private Fittens
Private Galvik
Private Guderian
Private Ecual
Private Jamie
Private Jerome
Private Kazoo
Private Kabraxis
Private Lasagna
Private Legend
Private Lemon
Private Lonedoge
Private Lucas_DB
Private Mason
Private Mauri
Private Mehstery
Private Mitchell
Private Nikilios
Private Plebjack
Private Pyke
Private Ralakesh
Private Rever
Private Samsnake
Private shotwaffel
Private Simon
Private SonGoku
Private Spaezitzle
Private Sticky
Private TrooperPilot
Private Whalefish
Private Wolf

Recruit Alf
Recruit Anna
Recruit Arty
Recruit Bean
Recruit Blu
Recruit Bram
Recruit Comandosim47
Recruit Deffo
Recruit Edward Hay
Recruit Fauno
Recruit Fenton
Recruit Floris
Recruit Goomba
Recruit Guthrum
Recruit Ilypa
Recruit Jakob
Recruit Johnnyboi
Recruit Krembit
Recruit LuckyFella
Recruit Meetmehalfway
Recruit MSwarlord
Recruit Moxee
Recruit Nero
Recruit Nightwing
Recruit Nora
Recruit Papi
Recruit Piktonss
Recruit Pinoy
Recruit Predurrdurr
Recruit Saa
Recruit Saitama
Recruit SamSkey
Recruit Shadowlake
Recruit Sharp
Recruit Sid
Recruit Spitfire
Recruit Strawhead
Recruit SubTRfugE
Recruit Tomppa
Recruit timber
Recruit Vertil~
Recruit Yoshie
Recruit Yovko
Recruit YoungOmar

Musician North
Musician Peep

Reserve Phil
Reserve Spade
Reserve Wastee
Reserve Winters

Dan the Chef

BDK Cake

Commissioned: 4
Non-Commissioned: 1
Enlisted: 142

Thread Artwork and Structure Credits: Skaenn
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Re: 84th Regiment of Foot (Royal Highland Emigrants) NA [2 years on 6-6-22]
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Evento 11/18/23! Great attendance, shoutout to Rule for getting Player of the Week!

WiFi Bills pulling up (screenshot via Rule)

The Lights in action (screenshot via Rule)

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Re: 84th Regiment of Foot (Royal Highland Emigrants) NA [2 years on 6-6-22]
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really letting wifibilliam become a sjt?

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Re: 84th Regiment of Foot (Royal Highland Emigrants) NA [2 years on 6-6-22]
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really letting wifibilliam become a sjt?

wait till you see who our Corporal is
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Re: 84th Regiment of Foot (Royal Highland Emigrants) NA [2 years on 6-6-22]
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(Click on the titles to read the desired subject)


His most Britannic Majesty's 45th Regiment of foot was raised on the 26th March 2016 by Vegetarian.
It is a semi-serious competitive regiment that is English speaking and accepts all nationalities, Recruits
have to attend one Line-battle and one training before becoming an official member of the regiment,
so that you show you are dedicated enough to be active. The history of this regiment is as twisted and
long as an olive branch with our first Colonel Vegetarian forming the regiment in 2016. The regiment
changed hands multiple times until in 2017, Nova seized control of the regiment including both
companies with the help of notable officers and NCOs, namely Flibbit, Maskman and Flasheart in a
blood coup resulting in the disbandment of the Light Infantry. With the formation and dissolution of
several companies such as cavalry and artillery, a successful merge with Mitchell's 10th in 2020 has
guaranteed the 45th Nottinghamshire a place in the top five largest and best casual competitive
regiments within the NW scene. Ever since, for three years straight the regiment has stayed a steady
course towards great internal glory slowly becoming the power house it is today, a regiment with three
separate companies hosting daily events being able to field a total 50-60 players at any given point.

        The 45th Nottinghamshire is lead by Colonel Nova and boasts three detachments each with their own
events which Nova oversees and leads. The 45th Nottinghamshire is well-rooted both in the casual and
competitive scenes with the regiment hosting its own successful Thursday event as well as preforming
very well in many regimental tournaments and leagues such as RGL, GLBT, RMT and Kincaids 2v2. The
Regiment can be broken up into three separate detachments, The Centre Company is lead by Major
Maskman and Lieutenant Mitchell. The Lights company is lead by Lieutenant Jack and finally the
Grenadier company (Grens) lead by Ensign Jerome. For tournament and group fight matches only the
very best from each company will be selected for attendance, the Grenadiers making up the backbone
of the roster for competitive events.The regiment boasts an experienced cadre of NCOs who are
invaluable in keeping good order in the line, such as Company Sergeant Major Valley and Lefty (Grens
and Lights), Colour Serjeant Floris and Natty (Grens and Line), as well as many other junior NCOs
often leading their respective companies on the ground whilst the officers and Battalion staff, tend to
the regiment's administrative work. Special thanks to Flasheart, the most loved uncle of the regiment!


Our Goals in Napoleonic Wars

The 45thN will mainly focus on participating in weekly-based line battles and sieges. The Regiment
will mainly focus on improving their shooting and melee to compete in future 1v1s and 2v2s against
other regiments. The 45thN is a very competitive regiment. We came 2nd in the 2nd division of GLBT.
We do very often groupfighting events as well as tournaments. Trainings will also be organized
throughout the week to get our members to their peak performance in the game. On the other hand,
we will be jumping onto public servers to have a laugh and to enjoy ourselves, We want to accomplish
in Napoleonic Wars to become a fun mature regiment to keep the entertainment at its highest peak!
If you are interested in joining this regiment, please add one of our officers on Steam.

Recruit Guidebook

The individuals of the regiment are constantly cheerful when a new member joins in. We will willingly
welcome all those who show interest by joining the regiment. Once joined the regiment, Recruits are
expected to show great dedication and motivation towards the regiment as well as improving their
melee and shooting in-game. If you are active within 2 weeks, you will be promoted to Private and
from there, you will slowly but surely progress through the ranks whilst showing melee skills and
discipline. If you, however, encounter a problem within the regiment or your not to sure about
something, then do please contact one of the Commanding Officers or a Non-Commissioned Officer
as they will always be available at your disposal and would really want to help.


Early History

The history of The Sherwood Foresters goes back to 1741, when England was committed to War
against France in Europe and later in Asia and America. In this year a new Regiment was raised and
commanded by a Colonel Houghton. By 1745 the Regiment was in Gibraltar and under the command
of a Colonel Warburton, while two years later it was serving in Nova Scotia. In 1751 numerical titles
were introduced and the Regiment became the 45th. The aggressive actions of the French against
the English in Canada resulted in the 45th being called out on active service. It was one of the
regiments that won undying fame in storming and capturing from the French the Naval Arsenal of
Louisburg, a stronghold that had been heavily and extensively fortified.

The 45th Regiment served for twenty years in Canada, and for its gallantry at Louisburg was later
awarded the first of the long roll of battle honours that now adorn the Colours. Although not present
as a unit, the 45th was represented by its grenadier company in the British force that the gallant
Wolfe led up the St. Lawrence River to capture Quebec and thus seal the doom of French rule in

The Regiment Returns Home

On returning home the Regiment served for some years in Ireland and when the American War Of
Independence broke out, was among the reinforcements sent to New York in 1776. It fought at Long
Island, Philadelphia, Brandywine, Germantown, and in other places, suffering losses but always
exhibiting a high degree of courage and fortitude. After the War, the 45th reduced to less than 100
all ranks, returned home to Nottingham. The citizens of Nottingham requested that the Regiment
should be called "The Nottinghamshire Regiment" and His Majesty agreed, providing 300 men were
recruited in the county.

With volunteers from the Nottinghamshire Militia and the influence of local landowners, the
stipulated number was soon obtained. Between 1786-1794 and 1795-1802, the 45th was in the
West Indies almost constantly engaged in fighting the French for possession of those islands -
Martinique, Dominica and Les Saints being captured. Unfortunately yellow fever took a far heavier
toll of the Regiment than did the enemy. After a brief period at home the 45th was soon on active
service again.

The Regiment was despatched to South America in 1807, where it took part in
the attack on Buenos Aires, when every man of the small British force had to fight for his life in the
street fighting that followed the capture of the town. After this action the Regiment embarked for
The Peninsular War

The following year the 45th Regiment became part of the Peninsular Army, under Sir Arthur
Wellesley, the future Duke of Wellington. The 45th was present at the opening battle, at Rolica in
1808, and served without a break in all Wellington's famous battles until the siege of Toulouse in
1814, winning no less than thirteen battle honours. The nickname, "The Old Stubborns", was
bestowed on the regiment for its conspicuous bravery at the battle of Talavera. In that battle the
French flung themselves in dense masses upon the advanced posts of the British Army, which were
held by the 45th, who opposed the enemy with such firmness and courage that the enemy troops
were first checked and then brought to a standstill. Retiring slowly, the 45th held up the enemy
attack so completely that the entire sting was taken out of it, and the British were able to win a
great victory. Wellington, describing the battle in his official report said: "Upon this occasion the
steadiness and discipline of the 45th Regiment were conspicuous".

In the Battle of Busaco, the 45th Regiment again distinguished itself leading the attack on a dense
column of the enemy troops, which had reached the crest of the hill. The attack, made with the
bayonet, was so fierce that the enemy was driven pell-mell down the slopes, leaving some
hundreds on the ground killed and wounded. "1 can assure you 1 never witnessed a more gallant
charge", wrote Wellington in his despatches. In the siege of Badajoz, a detachment of the 45th
succeeded in getting into the Castle first and the red coat of an officer of the 45th was hoisted in
place of the French flag to indicate the fall of the Castle. This feat is commemorated on the 6th
April each year when red jackets are flown on Regimental flag staffs and at Nottingham Castle.

Change in Title

The secondary title 'The Sherwood Foresters' was granted to the 45th in 1866 by Queen Victoria;
the Nottinghamshire Militia having previously been granted the title of "The Royal Sherwood
Foresters" in 1813.

In 1867, the 45th formed part of the British force that, under General Sir Robert Napier
(afterwards Lord Napier of Magdala), fought in the Abyssinian campaign. This was one of the
most remarkable exploits in the history of the British Army. Magdala, the capital, was a
fortified city perched on the summit of a huge rock with almost perpendicular sides, and
approachable on one side only. It was situated four hundred road less miles from the coast in
the midst of a great range of mountains, over which the troops had to climb, and in some
places had to haul their guns and limbers up by ropes. The 45th marched 300 miles in 24
days and actually covered 70 miles in 4 days over a mountain pass 10,000 feet high to be
present at the capture of Magdala.



🥇 RGL S9 🥇
🥇 NW 2v2 Season II 🥇
🥈2nd Place in NWBC S5 2022  🥈
🥈2nd Place in Division B of GLBT 🥈
🥈2nd Place in MDGL 2021 🥈
🥉3rd Place in NWBC S4 2020 🥉
🥉3rd Place in RGT S11 2022 🥉
🥉3rd Place in MRGL S1 2020🥉
🥉3rd Place in EIC S4 2021🥉
🥉3rd Place in EIC S5 2022🥉



Colonel Maskman
Major Mitchell


Commissioned Officers
Captain HMitchell
Lieutnenat Wolf115
Ensign Pumti

Non-Commissioned Officers
Colour Serjeant Watson
Corporal Vladdleco
Corporal DarkBG
Corporal JammyD0dger
Lance Corporal Bissenbacker
Lance Corporal Ody
Acting Lance Corporal Ben

Field Surgeon Berba
Field Surgeon Polka

KingsGuard Andy
KingsGuard Cookiez
KingsGuard Edward Hay
KingsGuard Fwuffy
KingsGuard Gringo
KingsGuard Greaves
KingsGuard Glenn
Kingsman haschtrollet
KingsGuard Lil'Sebastian
KingsGuard Headless
KingsGuard Iuff
KingsGuard Kabraxis
KingsGuard Kubus
KingsGuard Luca
KingsGuard Poberta
KingsGuard Jake
KingsGuard Ralof
KingsGuard Saitama
KingsGuard Shadow
KingsGuard Soli
KingsGuard YouKnowWho
KingsGuard Zeus
KingsGuard Ziggecigar

Kingsman Akiira
Kingsman Bagetak
Kingsman Bob
Kingsman Darki
Kingsman Dylan Monk
Kingsman Fireboy
Kingsman Garch
Kingsman Griggs
Kingsman Houdini
Kingsman Rundeen
Kingsman Shotwatffel
Kingsman JaimeYES
Kingsman MerKat Peritz
Kingsman Veto

Guardsman Anheuern
Guardsman Biggie
Guardsman C1oud
Guardsman Colonel Sanders
Guarsdman Dom
Guardsman Edward Teach
Guardsman Hellstaff
Guardsman Horde
Guardsman Commissar Jingles
Guardsman Krabby
Guardsman Lord Orange
Guardsman Mac
Guardsman Melbury
Guardsman Mr.Anderson
Guardsman Norseman
Guardsman Pancake
Guardsman Platinum
Guardsman Peyton
Guardsman Phil
Guardsman Romanski
Guardsman Stormki
Guardsman Wilma
Guardsman Zenepl

Veteran Anton Shooman
Veteran Barry
Veteran Bosvark
Veteran Billy White
Veteran Calgon
Veteran Dayman
Veteran Didelyn
Veteran Emre1ez
Veteran Gustav
Veteran Governor
Veteran Jenkzzzz
Veteran Jurre
Veteran HMitchell
Veteran Killme.exe
Veteran KingRich
Veteran Mano
Veteran Mattboi
Veteran Mechanic007
Veteran Nao
Veteran Source
Veteran Soulja Boy
Veteran Sparky
Veteran SiegeMaster 
Veteran Sista_Rodrigo
Veteran SwissG
Veteran Totenflak
Veteran Thomas
Veteran TobbenTheLi
Veteran Warden
Veteran ZhenGe

Regular British Panda
Regular Burgent
Regular Cashew
  Regular Cenker
Regular Curtis
Regular Dio
Regular Djukin§
Regular Fred2
Regular Hangman
Regular Henri
Regular Hellbrud
Regular Ideed
Regular JollyCanadian
Regular Maxonvien
Regular Parmiskca
Regular KiteTheBird
Regular S0loguitar
Regular SugarTits
Regular Stacc
Regular Stefan0350
Regular Silvertitan44
Regular Robb
Regular TiredJake
Regular Xattos
Regular Vixca

Private Bobandy
Private Butt Sparkles
Private Cairdac
Private Dia
Private DankMemes
Private D0ctor
Private DrPepper
Priavte Emil
Private Ellia
Private fleischmann
Private Hauptmann
Private Idestroke
Private Lacey Boi
Private Legend
Private Mercian
Private Modesto
Private Odlaw
Private StarBuck
Private Stefan
Private SirVictorian
Private SlutBag
Private Sojobo
Private Tost
Private Teemo
Private WelshGuy
Private Winchester

Recruit B0boman
Recruit Bohy
Recruit Blake
Recruit Bucx
Recruit Brainbow
Recruit Brown
Recruit Chicken
Recruit Cereberus
Recruit Cubash
Recruit dominator2367
Recruit Doki
Recruit Ironclad
Recruit John
Recruit JingeKing
Recruit Kaiser
Recruit MaskSlayer
Recruit Mediry
Recruit Motion
Recruit Osas
Recruit Phailur
Recruit Philip
Recruit PinkEye
Recruit Jan Moody
Recruit Saturn
Recruit Simo
Recruit Shuffles
Recruit Spartan
Recruit Stark
Recruit Zeiron


Commissioned Officers
Captain Jack Hanselmitch

Non-Commissioned Officers
Colour Serjeant Maggoty Bread
Corporal Inferno
Lance Corporal Lord Aperion

Chosenman BonkyMonkey
Chosenman Lefty
Chosenman DragonKnight
Chosenman Maverick
Chosenman Prom
Chosenman Raf
Chosenman Ryuko
Chosenman Jacster
Chosenman Hysteria

Marksman Mr Canadian

Ranger Harry Viez
Ranger TomSnow
Ranger Petrovick
Ranger Flasheart

Guardsman BulSovMan
Guardsman S0loguitar

Veteran Ajax
Veteran David Beckonsfield
Veteran Cookiez
Veteran Fennidian Dragon
Veteran Koalamund
Veteran KingJeb
Veteran Maximu5
Veteran NikoBagrationi
Veteran R_V_S
Veteran Sergeant44

Regular Andbre
Regular Flexi
Regular Grimmy
Regular Gurki
Regular Theodred
Regular Zigny

Private Felix
Private F1nn28
Private Klein (rik)
Private NickyJ
Private Swaggles
Recruit Mirko
Recruit Rumenii
Recruit Wasahii

Commissioned Officers
Colonel Maskman

Lieutenant Smallest

Ensign Achilles

Non-Commissioned Officers

Company Serjeant Major sHype
Serjeant Jakob
Serjeant Fenton
Corporal Ilypa
Corporal Troister
Lance Corporal Flo


Head Grenadier Narrow
Surgeon Janne

Veteran Grenadier Floris
Veteran Grenadier Jerome
Veteran Grenadier Mr_T
Veteran Grenadier Nedim
Veteran Grenadier Snikk

Grenadier Albert
Grenadier Marquez
Grenadier Jacko
Grenadier Ryan
Grenadier Teddy
Grenadier Timlef
Grenadier Yovko
Grenadier 19boboy97

Guardsman KamataHan
Guardsman Kong
Guardsman JonnyBoy
Guardsman Winter

Veteran Aras
Veteran Alucard
Veteran Shadow

Regular Browarx
Regular Crusher
Regular Higen
Regular Kennedy
Regular Louis
Regular Vemon

Private Alatriste
Recruit Axiom
Private bunter igel
Private Dren
Private Shneider
Private Ruler

Recruit AralZ
Recruit Blacktham



Commissioned Officers
Captain Pepsiwonder

Non-Commissioned Officers

Company Sergeant Major Saphyro


Veteran Trooper Beeatyrr
Veteran Trooper Arachon
Veteran Trooper Olof

Trooper Anta
Trooper ClassyBoomer
Trooper Gotfri
Trooper John
Trooper LifeDream
Trooper MERMAN
Trooper Minatoor
Trooper Ser Perry
Trooper SMONKA
Trooper Ternoer

Recruit Aureliano
Recruit Carlos
Recruit Esteban
Recruit Feodoras
Recruit Flibbit
Recruit Goodfellows
Recruit Leo
Recruit Mvh22
Recruit Pedro
Recruit Preacher
Recruit Kudonides
Recruit Kreative
Recruit Reznov
Recruit SkyUser
Recruit Simon
Recruit Theodore Crazi
Recruit Yanai
Recruit Zafkiel

Commissioned Officers

Non-Commissioned Officers
Serjeant GlennofNW
Serjeant StickyToffeePudding


Veteran Gunner Soulja Boy
Bomber Poberta
Bombadier MsEricson
Mommy Bomber Iuff

Total Count of the Regiment

Commissioned Officers: 6
NCO's: 17
Enlisted: 309
Total Active Strength: 331