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No New Posts Autumn Tournament Series

Autumn Tournament Series Official Board

Moderators: Fietta, Gibby Jr, Giorno, HiReaper, Blitzkrieg.

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No New Posts Napoleonic Wars World Cup

Napoleonic Wars World Cup is a tournament bringing all nationalities from across the globe, all into one tournament to determine who is the most advanced Nation in Groupfighting. Each nation will form a team, worthy of only the best players in its nation, under two captains of equal authority. These nations will then battle it out, to come to the conclusion of who is most deserved of the title of "Groupfighting World Champions".

Moderators: Herishey, Kore, MarxeiL, Wursti, Moi~, Tw1sT[eR], maskmanmarks

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No New Posts Napoleonic Wars Infantry League

A special board for the 'Napoleonic Wars Infantry League' Event.

Moderators: dams14, MaxenceIV, Napoleonswar

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No New Posts NBL | Napoleonic Battle League

International Event of the best coalitions in the world. Who will wear the crown next season?

Moderators: dams14, Adelon, Syrcrim, NBL | Staff

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No New Posts Cavalry Fantasy League

The cavalry fantasy league is for everyone to join, be it new or veteran players. We want to set an competitive enviroment and reasons to play for, but also the chance to play in new and different teams.

Moderators: lindblom, Lightning., tomascadarn, DeLaBedoyère, Shadey, Twinkiee

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No New Posts European Groupfighting Ladder

The European Groupfighting Ladder board for Groupfighting Teams in Europe.

Moderators: DarkTemplar, maskmanmarks, Smylie

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No New Posts Hussars Cup

The Hussars Cup Season 2 will be an invitational, fast-paced tournament, lasting for no more than five weeks, with the best regiments from the hussar community coming together for what promises to be an absolute brawl.

Moderators: Tardet, Erik le Rouge, lindblom, Lightning.

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No New Posts Cavalry Napoleonic Wars League

Moderator: Erik le Rouge

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No New Posts Cavalry League

Competitive Calvary League board for cavalry groups in Europe.

Moderators: Erik le Rouge, lindblom, Shadey, TxM

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on December 07, 2020, 09:39:33 am

No New Posts Duel League Series

A series of duel leagues where players can be promoted or relegated from a division depending on their performances that season.

Moderators: MarxeiL, R1bazZz

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No New Posts Napoleonic Wars Champions League

The Napoleonic Wars Champions League is a League based competition involving 16 Napoleonic Wars Regiments. Starting off there are 4 groups. Group A, Group B and Group C & D. In each group there are 4 Regiments. The top 2 winners from groups A, B and C proceed into a quarter final match up! The 2 winners of the quarter finals will then face off against one another in a "Grand Final!". The competition was hosted in the past to provide a highly competitive and fun event for the regiments of NW. It follows the standard rules for competitive 1v1s. The groups are seeded via a live Youtube broadcast. The winning regiment only plays 6 games, and half of the regiments get knocked out after three games. Making it ideal for regiments to commit a few weeks to this great competition.

Moderators: sirkaide, Krytenn

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No New Posts Napoleonic Wars League

A special board for the 'Napoleonic Wars League' Event

Moderators: DasBrot, Herishey, Wüstenfuchs

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on August 16, 2021, 06:58:26 am

No New Posts The Groupfighting Ladder

The Groupfighting Ladder's purpose is to sit as a permanent GF ranking system for NW, specifically 10v10. Instead of having to wait for the next tournament (RFL, NWL, EIC) you can see the current strongest reg, and challenge each other for position.

Moderator: Spoons

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No New Posts Cavalry Champions League

The CCL is based on a home-away system, where cavalry regiments fight each other twice during several weeks of competitions in order to reach the first spot, synonym of victory. Most of the regiments participating are considered pillars of the cavalry community.

Moderators: Tardet, Shadey, StephanGH, CCL Official

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No New Posts Six Nations Championship

The Six Nations Tournament wants to revive the community by bringing freshness, new rules, and new players to a cavalry tournament.

Moderators: lindblom, DragonKing, Dusbled

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No New Posts European Lights Cup

European Light Infantry Cup Official Board

Moderators: Blitzkrieg, Lefty, Skittykiller, Scottish Unicorn

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on February 20, 2022, 09:28:47 pm

No New Posts The Warband Crossover-Cup

The event is going to be a cross-module tournament with a prize pool of over €1000. The goal is to create some sort of unity between the two communities, even if it only lasts for the duration of the tournament, and to give high quality players from each module the opportunity to explore what else is out there. We've put together a fairly large admin team with respected members of each community so that both communities can be fairly supported.

Moderators: Gibby Jr, Cow-, Charlini, Shadey, bullez

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