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My 28mm Diorama of the attack of La Haye Sainte Waterloo

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Thought this might  get seen better posted here  - I am  constructing  in plastic figure format, the Battle for La Haye Sainte  during Waterloo, the idea behind it is to  represent  most of the farm complex  and  area in front,  and to include  the  French 54th/55th  Ligne  Regimsnts, also the 1st Regiment of Cuirassiers  attacking, with  the Two units of KGL  (light  and  line)   and some of the 95th.
I am strting with the figures first  (mainly from a make called Perry)   as I will have to add the farm later.

Hope all will find my work of interest.

Realy cool dude   :D



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Thank you. :)


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Thank you kindly   - have more.


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