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The 55th New York Infantry Regiment was a Volunteer Unit formed in New York (Staten Island), in 1861, in support of The Union War effort during The American Civil War. The unit was unique in that all of it's recruits were French immigrants. The Regiment formed 8 Companies of roughly 700 Officers and Men. It was raised by the French Duke Régis de Trobriand in 1861 in the state of New York. He participated in: Yorktown Siege, Battle of Williamsburg, Battle of Seven Pines and the Battle of Malvern Hill as well as the Battle of Fredericksburg
 "He wore the pants, madder and the red kepi, distinctive signs. [...]
When in April the President issued his first appeal for 75,000 men, no one in New York doubted that the 55th was among the first to respond. We went to fight; how could a French regiment not be there?"
(Excerpt from chapter IV "Four years of campaign in the Army of the Potomac" - Régis de Trobriand)

The Regiment was used to Garrison many of the Fortifications built around The District of Columbia (Washington). They saw Combat in The Peninsular Campaign of 1862, to include The Battles of Seven Pines (Virginia), The Siege of Yorktown (Virginia) and the epic Artillery engagement at Malvern Hill (Virginia). The last major battle fought by The 55th Infantry was at Fredericksburg (Virginia).

Sent back to Garrison duties at Washington, The Regiment was eventually merged with other New York Units due to casualties to form (3) Companies of The 38th New York Infantry (thus losing it's Unit identifier).

The 55th (although French), did not follow the traditional and popular Zouave pattern of Uniforms. They did adopt the color scheme, Light Blue Frocks (Coats). Kepi's were Red in color. While they carried The National Colors (Stars and Stripes), their Regimental Colors were copied from The French First Republic Flags used by former French Dictator, Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. The Colors were The French Tricolor of Blue, Red and White. Centered on The White Stripe, was The Regimental Number Identifier '”55'' in Red (surrounded by a Green Laurel Wreath). On The Blue Stripe was featured “NY” for The State of New York. The Red Stripe bore the letters ''SM'' for State Militia. Both Blue and Red Stripes also shared the phrase'' Lafayette Guard'' in reference to French American Revolutionary War Hero, The Marquis d' Lafayette.

What We're About
Hello, 55th New York is a Francophone and English-speaking unit. Created February 2022, it brings together French speakers from all over the world. What you can discover by joining us!
• During the various drill camps, training maneuvers, discover the importance of cohesion and deepen your skills in shooting as well as in hand-to-hand combat!
• During Events, you will have the chance to practice your skills but also to have fun as a group, all together to repel the rebels!

Rank Structure

 Colonel - Col
 Lieutenant Colonel - LtCol
 Major - Maj
 Captain - Cpt
 1st Lieutenant - 1stLt
                                                                                                                                                                                       2nd Lieutenant - 2ndLt                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
 Sergeant Major - SgtMaj
 (Battalion) Quartermaster - QMS
 First Sergeant - 1stSgt
 (Company) Quartermaster - QMS
          Sergeant - Sgt             
 Corporal - Cpl
 Lance Corporal - LCpl
 Regular - Rgl
 Veteran Private - VetPvt
 Private - Pvt
 Recruit - Rec
 Volunteer - Vol

55th New York Organization

Colonel (Col)
Leader of the Regiment, only 1 appointed per regiment.

 Lieutenant Colonel (LtCol)
Leader of a battalion, 2nd in command of the regiment, 1 is appointed per

 Major (Maj)
Staff rank, looks after all company leadership and makes sure all the needs
of every company, and the battalion are met. If needed, will consume control
of the regiment in the absense of both the Colonel and Lieutenant Colonel.

 Captain (Cpt)
Company commander. Should the regiment have multiple companies, the
highest rank within each company will be Captain. All problems within the
company are reported to the captain. And he brings them up to other staff.

 First Lieutenant (1stLt)
Executive Officer of the company, assists the Captain with the duties of
operating a company.

 Second Lieutenant (2ndLt)
Platoon leaders. Looks after 10-20 guys, and brings their needs up to
their Company CO, or XO.

Sergeant Major (SgtMaj)
The commander of all NCO's in the entire regiment. Will hold NCO meetings once every 2weeks to determine
how to make the regiments core stronger. The Sergeant Major's priority is increasing the skill of the regiment
and keeping the regiment on a good page in the community. The Sergeant Majoris normally one of the first
people the Colonel will call upon for aid, and is his right hand man.

 Battalion Quartermaster Sergeant (QMS)
The Battalion Quartermaster will be responsible for keeping track of the companies movements, and the
company level Quarter-Master Sergeants will report all of their logistical reports to the battalion Quarter-Master

 First Sergeant (1stSgt)
One of the best and most experienced in the company at that specific job- i.e Artillery, Skirms, Guards, Cav.
Will serve as the right-hand man to the Captain, and will help them train up the company and make sure all of
the paperwork is done properally by the Quarter-Master Sergeant before it is reported to the batallion.

 Sergeant (Sgt)
A NCO responsible for the upkeep of the core of the regiment. A junior NCO who will oversee the trainings and
development of our rankers. Is entrusted with the leadership of a platoon.

Corporal (Cpl)
 Most senior enlisted soldier. Entrusted with assisting the Sergeant with
 running a section..

 Lance Corporal (LCpl)
Senior enlisted soldiers who're in
training to becoming Corporals.

 Regular (Rgl)
Senior enlisted who has shown promise
and is raised above the normal ranker.
Expected to have skill and dicipline.

 Veteran Private (VetPvt)
An enlisted member who has shown
skill and improvement within the
regiment, above the skill that of a
regular private.

 Private (Pvt)
Basic rank within the 16h Maine.
 Appointed after 2 weeks within the

 Recruit (Rec)
New members to the regiment who
have comepleted their Basic Combat

 Volunteer (Vol)
New members to the regiment.

How To Join
1. Join the Discord:https:
2. Fill out the Enlistment Application
3. Enjoy your time in the regiment
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Re: 55th New York Volunteer Infantry Gardes de Lafayette" - [NA/FR]
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Go Huck! Good luck!

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Re: 55th New York Volunteer Infantry Gardes de Lafayette" - [NA/FR]
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Best of luck.