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Other Games / Other Civil War Games
« on: November 11, 2012, 03:30:18 pm »
Since "The Battle Cry of Freedom" is about the american civil war, I would like to discuss and talk about other civil war games on the internet.
I'm working on different civil war games since 2008, so I will start with some of my own work :D

The Blue and the Grey (For Empire Total War)



North and South (For Napoleon Total War)



North and South - Gettysburg special (Mini Series)

Episode 2:

North & South: First Manassas (For Napoleonic Wars DLC)



Other awesome games!

Scourge of war: Gettysburg


Ageods - The American Civil War


Historical Discussion / Re: Favourite American Civil War Regiment?
« on: November 11, 2012, 03:22:00 pm »
I'm always a fan of the 6th Wisconsin Infantry. I like the style of their western uniforms!

News & Announcements / Re: Battle Cry of Freedom Announced!
« on: November 11, 2012, 02:44:16 pm »
Really excited. I sincerily hope it won't be as much pistolwhipping there is in some of the Warband mods. Good luck!

Lol.. that wasnt that nice, Svensson! ;)
And I think, the battle cry of freedom wont have perfect balance in its first alpha..  ::)

General Discussion / Re: Which role will you play?
« on: November 11, 2012, 02:39:14 pm »
Confederate officer!!!  8)

North & South: First Manassas / Support us at moddb!
« on: November 11, 2012, 01:23:55 am »
I would like to introduce our own moddb page. If you want to support our mod, feel free to visit the webpage to get more clicks on it.
More clicks, more player to fight with! :D

Moddb link

Community / Re: Introduce Yourself!
« on: November 11, 2012, 01:21:48 am »
Hello, I'm Hinkel, developer of the modification North & South for NW. I'm a fan of the american civil war since 23 years now, so can't wait to the FSE's first standalone game in action!!!  :) :)

Welcome to the other guys :D

- reserved -

New units of 0.4 update

- reserved -

North & South: First Manassas / Re: North&South Features/FAQ/Changelog's
« on: November 11, 2012, 01:10:45 am »
- reserved -

North & South: First Manassas / Download Links (new update - 0.5)!
« on: November 11, 2012, 01:07:39 am »

Here are the Download Link's for the current Version 0.5


1) Download the setup file here:

2) run the setup file!

3) Choose your correct Mount&Blade Warband/Module folder. The correct install path would be [...]Mount&Blade Warband/Module/North and South

4) Enjoy the mod!

Known Bugs:

You want to support the mod or just want to say thank you? Feel free to make a donation!


Here we will show the current goals for the next patch and the near / far future

This will get updated from time to time, so stay tuned and follow the thread.

The current goals for version 0.4 (next update):

New Units:


Confederate Volunteer Regiment
7th Georgia Volunteer Infantry
4th South Carolina Volunteer Infantry
Palmetto Riflemen


Union Volunteer Regiment
2nd Wisconsin Infantry
2nd Rhode Island Volunteer Infantry
11th New York "Fire Zouaves" Infantry
1st U.S. Marine Corps

Other Stuff:

New Updater included (Look at posting number 4)
New voice replacements for many sounds (No more german voices for the union)
Some new music tracks
New map props: Civil War styled Fences, corn plants, new civil war houses/farms and more
Some new maps
Lieutenant General unit added for the Confederate High Command class
Some new uniforms for the High Command Staff
New regimental flags for various units
Officers spawn with a horse now. If you don't need it, feel free to dismount at start!


Slightly nerfed revolver
Double Barrel Shotguns accuracy lowered
Increased the speed of artillery train
Increased building points for officer tent

What we have in mind for 0.5:


What you can expect in the far future:



First Ingame Trailer [Alpha 0.2 footage]

New Trailer made by Diplex [Open Alpha 0.3 footage]

Unit models


69th New York Infantry

1st US Cavalry

Confederate artillery [12lb Napoleon]

14th Brooklyn

Ingame screenshots

The union army

4th Alabama in action

Union infantry

Fort Sumter

General Stonewall Jackson

If you would like to support us with signatures, feel free to take them [in progress]

Union Signature by Mehh

Confederate Signature by Mehh

North & South: First Manassas / North&South Features/FAQ/Changelog's
« on: November 11, 2012, 12:08:19 am »

This mod will be set 50 years after the Napoleonic Wars. The united states are divided in two factions!

The Union and the Confederate States of America. Both sides fight in the biggest war on the american continent: The American Civil War 1861-1865

The first version of this modification will feature the Battle of Manassas, which was the first big battle of the Civil War.
On July 21st, 1861 both armies clashed near Manassas junction and the river bull run. It should be the first and last battle of the war

I would like to thank the secession team and its contributors for their cooperation, naming here Azrooh, Austro and Rigadoon for some of their fancy civil war stuff and support.
Beside that, credits go to berserkergang and Kopcap! Special credit goes to total war modder Primergy and his "North and South" mod for NTW.
A great cheer to the Second Carolina String Band and California State Fife and Drum Corps for their music contribution to turn the game into a deeper civil war atmosphere.


• Fight as one of the two combatants - the Union or the Confederacy!
• Many differences between factions while remaining balanced!


• At the battle of Manassas, uniforms in the army weren't regular at all. Confederates troops in blue, New York regiments in grey. It was a very colorfull and mixed battle!
• A large amount of high-quality, historically accurate uniforms for each side!
• Many uniforms of famous regiments and brigades! Fight with the maltese cross of the 20th Maine on your kepi, in the uniform of the iron brigade, and many more!


• A large amount of high-quality, historically accurate uniforms for each side!
• A large variety of in-game banners for each side!


• A wide array of historically accurate weapons!
• Fight with smoothbore muskets, rifled muskets, shotguns, breechloaders, revolvers, and repeating rifles!
• There's a good variety of swords to use as well!


• Firearms with realistic accuracy and damage!


Confederate States of America


4th Alabama Infantry
33rd Virginia Vol. Infantry
11th Mississippi Vol. Infantry
1st Louisiana Infantry
7th Georgia Infantry
4th South Carolina Infantry


1st Virginia Vol. Cavalry


C.S. Engineer
C.S. Marine
Artillery Crew
High Command Staff

United States of America


2nd Maine Vol. Infantry
69th New York Infantry
79th New York "Cameron Highlanders" Infantry
1st Minnesota Vol. Infantry
14th Brooklyn
2nd Rhode Island Infantry


1st U.S. Cavalry


U.S. Engineer
U.S. Marine
Artillery Crew
High Command Staff

North&South Team:

North&South Community Supervisor:
Colonel Lance

Mod Supporter:
Penis Colada
Von Afton
The FSE Team
Or just watch ingame the Credits ^^

- Delete all NW Units and Uniforms
- Add the 79th New York Infantry (Cameron Highlanders) for the Union
- Add the High Command Staff(Which includes the Private, a Bodyguard for the Generals, Staff Sergeant which the Army Flag, on both sides the Brigade General and on Union side the Major General, Confederate side the Lieutenant General)
- The Pipe for the Highlander works now
- The Bugles for the Colour Sergeants works now
- Add the Double Barrel Shotgun for the HCS Private
- Add for the Engineers the Officer Tent
- Add now the Howitzer
-Add the 7th Georgia
-Add the 4th South Carolina
-Add the 11th New York
-Add the 2nd Wisconsin
-Add the 1st Rhode Island
-Add the 1stMarines
-Add the Confederate Music Corps and the Union Music Corps
-Remove all Musicans from the Regiments and move the uniforms from them to the Music Corps
-Add Union and Confederate Volunteer Regiments
-Add new Scene Objects
-Add new Maps
-Edit some Textures
-New Sounds for Fifer and Drummer
-Add some secret things which will be showed here after the release ;)

Other Stuff:
-New Updater included (Look at page 2)
-New voice replacements for many sounds (No more german voices for the union)
-Lieutenant General unit added for the Confederate High Command class
-Some new uniforms for the High Command Staff
-New regimental flags for various units
-Officers spawn with a horse now. If you don't need it, feel free to dismount at start!

-Slightly nerfed revolver
-Double Barrel Shotguns accuracy lowered
-Increased the speed of artillery train
-Icreased building points for officer tent



If you have problems with your NW key (NW is not installed), please do the following:

- Right click on Mount & Blade: Warband on steam and select view CD key.
Copy the Napoleonic Wars serial code or keep it open.

- Click Start > Run
- Enter regedit, right click to open with administrative rights
- A new window will open, browse to HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > MountAndBladeWarbandKeys
- Search the entry, serial_key_nw,
- If it doesent exist, make a string value with that name and enter your cd key there.
- make sure that the value is the same as your CD key. Also make sure that the key is separated correctly. Double click the entry and modify it until it is correct. Watch out for invisible spaces in the CD key.
- If you are done with that, close the Registry Window and start the installer, and have fun playing!

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