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Afternoon gents.

If you haven't served in the British Army or any other armed forces then you may as well not bother reading the rest as this is directed for any chaps who have been or are in the British Army but yeah.

If anyone around this shithole has served or whatever, do drop a comment. I'm interested to see what regiments / corps you served with and where you did your Phase 1 training.

Oh, and if you attended AFC Harrogate as a Junior Applicant (16-17) then let me know. Heading there in September. Anyone who's served in the armed forces of any other country feel free to drop a comment.

« on: May 02, 2016, 11:19:37 pm »

Events: EU / Sunday Line Only Event - On hold
« on: September 05, 2015, 12:33:37 am »

General Information
Server Name: Sunday_Line_Only
Password will be given out through
Steam message each sunday before the event.
Event Time & Date: 7:00 PM GMT Every Sunday.
Please note that this is a line ONLY event
so don't waste your time signing up as
another troop. Factions will be rotated weekly.
The minimum amount of men is 10. Do not sign
up with numbers below 10.

Sign Up Format
Regiment Name:
Leader's Steam Name/Link:
Any questions or requests?:

1.No fire in charge.
2.No reloading in charge.
3.No firing out of formation.
4.Every regiment must be in formation at
all times.
5.No ramboing.
6.No racism.
7.No chat spamming.
8.Line with less than 5 has to join another

This week's attending regiments
Team 1 - France
21e Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne - 15-20 [PERM]
21ο SacredBand - 15-20 [PERM]

Team total: To be added.
Team 2 - United Kingdom
73rd (Perthshire) Regiment of Foot - 15-20
25e Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne - 10-15 [PERM]

Team total: TO BE ADDED.
Unassigned Regiments
16th Regiment of Foot - 15-20 [PERM]

Contact information

With thanks to Nicos for the thread and Magner for the graphics.

Events / North and South League [EU] - Begins after NWL.
« on: August 12, 2015, 11:13:26 pm »

The North and South League [NASL] was created for regiments to show their competitive skill throughout the North and South community. This will be run exactly the same as the Napoleonic Wars League in Napoleonic Wars, with attending regiments fighting the others once in order to win the league. Because there are no competitive leagues in North and South it is harder to tell which regiments are better than which, so therefore this was created for competitive regiments to fight one another in fair 1v1 matches in order to see who is the better side. The league is managed similar to that of the English "Premier League" in football, a win counts for three points, a draw one and a loss 0. At the end of the season, the points are counted up and the league winner is displayed. For now, only one league is in place so there is no chance of regiments being promoted / demoted to other leagues until we gain the amount of sign ups to create a second league. Once all three leagues are set up, the two winners of each league will be promoted and the two with the least points relegated to the league below. If a regiment constantly loses every match and stays in the bottom league then they will be removed from the NASL.

We are hoping the community will support this event and regiments will sign up to start a competitive side of North and South. We have a strict rule set of which must be followed by all attending regiments who wish to enter.

1. No Firing in melee or out of formation.
  1.1. A melee is where one bayonet or sword from either line strikes the player or weapon of the opposing team.
  1.2. Firing out of formation is where a shot is fired from a player of a line which is not stationary and in a tightly packed formation.
  1.3. The officer is not allowed to shoot on his own while his line is waiting in cover.
2. Gaps have to be closed tight.
  2.1. If you fire without closing the gap beforehand, you may be punished by the referee.
  2.2. You are not allowed to open the gap after you take a shot.
  2.3. You are allowed to reload before closing the gap. This must be addressed directly afterwards.
3. No officer aiming. This only regards the player in the officer class.
  3.1. Officer aiming is only true in the following situations;
       Shot whilst marching ahead of the line.
       Shot whilst ranged combat and not within 5 man spacing of the original line.
  3.2. In the following situations, officer aiming does not apply;
       If the officer is standing in front, behind or in the line (from enemies viewpoint).
       In a definite and obvious charge movement towards the enemy line.
4. Allowed units: Privates, Sergeants and Officers of regular line infantry - No skirmishers, light infantry or custom infantry.
  4.1. The only rifles aloud are the Harpers Ferry, Springfield M1842. On no account may .69 cal (Buck and Ball) be used. Should a .69 cal be used the opposing side wins that round.
  4.2. Bayonets must be fixed upon spawn. This is to prevent clubbing and makes the two rifles have the same accuracy.
5.Only one line per regiment, one Sergeant and only one Officer per regiment.
   5.1. The Sergeant may bring bandages at his own risk
6. No Bonuses, no musicians, no flag bearers.
7. Only a ONE man majority is allowed.
  7.1. The minimum attendance required for a balance is 10 men. If a regiment does not bring 10 their opponents may use 10 regardless.
  7.2. The maximum attendance is 35 men in play at any time.
8. Only 'Random x Medium' maps are to be used. And not on the "forest" setting.
  8.1. Both regiments have to agree on a map. After 5 rounds teams will be swapped to the opposing faction.
  8.2. The referee may select a map if both regiments fail to agree within 5 minutes.
9. Matches have to be played on official NASL Servers.
  9.1.The referee may select the server for the match to be played on.
10. You need to get a referee for your match, otherwise its invalid. A list of these is shown below.
  10.1. Both regiments need to agree on the chosen referee.
  10.2. Referees are not allowed to referee a match that their own regiment is partaking in.
11. You need to play your match in the given time.
  11.1. Matches can be played from the commencing Sunday and Monday
  11.2. The match must begin at either 19:00 or 20:00 GMT / BST.
12. If one regiment does not appear in time, the other one will get a 10-0 win.
13. If both teams don't appear, both will get a 0-0 loss. This will result in 0 points for both teams.
14. Players may only be in one regiment that is attending the CWL. If a player is in two regiments that are both in the CWL they must choose which one to play for.
15. No invites are allowed.
  15.1. If a regiment is found to have brought invites then the match will count as a 10-0 loss.
  15.2. A full regimental roster (screenshot or list) must be handed to the the referee upon sign up. Any new recruits after sign up must be accounted for. Any new recruit two days prior to the match upto the match may not compete.
16. Slaying, freezing, kicking or banning is only allowed, if the target is from your own regiment.
  16.1. You are not allowed to reset or restart on own behalf.
17. Referee rulings have to be accepted in a running match. You may not discuss it within an unfinished match. Arguing with the referee during the match will result in points being deducted.
  17.1 Instructions of a referee must be followed; excluding instructions which would change the match dramatically where no rules have been broken (e.g. charge orders or similar orders)
  17.1.1 The referee may send spectators of any regiment which is not part of the competing regiments off the server
  17.1.2 The referee may forbid to use the global chat and global admin chat for everyone, other chats (internal ones) are not mentioned
  17.2. You may appeal a referee's judgement with a video or screenshot if abusing behavior is seen, or a wrong/biased decisions has occurred.
  17.3. If you abuse the appeal system your further appeals may be ignored.
18. No flaming or insulting. Organizers may punish insults or inappropriate behavior with deducting points or in the worst case removing a regiment from the league.

The Sign Ups are open until to be decided!
Regiments which sign up before or after the posted dates will be ignored.
There will be some qualifying matches for interested regiments if there is space.
Regiments which stay in NASL don't have to sign up again. For signing up, post the following information:

Regiment name:
Estimated attendance:
Leader's Steam:
Do you accept the rules?:

More information about the qualifying matches will follow soon.
The organizers will talk to signed up regiments after the sign ups closed to answer all questions.

If you have any questions, please tell us!

Macca || Bravescot

Macca || Dodo

Macca || Bravescot


Thanks to DasBrot for the thread layout
Thanks to Magner for the artwork.



            This regiment, Col. Richard C. Enright, was organized at New York City, for Meagher's, the Irish, Brigade, and received its State numerical designation November 2, 1861. It was mustered in the service of the United States for three years in September, October and November, 1861. June 12, 1863, the regiment was consolidated into a battalion of two companies, A and B. January 12, 1864, the men enlisted for the Kings County Volunteers, a regiment Col. Michael Murphy received authority to recruit, June 2, 1863, were assigned to the battalion as Company C; this company was mustered in September 21, 1863. In April, 1864, new Companies D and E, and in June, 1864, new Company F, joined the battalion. At the expiration of its term of service the men entitled thereto were discharged and the battalion retained in service.

            The original companies of the regiment were recruited in New York City, portions of Companies A and E, however, came from Boston, Mass., and Company K — Faugh-o-Ballagh — from Albany; new Company C was recruited principally at Brooklyn, the other new companies mostly in New York City.The regiment left the State November 28, 1861; served in the Irish, Meagher's, Brigade, Sumner's Division, Army of the Potomac, from November 30, 1861; in same, 2d, Brigade, Richardson's 1st Division, 2d Corps, Army of the Potomac, from March 13, 1862, and, commanded by Col. James D. Brady, it was honorably discharged and mustered out June 30, 1865, at Alexandria, Va.

     The 63rd New York Volunteer Infantry fought all of its battles with Irish Brigade on the Eastern Theater of the American Civil War. Forming in 1861, the Regiment fought at many major battles, losing hundreds of men. In the early years of the war the regiment participated in the Siege of Yorktown, the Battle of Seven Pines, and Malvern Hill. Shortly after, the 63rd saw major action during the 1862 year at Antietam and Fredericksburg. In total, the 63rd New York lost over 160 men in the fighting. After the year of 1862, the 63rd and the Irish Brigade saw intense action once again. The 63rd fought at both Chancellorsville and Gettysburg, the bloodiest battle of the Civil War. Although they did not take heavy losses at either battle, the 63rd held their ground and dealt devastating volleys at the enemy. After 1863, the regiment continued fighting all the way until the end of the way. The 63rd participated in many of the major Eastern Theater battles during the end of the war such as the Wilderness Campaign and Appomattox. Starting in the very beginning of the war and simmering at the end of the war, the 63rd has carried a legacy due to their brilliant performance on the field.


63rd Private

In-game banner
Historical regimental colour
Ranking Structure
Rank Structure
Colonel   Col
Lieutenant Colonel   LtCol
Major   Maj
Captain   Capt
First Lieutenant   1stLt
Second Lieutenant   2ndLt
Sergeant Major   SgtMaj
Quartermaster Sergeant   QSgt
First Sergeant   1stSgt
Sergeant   Sgt
Corporal   Cpl
Regular   Rgl
Private   Pvt
Volunteer   Vol

Contact Information  


TeamSpeak: (Union Army)
Regiment Information

       The 63rd New York is Recruiting both mature EU and NA players into its ranks of discipline and skilled fighters. If you are interested in participating in our large scale events, look no further! With open arms, we accept any new or veteran player looking to slay some confederates. Joining the regiment requires the utmost respect the community and the players surrounding you. We have rules that are required to be followed and our performance on the field must proceed at a certain level of proficiency. All in all, if you are looking to enlist in a serious and mature Union regiment, contact one of the officers to the left!

Colonel Macca [Irish Brig Gen]
2nd Lieutenant Dark0wnt - Co. A
2nd Lieutenant Lawrence - Co. B
Sergeant Major Sergeievich   
Private Weird Gamer
Private Permanent Marker
Private Marsden
Private Alasdaaaario
Private Darren
Private Duke of Belfast
Private Rico
Private Michael
Private Clonen
Private Snoken
Private Mattias
Private Mr Skaningen
Private Elling
Private Carl
Private Tsklla
Private Crazyhorse

Recruit Hobbit
Recruit Devvo
Recruit Ttwon
Recruit Alastair
Recruit PwndelaPwn
Recruit Golden Prototype
Recruit Guta
Recruit Scorrpine
Recruit Tzar

Volunteer Rutche

Events: EU / Sunday Line Only Event [19:00 GMT]
« on: July 02, 2015, 09:54:11 pm »

General Information
Server Name: 92nd_Official
Password will be given out through
steam message each sunday before the event.
Event Time & Date: 7:00 PM GMT Every Sunday.
Please note that this is a line ONLY event
so don't waste your time signing up as
another troop. The minimum amount of
men to sign up with is 10. Do not bother
if you are below this.

Sign Up Format
Regiment Name:
Leader's Steam Name/Link:
Any questions or requests?:

1.No fire in charge.
2.No reloading in charge.
3.No firing out of formation.
4.No officer aim.
5.Every regiment must be in formation at
all times.
6.No ramboing.
7.No racism.
8.No chat spamming.
9.Line with less than 5 has to join another

This week's attending regiments
Team 1
92nd Regiment of Foot - 15-20 [PERM]
29th Regiment of Foot - 20-25 [PERM]
16th Regiment of Foot - 20-25 [PERM]
15th Yorkshire - 15-20
8.Leib (Nr.1 Brandenburgische) Infantrie-Regiment - ~15
2.Leib-Husaren Regiment - ~25
Team 2
4e Régiment de Grenadiers - 15-20 [PERM]
75e Regiment d'Infanterie - 15-20 [PERM]
79th Regiment of Foot - 10-15 [PERM]
82nd Regiment of Foot - 20-25
Spartan Hoplites - ~20
90th Perthshire - 15-20
Unassigned Regiments

Contacts / Admins

Other Games / March of Rome - Imperial Roman Mod
« on: May 26, 2015, 01:37:51 am »

March of Rome - An Imperial-era Roman modification for Native Warband

Basic information
March of Rome is a multiplayer modification for 'Mount and Blade: Warband' set in the Imperial Roman Era under Emperor Trajan. The mod itself is set between the years 14AD-117AD, currently consisting of two factions - The Roman Empire and Britannic Tribes. Events take place on both Saturday and Sunday currently, with week-day events in the works. Later versions of the mod will include new factions such as Dacians, Germanic Tribes etc. After the mod went through a period of inactivity late last year, the community has come back together in an attempt to revive the mod.

The mod is always actively being developed, listening to the community's suggestions and ideas which are taken into account and implemented if found appropriate. For more information on the mod / downloads, head to the links below:

Taleworlds Forum Board (info, updates etc posted here)
March of Rome ModDB page


Siege Event - Featuring IV FF
Shieldbattle Event - Featuring IV FF

Regiments / kek
« on: April 14, 2015, 08:48:28 pm »

Regiments / 41st Regiment of Foot [Moved to VC]
« on: November 09, 2014, 09:24:36 pm »

The 41st In-Game

We're a both European and North American Regiment for Napoleonic Wars made up of members from Legio IV FF.
Our aim is to become an excellent Regiment, excelling in both melee combat and shooting.
We accept everyone from any country. Whether you're a new player, or a veteran, we'll be happy to accept you as long as you can attend our events.

Like many Regiments, we don't just play this one game. We play a variety of different games with each other.
If you're interested in enlisting, head to the bottom of the thread and fill out the application.
If you want to contact the Regiment CO, add Macca on Steam.

War of 1812

Soldiers of 41st Foot were the first combatants of the War, at the River Canard, 2 privates named Hancock and Dean, standing sentry, came under attack from the invading US forces and held them until the regiment was alerted to the attack. Sadly Hancock was killed in the action and Dean was badly injured and captured, but their actions did not go un-noticed, and both were specially commended in the General Orders for their valour at the opening encounters of the war.

August saw the capture of Fort Detroit, a glorious episode in the history of the Regiment. US forces had entered Canada in July and had continually come up against forces of the British army, Canadian militia and Native forces under the command of the great tribal leader Tecumseh. General Brock in overall command played a great bluff against the US forces now hold up in Fort Detroit. In a parley with the senior US officer, Brock explained that he could not guarantee the safety of the occupants of the fort if the Allied forces had to storm the fort, in particular he could not guarantee the behaviour of the native forces. Without a shot being fired, the US forces surrendered, they were allowed to return to their American homes after giving their parole to not take up arms against Britain/Canada. The regimental flag of the 4th US Infantry Regiment was handed to Lt. Bullock with a guard of 40 men of the 41st Foot. The flag is today on display in the Regimental museum at Cardiff Castle.   

Prior to the War of 1812 the 41st Foot had no Battle honours adorning their colours, they would later be awarded 2 battle honours for their actions in 1812 Detroit and the Battle of Queenstown.


The Americans counter-attacked on the Detroit frontier, a January offensive by General Henry Harrison led to an aggressive counter-punch by Procter at Winchester's isolated and exposed American command at Frenchtown (now Monroe, Michigan) on January 22, 1813, and in the desperate fighting which resulted, the companies of the 41st present suffered over 50% casualties. The 41st earned the Battle Honour "Miami" (the Maumee River was also called the "Miami" at this time). 1813 was a hard year for the regiment, with only men from the flank companies still providing a fighting force. However back in Britain the regiment had already started recruiting new troops to join the battalion already in Canada and their arrival in May 1813 allowed the 41st to continue as an effective force.

In 1813, men of the Regiment's two battalions had been stationed spread out from Montreal to Fort Malden - and Captain Richard Bullock of the Grenadier Company commanded the garrison at Mackinac from September 13, 1813, to May 18, 1814 The Regiment had seen much hard service on all fronts. It was decided to merge the 1st and 2nd battalions into one battalion; this mixed the battle hardened soldiers of the 1st Battalion with the fresh troops of the 2nd. Traditionally in regiments of the period a battalion was comprised of 10 companies, a light company of the left flank, made up of the smaller agile men who would act as skirmishers during battles, 8 centre companies comprised of men with no particular specialities but would perform general duties and on the right flank, the grenadiers, who historically were the largest men who threw the grenades they were named for. But as tactics changed they would be made up of the soldiers who would act as shock troops, a company mixed of the biggest and the hardest fighters.

It appears that the best men were put in to the flank companies and continued to see heavy action, while the regular line companies were utilised mainly in support roles.
By December 19 1813, the combined battalion supplied flank companies for the assault on Fort Niagara, while the line companies helped capture Lewiston.
On December 30 1813, an attack was launched on Black Rock & Buffalo, with 250 men of the 41st participating, suffering casualties of 2 killed, 5 wounded, and 3 missing.
On 9 January 1814, Drummond ordered the 41st ordered to York; on February 8, they were ordered from York to Kingston.
The 41st found itself back on the Niagara Peninsula in time to help repel the last major American offensive of the War.
At the Battle of Lundy's Lane in July 1814, the Light Company of the 41st under Captain Glew managed to distinguish itself.
In Drummond's subsequent operations in pursuit of the retreating Americans, Colonel Tucker (with most of the 41st under his command) managed to bungle an attack on Black Rock. This was a relatively unremarkable occasion except that Shadrach Byfield was wounded, losing an arm, and started on his long journey back to his Wiltshire home.
The Regiment participated in the siege of Fort Erie, with the flank companies taking heavy casualties in the failed night assault of August 15. At that point, the Regiment was pulled back to form part of the garrison of "the forts" at the mouth of the Niagara River: Fort Niagara, Fort George, and Fort Mississauga. It was found that the 41st was the most useful unit to garrison Fort Niagara, as other units placed there suffered from excessive desertion rates.
Eventually, the Regiment was withdrawn to York, then Kingston.
It had earned its 4th Battle Honour in the War of 1812: "Niagara", for its participation in the 1814 Niagara Peninsula campaign.


The Napoleonic Wars

In 1815 the regiment finally received orders to return to Britain, it being 16 years since some of the 1st Battalion men having been home. As they approached the Irish coast on June 7th orders were received to detour to Belgium, as Napoleon had reformed his army and was marching on Brussels. A storm at sea prevented the vessels from landing and the 41st missed the Battle of Waterloo by a few days. They did however form part of the forces that hunted down the defeated French army, and acted as part of the Army which occupied Paris from August 1815 until December 1815. Finally on December 1815 the 41st Foot returned to Britain

At the outset of the War the 41st Foot bore no honours, but when the Regiment was presented with its new colours in 1816 it was adorned with the honours, Detroit, Queenstown, Miami and Niagara. Having received more Battle Honours during the War than any other Regiment. Also there was the added distinction that Detroit is a unique honour, shared by no other Regiment in the British Army.

Ranking Structure

Centre Company
Colonel   Col
Lt. Colonel   LtCol
Major   Maj
Captain   Cpt
Lieutenant   Lt
Ensign   Ens
Serjeant Major   SjtM
Colour Serjeant   CSjt
Serjeant   Sjt
Corporal   Cpl
Lance Corporal   LCpl
Regular   Rgl
Private   Pte
Recruit   Rec

Muster Roll

41st Regiment of Foot - Battalion Company [EU]
Comissioned Officers

Colonel Macca
Major Dark0wnt

Lieutenant Phoenix
Adjutant Muffin

Non-Comissioned Officers

Serjeant Sergeievich
Corporal Viper


Regular Mattias
Regular Michael
Private LeDarren
Private Darkoscis
Private Greenskull
Private Mange
Private Riklon
Private Skaningen
Private Snoken
Private Stan


Recruit Audric
Recruit Bambi
Recruit Bradbury
Recruit Brek
Recruit Captain Flint
Recruit Castle
Recruit Ernest
Recruit Exorain
Recruit Gijsjuh
Recruit Hossorne
Recruit King Nightfury
Recruit Magnus
Recruit Marshy
Recruit Michael
Recruit Mobman
Recruit Nisse
Recruit Oskar
Recruit Scotch
Recruit Sean
Recruit SilentNinja

Batallion Total: 36 (4 Officers, 2 NCO's, 30 Enlisted)

41st Regiment of Foot - Battalion Company [NA]
Comissioned Officers

- - -

Non-Comissioned Officers

Lance Corporal Muffington


Private Crazyhorse
Private Caxel


Recruit Apy
Recruit Ar-Rafidhi
Recruit Commander
Recruit Edward
Recruit Fieldshire
Recruit George
Recruit Hermann
Recruit Hicks
Recruit Jackson
Recruit John
Recruit KACollver
Recruit Marshel
Recruit Marlesbourgh
Recruit Meowcatnip
Recruit Reed
Recruit RektDoge
Recruit Rutche
Recruit Stevens
Recruit Tapmelon
Recruit Theotherasianguy
Recruit Wafflez
Recruit Waterboyo
Recruit XmikeX19

Batallion Total: 26 (0 Officers, 1 NCO, 25 Enlisted)

Total: 62 (4 Officers, 3 NCO's, 55 Enlisted)

Interested in enlisting?

Please read our rules before applying:
  • Don't abuse anyone because of race, sex, gender or any other reason.
  • No trolling, if you do want to troll don't use tags.
  • When playing on public servers, follow the rules.
  • Have fun! This is only a game.

If you are interested in joining then fill in this application template in a reply:
Code: Application
[b]1. Steam name (with link):[/b]
[b]2. In-game name:[/b]
[b]3. Melee ability on a scale of 1-10:[/b]
[b]4. Timezone / country of residence:[/b]
[b]5. Are you willing to dedicate yourself to the Regiment and be active:[/b]


First Training & Event

Regiments / 41st - Moved.
« on: October 20, 2014, 10:53:18 pm »
Moved to NW.

Events / Locked.
« on: July 25, 2014, 10:53:41 pm »

Union / Union Regiment List (Official)
« on: July 24, 2014, 07:54:21 pm »

Many thanks to the people who managed this list before me.
This list will be updated regularly.

Welcome to the Union Regiment List. This thread was created so players can find a Regiment that suits their own need/find a certain Regiment thread quicker. Below, you can find the application format to fill out for your Regiment, or Army/Brigade. This list will be structured as stated here:

- Introduction - Intro to this thread, what it's about
- Regiment Application Format - Copy and paste, filling in the required information
- Army/Brigade Application Format - Copy and paste, filling in the required information
- Example Application - To show you how it's meant to be filled out
- 1st Post - Regiments (Infantry, Artillery, Cavalry) and Army, Corps, Brigades

Code: Regiment Application Format
[b]Regiment Name:[/b] 
[b]Regiment Tag:[/b]
[b]Thread Link:[/b]

[b]Army/Brigade Name:[/b]
[b]Involved Regiments (With thread links):[/b]
[b]Thread Link:[/b]

Regiment Name: The name of your Regiment; for example 63rd New York Infantry Regiment
Regiment Tag: Your Regiments tag; for example 63rdNY_Rank_Name
Class: The class your Regiment plays as; Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery
Based: Where is your Regiment based? EU, NA or both? For both put EU/NA
Thread Link: Provide the link to your Regiments thread

Army/Brigade Name: The name of your Army, Brigade or Corps
Involved Regiments (With thread links): List the names of the Regiments part of the Brigade, with the links to their thread.
Thread Link:The link to the actual Army/Brigade thread

Events / Lock please. - Sunday Conquest
« on: February 16, 2014, 07:23:59 pm »

Someone else can carry this event on, lock please.

Servers / Remove please - Middlesex_Official_Server
« on: February 15, 2014, 06:53:07 pm »
Remove please.

Regiments / The Middlesex Regiment - DISBANDED.
« on: February 15, 2014, 02:36:19 am »

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