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The Union forever! For God and country!
"'Tis thus the New-York Firemen,
When in their Country's cause,
Unite in common Brotherhood
For to sustain her laws.
And crush the Serpent-Treason
By killing every knave
Who would insult the Stars and Stripes,
Wherever they may wave."

History of the Regiment
When the Civil War broke out in April, 1861, Elmer E. Ellsworth was already known in military circles nationwide. His Chicago Zouave Cadets were at the top of their class in martial and sartorial showmanship, so much so that they felt confident enough to take their act of precision drill on the road and challenge militia groups to competitions. Catching the attention of President Lincoln, Ellsworth was promised a commission as a Lieutenant. The onset of the war, however, brought an end to the pageantry, and Ellsworth resigned his commission and headed for New York, intent on recruiting his own regiment. Finding volunteers in the nation's largest city would not be difficult, but Ellsworth had specific recruits in mind. "I want the New York Firemen," Ellsworth said, "for there are no more effective men in the country, and none with whom I can do so much. They are sleeping on a volcano at Washington and I want men who can go into a fight now."

New York's fire department in 1861 was a volunteer organization, staffed by men from all walks of life who responded when their district's fire tower sounded an alarm, and "ran with the machine" to where the danger was. The physical exertion required to run a huge fire engine through the streets and then pump water, climb ladders, or pull hoses meant that the volunteers were in top shape, a trait that an ideal zouave would possess. These men had earned a mixed reputation in the preceding years, being known for their affinity with fighting among each other as much as fighting fires. These rowdies were also of varying political viewpoints, and like many New Yorkers, may have felt sympathetic towards the South. The attack on Fort Sumter on April 12, however, caused New York to fall in firmly on the side of the Union.

Two days after arriving in New York, and assigning officer commissions to fire company foremen and former Chicago Zouaves, Ellsworth began recruiting in earnest. Within a day, 1100 men had been put on the muster rolls. Contracts were very quickly filled for uniforms, which were immediately issued to the men upon their delivery. These were loosely based on Ellsworth's own design for an ideal fatigue uniform.

The regiment's casulties in the war: During it's time, 51 men died, including 3 officers and 48 enlisted men

Regiment Information:

Official Regiment Roster
Commissioned Officer :

● Major Dominic

Non-commissioned Officer: Corporal Sharky

● Corporal HDMI-KE
Enlisted Men:

● Private First Class Takeo
● Musician Duke
● Private Derpy 
● Private Latruite
● Private Hungarian Habsburg
● Private Vinicioart
● Private Strategos
● Private Supertres
● Private Davy
● Private Vicboss
● Private Jake
● Private BattleLord
● Private Cicero
● Recruit Dylan
● Recruit Jakeasaur
● Recruit MadMonkey
● Recruit Mr.MageMason
● Recruit MisterEasy

Event Schedule
● Sunday:~
● Monday:~
● Tuesday:~
● Wednesday:~
● Thursday:~
● Friday: Union Army Event 4 PM EST / 9 PM GMT
● Saturday: Union Army Event 4 PM EST / 9 PM GMT

Enlistment Application
-Where are you from?
-How old are you?
-Have ever you ever been in other regiments?
-Are you willing to be volunteer soldier in the Union?
-Your experience in the game?
-Are you disciplined?
-Are you willing to be active? (participate in at least 1 event a week)
-Why would you like to enlist?


● Colonel
● Lt.Colonel
● Major
● Captain
● 1st Lieutenant
● 2nd Lieutenant
● Sergeant Major
● Q.M. Sergeant
● First Sergeant
● Staff Sergeant
● Corporal
● Private First Class
● Private
● Recruit

-Made by PolarBeats with love

Regiments / 5th Maryland Volunteer Infantry
« on: February 04, 2015, 04:09:48 pm »
5th Maryland Volunteer Infantry Regiment

The regiment's history : The 5th Maryland Regiment was organized on 27 March 1776 composing of eight companies of volunteers from the counties of Queen Anne's, Kent, Caroline, and Dorchester of the colony of Maryland and was authorized on 16 September 1776 for service with the Continental Army. The regiment saw action in :

-Battle of Long Island (1776),
- Battle of Brandywine (1777),
-Battle of Germantown (1777)
-Battle of Monmouth (1778),
-Battle of Camden (1780),
-Battle of Guilford Court House (1781).

The regiment was disbanded on 1 January 1783.
Upon the upcoming War of 1812 the state has brought back the militia again for service. In War of 1812 the regiment participated in the following battles:

- Battle of North Point
-Battle of Baltimore

Rank structure: : Private>Corporal>Sergeant>First Sergeant>Sergeant Major>Lieutenant>Captain>Major>Lt. Colonel>Colonel

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