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Is this game worth its money, yes or no?

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First of all, I don't want to shit on this game. I don't want this thread to be made so people could trash talk about it. The only reason I made this thread is because I bought Holdfast and it's just not really my thing in the end and I don't want to spend money on a game I'll probably never touch after playing a day or two. I know melee will probably not be the same as NW, but its a totally different game so I don't mind too much about that aspect. Though from what I read I do hope they improve it with future updates.

So I wanted to ask as many opinions as possible. Is it worth it or not? Do you enjoy the game?

nah this game only worth the money when its on sale

I think its worth the money. Its quite enjoyable when not playing with racists. There are a few events and I personally like them.
Even playing on public servers can be enjoyable

John Price:
If you get it on sale, you might get an hour or two of fun out of it for a few euros which is fine. But thats about it. The game is by all stretches of imagination, dead on arrival.

Even during peak event times, the game won't fill 1 server. This is during NA times as well, which is where you would expect the biggest uptake on the game given the setting. EU event times have most of the time less than half the NA peak which is around the 350 player mark. Meaning you are getting events with less than 80 per side which even NW can still do consistently.

Not worth even the £14.99 imo. 50% sale sure.

more people play mb with fire & sword than this game xd


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