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BCoF:..."Developer Blog 7": We’re Back!...^^
« on: January 14, 2013, 08:02:42 pm »

...Nuovi screenshots su armi e building destruction system in questo "Developer Blog  - We're Back!":
Its been a fantastic holiday season for all of us at Flying Squirrel Entertainment (FSE), however all the empty stockings have been pulled down, vodka bottles hidden and cookie crumbs swept up. We have been working hard already to further develop Battle Cry of Freedom (BCoF), and we thought we would share something of our newest work to raise the spirits!

But first, you all deserve a big round of applause and a huge thank you from us, as Napoleonic Wars did indeed succeed in breaking the top ten in IndieDB’s Game Of The Year 2012, but not only that, we managed to come third! To read more, click here.

So now for the stuff you have all been waiting for, a little glimpse into the art assets being created for our new title BCoF.
We present to you, the Navy Colt 1851. It was one of the most used handguns during the American Civil War and one of the most produced handguns of that time. Loading a 1851 Colt could take up to 3 minutes, but most officers during the Civil War carried several barrels which could be quickly exchanged. It was loaded with a paper cartridge and a percussion cap.

We would also like to mention some of the plans we have for our destruction system. You all know how keen we are at FSE to have our battlefields realistically scarred by warfare, and you are used to seeing our Napoleonic Wars scenes with their destructible props and effects. In BCoF however, we want to really take this up to a whole new level. While in Napoleonic Wars (NW) we were severely limited by the Mount & Blade engine, using Unity to create our own stand alone game means we are able to really utilise destruction as we want it. For instance, in NW house walls would have several “destruction” stages to simulate that the building is being destroyed. In BCoF however our buildings will be made from literally hundreds of props, with destruction effects and simulated physics giving us a beautiful end result of satisfyingly destructive damage. As soon as we feel this is ready we look forward to showing you this system in its reality, but for now we hope this information will keep your spirits high! Please keep in mind, that it is still in Pre-Alpha testing phase, and that our final destruction system will look much better than this.

Thats all for this particular developer blog, we all thank you for the support you have shown us thus far in our development, and we hope to see you on the battlefields of America when this trip meets its ultimately exciting finale!
So from all of us at FSE, we hope you had a fantastic time over the holidays and we are looking forward to showing you what our hard work is capable of pulling off, so we will see you next week for our eighth developer blog!

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