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Wanted: Russian Board Moderator


Howdy folks,

It's been brought to our attention that the Russian board needs a moderator. In the interests of fairness to the Russian NW community, we've decided to open the applications up to the Russian-speaking community as a whole.

Position requirements:

 - You must speak good Russian and understandable English
 - You must be knowledgeable of the forum rules, and happy to enforce them
 - You must be active enough to respond to incidents as they arise

To apply for the position, send me a PM with the following template:

Subject: Russian Board Moderator Application

Message Body:

--- Code ---
Russian Language Ability:
English Language Ability:

Experience (if any):

Estimate of activity (hours per week):

Why you'd like the position:
--- End code ---

Previous experience is a benefit, but not required.

The application process will run for approximately one week, at which point I'll collect the results and the applicants will be discussed internally.

Good luck!



Applications are in, we'll discuss them internally briefly before announcing the new moderator.

I vouch for Trotsky ( if he still plays ) or Sanitarium!

I speak English very well and Russian too. I live in England but from Russia so i speak both languages. I usually play 1-2 hours a day. Ive played this game for 3 years and then stopped for 2 and now I've resonantly came back but i know all the rules. I'm interested in representing Russian forum. I am in a Russian regiment [VL].


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