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The Community Representative explained & How to vote
« on: February 16, 2016, 02:56:50 pm »
Current Community Representatives:

EU - Chainsor
NA - Glenn

The Community Representative is the Community Board Moderator and member of the Moderation team, elected by forum members, to represent the interest of the Forum, Regimental and Gamers community. It's our hope that having someone who is active in the community and Regimental 'world' of the game will help us in making this a better forum. While this forum is and stays a Company Forum, we want to make sure members feel their opinions are noted and processed.

Community Representatives will perform the duties of a Moderator with respect the Community, receiving Board moderatorship over the Community Board, where they can edit, remove or sticky topics and posts. They will also be able to edit, remove, or close topics in the Mess Hall, and will be responsible for new Child Board requests in their respective areas of the Events subforums.  The right to issue punishments will remain with the Moderators. They have entry to the Global Forum Adminstration Board, closed for regular members, and will have a say equal to that of picked moderators in all matters, like new forum rules, punishments, (un)bans and recruitment or dismissal of Moderators. They'll also have direct contact with the Head Moderator.

Community Representative also represent the interest of the community in the games (Both NW and BCoF). Due to the confidential nature of Server Administration, we cannot allow them entry in the Server Adminstration Board, but they can raise issues to me, Senior Server Admins, in the Global Forum Adminstration Board, or simply here.

There are two Community Representatives, one EU and one NA, both elected for a term of 3 months. There are no term limits.

How to become a voter [Important!]

To enter the Voting Booth subboard and to vote in elections, one must register as a 'Registered Voter'. This avoids vote-rigging by (having friends) quickly registering new accounts, and allows me to keep track of forum activity and voter turn-out. Everyone with the forum rank of corporal and above (20 hours online) will receive membership upon request, there is no other requirement.

You can request membership by going to 'Profile', click 'Modify Profile' and then go to the bottom, to "Group Membership". There you will be able to Request Membership. It says you must explain your reason for joining, this is a message that I can't edit and you may obviously ignore it.

how to request membership


Why should I become a Registered Voter?

Because this is your change to actually actively help decide who sits on the moderation team, to represent the various regiments and events that play our games, to improve the forum, the community, the servers and maybe even the game itself! So register!

Remember! You cannot vote in elections/polls unless you register as a voter, which gives you access to the 'Voting Booth', a subboard of this board that cannot be entered by normal members.

What are the requirements for running for office?

Technically, none. I'll pass trough any candidacy I get. However, if we really feel a CR cannot be trusted with access to confidential information, we may decide to restrict or deny access to the Global Forum Adminstration Board. I don't want to make use of that power, and I don't expect we will have to, but it's the best way I can make sure FSE Moderation information stays confidential without directly interfering with the elections.

We will no longer accept candidates who can not be trusted into the Global mod boards.  Too many conversations  of importance are had in those boards where CR input is valued.  It would not be good for the forums to have a CR incapable of providing input on the various issues or to raise their own issues. 

Troll apps will be denied.

To add some clarity, you can apply to be a CR  even if in the past you were banned or had quite a warning history.  We have had several past CRs fit this example.  If your recent behavior shows you are incapable of the position, then your app will be denied.  Severity in rule breaking will be taken into account.  As an example, being muted for a quote pyramid is not as severe as giving out personal information.

When will a Community Representative be removed?

Community Representatives are expected to handle their responsibility and their access to any confidential information with care, just like other members of the Moderation Team. If they show they cannot be a trustworthy member of the team, we may decide to remove them from office. Because the Community Representative is elected by the community, we will try to use this power as little as possible and with as much transparency as we can manage. If this happens, we can decide to hold a by-election or appoint the candidate who came second to finish the term, depending on how long away the new elections are.

Sharing confidential information is ground for direct dismissal and/or, if done after the end of the term, a ban. Make sure you realize this.

If a CR who was elected disappears not too long after they were elected, they may be removed after several failed attempts to reach them.  Same goes if after a long period of time of them not participating, or being active.  If we feel you are not that active, we may ask what you have been doing, and may ask for evidence of what you were doing.  You are not required to be on daily, or do x amount of things over a space of time.  We just ask that you chime in when you can, help out when you can, and find ways to help the community.  We do understand that things can come up, and life prevents you from being able to be active.  We ask that you let us know in advance if you will be gone for a period of time.  If something that comes up that will prevent you from being active for most of your term, we may ask that you give the spot up to someone who will be more active.

If a Community Representative decides to resign, he may put someone forward to replace him for the rest of the term. The Moderation Team reserves the right to intervene if we suspect foul play and appoint a replacement of our own.

If a CR is removed by the team, depending on the timing of the removal, we may do one of the following:
ask the runner up if there was one, if they want to do it,

we may hold another election,

or just wait until the next election to fill the spot.

I don't expect us to ever need to do the above, but just in case, we made it clear what may happen. 

end of new amendment--

Polls and Elections [Important!]

There are two types of polls; Regular polls, where a simple poll is made on a certain subject and members can give their opinion and which (as the name suggests) just works like a regular poll, and election polls, where the community elects the Community Representative.

The Election System

CR's are elected by absolute majority. In the first round, lasting three days, there will be two threads, one for the EU candidates, one for the NA. You therefor can vote in both election if you so desire, but it's not mandatory.

If a candidate gets more then 50% of cast votes, this means the candidate wins right away, and there is no 2nd round.

If no candidate wins a majority, there's a run-off poll with the top two-candidates, lasting two days, starting just after the first round results come in.

How to apply to be a CR

here is the app:

EU or NA?:
Are you aware that the position of Community Representative is one of trust and confidence, and do you understand you can be punished for breaking that trust? :
Why should you become CR?:
What are one or two things you commit to doing as CR this term?:

Election procedures

On the 20th (for months lasting 30 days) and on the 21st (for months lasting 31 days) I will open a thread on this board with all candidacies in the first post. Candidates may put themselves forward on that thread. Only those from NA can run for NA rep.  Same on the EU side.  Exceptions may be made to run for the other side but you will have to talk to shadow first to get approval. The thread will be open, so people can discuss the election.

After 5 days, I will open the election, giving people three days to vote in the first round. Any run-off will start directly after the results are known, and last two days. On the first day of the new month, the new CR's will take office and the old ones will leave - unless, of course, they are re-elected.
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