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Today we've decided to remove rule 10, as it is no longer applicable to the community as it stands today (in previous instances it was used and heavily observed by a specific moderator, dating back to when the forum was started).  That being said, our moderation policy regarding the below criteria has only changed in that it is up to the moderator's discretion as to what content is allowed and what is not.

Rule 1010. Acceptable Mature content

* Please use the ()-icon for threads with acceptable mature content (in simple terms, provided there's no lips, nips or dicks involved, then it's generally considered acceptable mature content, however administrators will use their own discretion in determining what they believe is suitable. If you're below 16, then you're discouraged from entering threads with that logo as you may be exposed to mature content.[close]
As always, please feel free to reach out if there are any questions.  Thank you for your support!

Today we've updated rule 7A to include the use of List Accounts (which were previously covered in rule 10), and added language regarding the use of VPNs.  From here on out, we will no longer allow group accounts to use VPNs.  If you are using a VPN to access the FSE forums with a group account, we ask you to please refrain from doing so.

We'll give everyone until the end of the week (14 February 2020) to see the change, after which it will go into effect.

Updates to Rule 7A7A - Event/Regiment/Unit/List accounts
So-called “Regimental accounts”, “Event accounts”, “List accounts”, or “Unit accounts” (accounts that are registered to represent a certain event/unit and is used by one or more members of said event/unit to maintain an event’s/unit's thread in the “Regimental Boards”, related “Event Boards”, or in the “Mess Hall” areas of the forums) are exempt from Rule 7 as long as these accounts follow the following:
Carry the event/units’ name
Only post in their respective boards (Regiment, Event, or Mess Hall areas, as appropriate)
Keep posts to a minimum (preferably only used to maintain the OP)
Are not used to circumvent mutes or bans (e.g., not posting as the member who is currently muted/banned).
Are not logging in using any VPN.  Any accounts that use VPNs will be banned from use.  Please contact a moderation team member in order to have the account unbanned.
Remember that we can see which users are posting on a Event/List/Unit account. Accounts that do not abide by Rule 7A will be banned and their users punished. Do not register a new account when changing names; ask a moderator to change it.[close]
We have also updated the note, "How to Appeal a Moderator's Decision" to have a process of dealing with any complaints.  From here on out (effective immediately), please follow the below process.  For example:

- You have a complaint against how a Language Moderator dealt with your issue = go to a Global Moderator for assistance; if you still don't agree with the way things were handled, then go to a Senior Moderator/Head Moderator.  While this probably happens more oft than not, I figured it would be appropriate to at least note it on the forum rules.

The team can always engage other members of the staff to handle issues as they come up, and I'd like to empower the team to make decisions as they deem appropriate.  Especially since we already use more convenient forms of communication nowadays anyways.  ;)

How to appeal a forum moderator's decisionHow to appeal a forum moderator's decision

In order to appeal a moderator’s decision, contact the senior/head moderation staff listed in the FSE Forum Administration thread in a fashion that seeks to resolve the issue in a civil manner.  Appeals will be subject to review by the moderation team. Please exercise patience in the review and understanding on the verdict. If you do not feel that your situation has been dealt with appropriately, contact the members of the team in the following manner for further assistance:

*   Language Moderator/Junior Moderator
*   Global Moderator
*   Senior Moderator
*   Head Moderator or Vincenzo[/list]
That's all for today.  If there are any comments/questions, please feel free to reach out.  Thank you!

I have gone through and updated the wording on the majority of the rules just to make sure they are all still accurate and grammatically correct as some included punishments I know we have not stuck to as harshly over the years and I do not believe we need to. Nothing has drastically changed apart from the end of rule 10. and 10a. has been added. 10a was discussed and agreed with the moderators quite some time ago but appeared to never get updated so I've added this in now;

Rule 10/10a10. Forum Contests

* FSE allows poll or vote-based public contests to decide “who is the best in what”, or any other public contest exclusively in the Mess Hall.  These contests must follow the rules noted expressly above, and moderation reserves the right to remove contests/lists if they do not follow the rules as appropriate (including the punishment of the user(s) involved). Contests/lists that could be considered offensive such as the 'biggest loser' list will be considered a breach of this rule and potentially punished and removed.
10a. Removing Names from Forum Contests

* Also linked to the above if you wish to have your name removed from a list FSE will not do this unless it can be deemed as an insult such as being part of a list like 'the biggest troll' list, any list that appears to have a genuine intent and has made an attempt to do something accurately without offence will not be touched.[close]
EDIT: 11. has now also been added as this is something we have always enforced but for some reason never put in the rules.

11. Language Rule11. Language Rule

* Please make sure when posting outside of language boards to stick to English so that the moderators can properly moderate all posts, most of the moderators are native English speakers and can't do their job if the posts are in other languages, that is why we have language mods for the relevant boards. This includes the shoutbox, a warning can be handed out if you choose to ignore this after being verbally warned. Commonly known phrases that do not breech any other rules in any main language may be allowed but this is up to a moderator's discretion.
11. has now also been added as this is something we have always enforced but for some reason never put in the rules.

11a. Language Rule on Regimental Threads11a. Language Rule on Regimental Threads

* The exclusion to this rule can/will be if you are posting on a regimental thread that consists of one language e.g. the IVe posting in French or a German regiment posting in German. These posts still have to be within the other rules however and if they are breached there will be a punishment just as any English post.[close]

Rules 12 and 12a have been added around Community Representative applications.

Rule 1212. Community Representative Applications

* Due to a recent increase in troll applications making it harder for moderators to filter real from fake applications for community representatives anyone who posts a 'funny' or 'troll' application will be warned. This is so both users and moderators have no issue identifying genuine candidates.[close]
Rule 12a12a. Community Representative Applications Extended

* Less of a rule and more of a note but this is just to advise that if you have recent warnings depending on their severity and the amount you may not be accepted as a candidate for community representative. If you do a troll application you will also be instantly excluded from that election until the next one. [close]


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