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1stEPI is back? Welcome back!

Thanks! Its a part time gig for us for now.

Thanks to everyone for coming out to the event, maybe I'll relax our standards on two rank lines, if I can be so convinced!

big picture incoming

16 May 2019
Denied due to lack of fun, and overly abusing Moderator on forums.

I know tyranny, this? This right here? This is tyranny.

Regiment Name: 1stEPI
Regiment Leaders Steam: Gunny is busy but I can take care of this! Deofuta
Estimated Attendance: 5-10

Now showing up at an event near you! Once I rouse my arma playing brethren...and find an event that will accept our double ranked line shenanigans.

Just Post is a maxim everyone should follow.

Unless your posting is bad, in which case, please just post more.

Currently number one NA 1 regiment. Its not a weird flex shut up

General Discussion / Re: If they were too add a new nation to the game
« on: August 24, 2014, 11:39:31 pm »
The United States of America, a key player in the Napoleonic realm and the single most determinant factor in the success of the imperial forces at the Battle of Waterloo.

Who forgot to send my checks? This is an outrage!

I'm late, but good luck guys! I look forward to seeing you in some events soon!

Regiments / Re: 1st Reddit Brigade [NA+EU]
« on: August 15, 2014, 08:57:07 pm »
I remember when you guys wheren't allowed to recruit on the large NA server ex: US_Battle_MG due to a respect of sort

Yeah, I joined later, when it had devolved into merely a gentleman's agreement. Most people still find us through reddit, but I figured that if anyone stumbles across us in the regiment list, they might be able to find us a little more easily here before the figure out the subreddit. Also I was bored.

I seem to recall it being more to have the group be a regiment for redditors, and not just a group that plays MM and also happens to have a subreddit. You know, culture and all that.

Moved to off-topic because while involving the community it is largely not NW centric. Enjoy!

Updated to better aid those who may have missed important information.

Servers / Re: Napoleonic Wars: Administrative Applications (old)
« on: January 19, 2014, 09:49:24 pm »
Hello everyone!

We have moved to a new thread, now located here. If you are still interested in joining the team, please re apply in the appropriate thread.

Servers / NW_Official Servers Administrative Applications
« on: January 19, 2014, 09:47:30 pm »
NW_Official Administration Applications

Applications are open!

The Napoleonic Wars Admin team have their roots in the old MM Mod. A team of Professional and mature Players, that strive to make sure that the official servers are well looked after.
We are looking for Mature and respected community members to help run the NW_Official servers (US/EU).
Admins are required to be active and have a neutral standing in all situations and look for the best outcome for the community.
A successful Applicant must follow the server rules at all times, while also adhering to the admin rules.
Once accepted a 2 week trial period will commence where your performance will be evaluated.
Only successful applicants will be responded to by pm or steam by MrTiki (for EU) or Thunderstormer (for US). This can take 1-4 weeks (or longer) to process.
Applications will be accepted on the fly and there is no set closing date for applications.
Applications are open to anyone. We will not announce when candidates are being selected for trials; they will be informed by PM only.

Application form
Community name:
Steam Name:
Applying for (Ts/Servers):
About yourself:
Why you would be a good admin:
Previous Experience (if any):

Nota Bene.
  • Only Formal Applications will be accepted
  • All Posts must be applications or your application will be rejected
  • 1 application per individual or your application will be rejected
  • Only successful applicants will be informed.

Thank you for your interest!

UPDATE: If you posted in the old thread, and are still interested in joining the team, please re apply in this thread.

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