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Events / Left for Dead 2 Tournament
« on: February 07, 2022, 09:05:15 pm »

To remember the old days, I would like to start a Left for Dead 2 event. Many people played this game years ago and so we want to revive it for 1 day and compete with each other.
The plan is to have  a 4 vs 4 Versus campaign on 19/02/2022 at 6 gmt (19:00 CEST) with a group stage and a knockout stage. The minimum ammount of teams will be 4, although we  hope to get between 8-16 teams, so equally experienced teams can face each other once in the group stages. The top 2 from each group will progress to the knockout stage. Challonge brackets will be made for the matches and each team captains and their deputies will be visible as moderators in the steam group and their profile links will be found in the steam group.

A team leader must sign up their team with Sheriff Arminius via steam or directly here, according to the following pattern.

Sign Ups
Sign Up Code
Team name:
Steam name of all team members (4 normal and maximum 3 reserve players) with their hours in the game:
Steam name of the captain and his deputy with profile link:
Can you attend the game and will you make it on time?:
Do you agree to the rules?:

If  you are alone or dont have enough men for participating, also message me and I try my best to bring you together with other people.

Group 1


Group 2


The group stage will be played on Dead Center. The knockout phase will be played on Dark Carnival.
If both teams survive with every member the game is decided by the 25-point tiebreak which is given to the team who did the most damage as Infected. This tiebreak is generated by the game itself.
At the end of any match a screenshoot has to be taken by the team captain of the winning team and send to the organizers to verify the victory. If the captain forgets this his team will only be awarded with a draw,which means 1 point instead of 3.
Losers of the semi finals will face each other in a match for place 3.
If neither a team captain or their deputy are online 15 minutes after the start of the event, the team can be disqualified.
A team is still allowed to play if 2 people instead of 4 are actively playing in a match. Although it should be noted that no team can uphold such low attendence for longer than 1 match and needs to inform the organizer about it.
Cosmetical mods are allowed.
More rules to follow.

Anyone without a VAC ban in the last 365 days and able to gather a full team.

Special thanks to [92nd] Wolffe yer lad for this amazing Thread.

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