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[CN]The 95th Georgia Naval Infantry Regiment
« on: March 20, 2023, 06:21:11 am »
The 95th Georgia Infantry Regiment.
[/b] :)

We are a team from China.
Welcome to the 95th Georgia Infantry Regiment.
On this glorious battlefield, we will serve for the glorious Confederacy and the great General Robert Lee.

The 95th Regiment consists of brothers who fought for the Confederacy from all over Georgia. These brothers came from the War of Freedom and the Napoleonic Wars. A close team of like-minded officers and a group of competitive comrades constitute the backbone of our regiment. As a regiment, our goal is to participate in some activities, and the regiment itself participated in many influential battles in the American Civil War. Our internal environment is very harmonious, and we often do it in our China server. If you are looking for a new team, then join us.

Head: DongYu
95th Georgia Infantry Regiment


95团由来自佐治亚各地的为邦联而战的兄弟们组成,这些兄弟们来自自由战吼和拿破仑战争。一个由志同道合的军官组成的紧密战队,以及一群有竞争力的战友构成了我们团的骨干。作为一个团,我们的目标是参加一些活动,而该团本身在美国内战中参加了许多有影响力的战斗。我们的内部环境非常和谐,我们经常在我们的 中国服务器中进行。如果您正在寻找新战队那就加入我们。


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Re: [CN]The 95th Georgia Naval Infantry Regiment
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