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Title: The 46th Royal Guards. [Recruiting].
Post by: JadSamadi on July 22, 2014, 10:13:50 pm
The 46th Royal Guards regiment

We are a light infantry regiment Eu based


In 1794 the 46thRG joined British forces already taking part in the Flanders Campaign, as part of 1st Brigade commanded by Lieutenant-General Friedrich von Buttlar. The regiment was involved in a number of actions, though in 1795, the British withdrew from the Netherlands. That same year, the 46thRG were part of a force designed to take a number of Caribbean islands under Dutch and French control. However, tragedy struck, when their transport ship sank, with the loss of 150 men of the 46thRG. The remnants of the regiment did however take part in the expedition. The regiment took part in a variety of operations in many islands in the Caribbean, remaining in the region until 1799, when they departed for Britain.

In that year the 1st Bn of the 46thRG took part in another expedition in the Netherlands, seeing a number of actions in the campaign. Later that year the regiment joined the garrison at Gibraltar. Soon after, it was deployed to Ireland. In 1807 the regiment was involved in a very brief expedition to Madeira, a Portuguese-controlled territory. The expedition was under the command of Major-General William Beresford, soon to make his name in the Peninsula War. Once the expeditionary forces landed, the Portuguese Governor agreed to all demands made by the British.

In February 1808 the regiment was stationed in Barbados. They took part the expedition to Martinique, with the intention of capturing the island for Britain, which the British force duly did. On 9 April 1809, a detachment from the regiment was serving on the Treasury store-ship Emma, and so shared in the prize money for the French brig Navigateur for which Emma was a joint captor with sundry other ships.

The  46thRG became the garrison for island, suffering heavily from diseases one would expect in such tropical weather at that time. In 1810, part of the 46thRS took part in the capture of Guadeloupe, a duty the regiment had participated in many years before. The 46thRS was returned to Martinique, rather than becoming garrison troops for Guadeloupe. In 1814 the regiment was based in Barbados, but just a year later, returned to Guadeloupe with a British force, with the intent of recapturing the island, which had been restored to French rule in 1814. The regiment finally departed the Caribbean in 1819.

The 2nd Bn of the  46thRG took part in the Walcheren Expedition, assisting in the capture of a number of towns on the island. The force, however, would suffer from a terrible illness known as Walcheren Fever, which killed 4,000 British soldiers, with many thousands more also suffering from it. It was such a debilitating illness that many soldiers still suffered from its effects in 1812. Indeed the Duke of Wellington requested that no unit that served in the campaign be sent to him..

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The regiment rules are the following :
    *Listening to the commander
    *No headbanging
    *No racism
    *No teamkilling at the start of rounds
    *No teamkilling, even before the reset!
    *Obey the admins!
    *No Spamming!
    *No trolling!
    *No Discrimination
    *No Nazi stuff
    *No hate messages 

Command Staff
Colonel - Col
Lt. Colonel - LtCol
Major - Maj

Company Officers
Captain - Cpt
Lieutenant - Lt
Ensign - Ens
Non-Commissioned Officers
Sergeant Major - SgtMaj
Colour Sergeant - CSgt
Sergeant - Sgt
Corporal - Cpl

Lance Corporal - LCpl
Regular - Rgl
Private - Pte
Recruit - Rct

If you wish to join add me on steam : JadSamdi
We are a part of the Iron division Brigade

thanks every one for reading
Title: Re: The 46th Royal Guards. [Recruiting].
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Title: Re: The 46th Royal Guards. [Recruiting].
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Title: Re: The 46th Royal Guards. [Recruiting].
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Title: Re: The 46th Royal Guards. [Recruiting].
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Title: Re: The 46th Royal Guards. [Recruiting].
Post by: Lefranc on July 23, 2014, 11:17:43 am
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Title: Re: The 46th Royal Guards. [Recruiting].
Post by: JadSamadi on July 23, 2014, 11:37:59 am
Good luck !  ;D
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