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On Political Discussion in this Board


As you may have noticed, we have removed some threads here and in the Mess Hall with political subjects. While we allowed these threads for a period of time, we have come to the conclusion that we do not want FSE Forums to a place where people come solely to post political memes and other non-serious content. We do not mind non-serious content (It's what the Mess Hall is for), but when it contains political subjects it becomes a different case. The rules of this forum and the work of the Moderation Team is to protect the reputation of FSE. The content of these threads are at odds with that.

We will allow political discussion when it is done with a degree of seriousness and with respect to other views. Anything that is meant to insult, instigate or in any way could hurt the reputation of this forum, will be removed. The same goes for similair images or texts used in Profile Pictures and subtexts. Repeated failure to accept this new and stricter policy will result in a ban. A new rule describing this new policy more clearly will be added to the Rules as soon as we have finished writing it.


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