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The Mess Hall / Official Fast Food tier list 2021
« on: September 19, 2021, 11:39:41 pm »
Meat Mountain
Official Fast food Tier lists 2021
Yo what's goodie Here are some fast food tier lists we made if you think u have a better ranking post urs and I'll add urs to the list.
Mikey's List
Goomba's List
Oatmeal's List
BabyJ's List
Shintovette's List
Horse's Tier List
BensonTheBee's List
Dan The Chef's List
James' list
Mauri's List
Levis' List
Cow's List
Runepkyz's List
Fartknocker's List
NickCole's List
Kore's List
Lawbringer's List
Glenn's List
Phil's List
KillerShark's List
Jaax's List
[close] If you feel like you need to u can add a tier above B and under the best

Groupfighting Teams / {RNG} Ramen Noodle Gang [EU]
« on: August 02, 2021, 10:34:10 pm »
Ramen Noodle Gang Bar and Grill

The Ramen Noodle Gang is an Elite group of NW players who all share a common love. The love of ramen noodles. Each day our love for ramen grows and we use this love of noodles to defeat our opponents. If you too have a love for noodles and use this said love to defeat your opponents on the battlefield, add one of the members to join the elite ranks of noodles.

All entrées come with fried rice, a fresh salad, and very high ping.

Dishes with contains a cpt or co cpt
#1 MiGoreng 13.99                                                                                                                                                            #2 spicybeefychicken 16.99                              


#3 Ichiraku 14.99                                                                                                                                                                                              #4 ShinRamyun 13.99               


#5 Samyang 1.99                                                                                                                                                                              #6 Maruchan 0.99                                   


#7 Tonkotsu 13.99                                                                                                                                                                                #8 Top Ramen 0.99                                     

#9 Udon 9.99                                                                                                                                                                                  #10Miso  9.99


Ingredient List
#1 Yoloswag
#2 Yoshie
#3 Mikey
#4 Horse
#5 Piktonss
#6 Risk
#7 Cwater
#8 James
#9 Oatmeal
#10 Fireboy

3v3 Bro Down

Firday the 25th at 9:30 pm


Each team must have 1 sword and 2 bayonets.
Melee Speed will be set to fastest
Don't Spam the chat
Don't be Toxic
Use the names you signed up with
Teams must wield two bayonets and one sword at all times
Don't use any Hacks or cheats




Sign Ups

Team Name:
Team Players (Max 1 Sub) (Max 1 Coach):
Captains Steam :
Agree to the rules? :

Why would you like to become a referee:

The Warriors : Mikey Horse Yoshie Risk
RMB and Chamber : James Gavin Godfreid Rafael
pussywhipped : Vertildr Twitch Prodigy Wolfe
Yukimura Trio : Blitzkrieg Gibby Zeyden
YoloswagIsNotLeaving : Cwater RussianFury Piktons Yoloswag
Thebananapeels : Levis Anthony Hunteh Knives
Diversity is our greatest strength : CowLikeNuts Mang Lindrhos, Mexicant.
Epic Games : Hawkince Oatmeal DJ Purplish
TBA : NickCole , Runepkyz, Wastee, Mr.Whalefish
Mcaffee Gaurd : Alexander Killershark Koj
C.U.N.T : Maskman lonedoge Mike sHype
54 : Achilles LIT LOO Mech Hireaper
Ass Clappers : Evan Samuel Cytiuz
Elderly Gen : Fireboy Sleek Sanders

This was originally Vetro's Idea but since he no longer wants to do it and I know people wanted to play I've decided to host it.


Groupfighting Teams / The Konoha Crew [NA]
« on: December 16, 2020, 09:49:26 pm »


Yoshie - One of the most skilled and respected players in North America. Yoshie uses both his mechanical skill in the game and group fighting IQ to dominate every tournament and draft league for the past few years. Yoshie is One of if not the best player in North America and he proves this by putting up monster numbers in tournaments and there is a reason that he has been the number 1 overall pick in four draft leagues in a row. With his Astronomical Gfuel intake and his RGB chair, Yoshie has proven that Tarkov players can actually play other games and having RGB is all it takes to be good
Shikamaru Nara

Mikey - Using his unmatched gamer genetics and gamer infrastructure, Mikey can game with the best of them. Even though he has low ping, he plays a rather passive role in group fights and has made a career off of getting low impact kills that help him inflate his K/D. A cornerstone of this team and has become a professional at baiting his more skilled teammates (Yoshie, Jaax, and  Horse) to make sure that he has a high K/D. Every time the team plays CS, Mikey somehow always has to be the B site anchor or the IGL and everybody knows there aren't many things worse in life than having to solo hold B site.
Naruto Uzumaki

Horse -  Due to starting out as a N&S gamer, Horse has always been rather slept on (And for good reason, N&S is full of noobs). He has always had a chip on his shoulder and is finally getting the respect he deserves. He is also one of the biggest weebs out there leading the league in animes watched and discord moderated since 2018. He was a first-round draft choice in the most recent league and is currently leading his team in kills while also having the very low team kills and first deaths. As long as Horse continues on his upward trajectory, He will solidify himself as one of the best players to make the N&S to NW switch.
Ino Yamanaka

MrWhaleFish - Known as being a great Native and Bannerlord player, MrWhaleFish has shown to be very impactful in NW. He plays a key role on one of the best draft league teams in the league. He has proven to be a good blocker and is one of the few players who can say that he was paid to play on a Bannerlord roster. Finally, one of the greatest players to roam this planet even rivaling legend Kobiesan.
Ten Ten

Svenypoo - One of the old men of the team, Svenypoo managed to live an entire life in just 4 years. Svenypoo is our most aggressive player and is always in the killfeed. Whether the kill feeds show Svenypoo getting first picks and destroying flanks on his own, or Teamkilling his teammates and dying first all the time, He is still always putting pressure onto the enemy flank. Svenypoo has quickly gone from an underrated draft sleeper pick to a 3rd round pick that was a major contributor and one of the few bright spots on a struggling Templars roster. He managed to finish top 15 in kills and have a positive K/D ratio. Definitely, no longer a sleeper and will continue to play big roles on teams for the foreseeable future.
Neji Hyuga

Jaax - Probably the heaviest hitter on this team and for good reason. Jaax has been taking over matches for a while now. When He is on his A-game, there is quite literally nobody that can stop him. One of the hardest workers in NW, he truly brings that gritty, blue-collar gameplay to NW. While this is still unproven, there have been multiple reports that he is an avid CardiB listener. Whether him listening to CardiB is true or not, what is true is that he Has one of the best K/D's in the most recent draft league, despite being on the statistically worst team. Finally, Another player with an N&S background.
Shino Aburame

Oatmeal - Oatmeal has quietly become one of the biggest NW politicians out there. He was chosen among members of Rock Bottom to lead them and so far the people have no complaints. Oatmeal has found himself sources in Many NW camps and gets news regarding draft leagues and regiments before most. His low-risk high percentage NW playstyle pays off well and has helped him climb high on many NW melee lists as well as get him his own draft league teams. He pioneered the Glitch-Kickstab technique on NA and using this technique he can take on anybody.
Kiba Inuzuka

Goomba - Another player with a N&S background. He is known to have a very toxic mouth and an even more toxic playstyle. Despite his skey/chamber playstyle, he will be the first to tell you that you are a boring duelist. He is a great member of the team and always has his teammates back. Even though he was a 6th round pick in the draft league, He has made a great impact starting for Warlocks and is a big reason they are playing so well. Finally, make sure you give him his damn respect because goomba has no issue slandering your name for weeks straight on and off the server.
Sai Yamanaka

Jerry0s - The other old man of the team, Jerry0s is quite literally a boomer and currently holds the record for oldest man playing competitive NW. Although Jerry0s was blessed with "EU" ping and is currently 57 years old, Jerry0s has taken a fatherly figure role over many players in this community (mainly CommanderDeath). Using his great gift of "EU" ping, Jerry0s has mastered a way to bait you into chambers and attempts to Turkish kick you into tomorrow. He is another N&S player that has turned to NW and never looked back. Since entering NW Jerry has done it all from, becoming an aristocrat, Joining rock bottom, and even running his own regiment.
Rock Lee

CommanderDeath - One of the most important members of our team and plays arguably the biggest role. Despite CommanderDeath having low hours and limited competitive NW experience, death plays a major role in our team. He may be the most untalented Rocket League player of all time, have the oxygen consumption of an entire country, and some of the worst gamer infrastructure out there, he is a giant part of our team. When spirits get low in our team, Death has no issue in playing his tuba to reinspire us.
Choji Akimichi

Shintovette - Known as possibly the biggest Vette simp and former member of the aristocrats, Shinto always finds a way to get himself into spec. Even though shinto rarely wants to play in events, when he does play, he is a huge impact player. Using an unorthodox playstyle involving manny spins and force glances, Shinto can always find a way to cheese you into a death. Shinto has also made a name for himself in becoming an Emergency player for draft league teams when they have key players get banned.
Hinata Hyuga

Min - Min has been playing NW since its "Golden Days". He is your average Los Angeles Korean taking some of the hardest math classes known to man while and majoring in fields that most people have never heard of. Min doesn't attend events as much as he used to but when he does attend he makes sure to always frag out often getting hella kills. His chemistry with Svenypoo and Shintovette is unmatched and whenever those three are on the same flank together, We always win 20-0.
Sakura Haruno

BensonTheBee - One of the most gifted gamers out there. Even with little to no hours on NW, his potential is clearly there, and the team looks to him to carry us when the matches get close. He can go toe to toe with Yoshie and any given day and He is first team all Korra simp. Boasting strong Gamer infrastructure and solid gamer genetics, the team has no doubt in our minds that he can soon become NW's next big player.


We are the 420th[Field Artillery Gang] and we are coming to Mount and Blade Warband Napoleonic Wars. We have conquered countless video games and have decided to move on to our next passion. After countless victories in games such as Minecraft (pocket edition only) Xbox, PS4, Clash of Clan, Clash Royale, Pirates 101, Wizards 101, Fornite, Wii sports titles, club penguin, and toon town, we are now moving into Mount and Blade. Our goal is to be the best gang of cannoneers and wipe out all the competition that comes in our way. We will be swift when it comes to not only reloading our cannons but also shooting our opponents on the field of battle. We are coming for all major mount and blade regiments in community line battles such as Dkk, Rsl, 1kl, Nr16, and NR9. We do not like green men regiments so the LIR will die also. Not only are we backed by companies such as Nike and Addidas, but we also have the support from our newly gained sponsors planned parenthood and the Catholic church. 
To Apply to the 420th you need to do the following

1. Go to 420thField and sign up for a 420th account.
2. Log in and fill in the enlistment form.
3. Await a 420th NCO to add you ON STEAM and accept his friend request.
4. Make sure you have TeamSpeak downloaded and the 420th contact will set you up.
5. Just remember, we only do tryouts twice a Callender year so bring your A-game we take gaming very seriously so you will most likely be declined.
To Contact the 420th about Linebattles, Events or any Enquiries

1. Add one of our members on Roblox .
2. Test skills on Fornite by building up to the skylimit the fastest.
3. 1v1 Minecraft hungergames style.
Hardcore Gang Members

General of the Army (GOA) DORITOKID2010
General (GEN) GAMEMAN748
General2 (GEN2) KungFuLou
General3 (GEN3) Jeffrey
Lt General (LtGen) Count Ravioli
Major General (MajGen) darthreven2
Brigadier General (BGen) MIGHTYMUFFIN2008
Lt Colonel (LtCol) quandarious
General Simp (GSimp) slayer

Yeah we gang don't mess with us
By the way I'm not actually in the regiment, I just posted this for a friend who doesn't have a FSE account but they are very serious about doing Mount and Blade Warband.

The Mess Hall / Nfl Running Back Tier List
« on: August 21, 2019, 12:53:56 am »

Created week two of preseason
Skill order goes from left to right so number one rated back is Saquon. If you disagree You most likely have a mental illness or are overrating your favorite teams running back.
Thanks for the idea James

Regiments / Royal Scottish Lowlanders 1 Year and Strong
« on: August 07, 2019, 08:16:07 am »

General Information
The RSL is an NW regiment (mainly based in NA)
 comprised of two companies, the main company is Infantly whilst the second is The Guard Company.
We attend Events Regulary throughout the week such as line battles and also competitive events like 1v1's and GroupFights.

The RSL was created by StrykerOp in 2018. The RSL Prides itself on striving for melee excellence, And Sticking to our three points. No Reg Sniping, Staying discipline during not only in competitive events but also Public line battles, and Trying to keep toxicity down in our regiment and the general community.

Officers (COs)

Non Commissioned Officers (NCOs)
Sergeant Major
Veteran Guard
Lance Corporal
Veteran Guard
Junior Guard
Private First Class

~Commissioned Officers~

Captain Stryker
Lieutenant Horse

~Non-Commissioned Officers~

Sergeant Major Tennisman
Sergeant FrozenFlower

~Junior Non-Commissioned Officers~
Lance Corporal Edward
Lance Corporal Cal


Ensign Bubby

Fusiler Paul Bishop

Veteran Guard Ranger
Veteran Guard Piktonss

Guard Mikey

Juniour Guard Jerry
Juniour Guard James
Juniour Guard Zappy
Juniour Guard Ttown
Juniour Guard Klassenkrieg (?)
Juniour Guard Zeus

Grenadier Trogdor
Grenadier Yoshi
Grenadier Skitty

Regular Duddnade
Regular Wild
Regular Prodigy
Regular Ironbelt
Regular James
Regular GamingDoc
Regular Dio
Regular Patrick (?)
Regular AK Jedi (?)

Private First Class Sedentary
Private First Class Pieguy
Private First Class Animeman
Private First Class Seegert
Private First Class Wargod
Private First Class Capet

Private Baller
Private Ketts
Private Rever
Private Pedro
Private Navy920
Private Richard
Private Nick
Private sHype (Justin)
Private Commie
Private Charles
Private Peep (?)
Private Goomba (?)
Private Daddy (?)
Private Sir Bape (?)
Private Zero (?)

Chieftain Vlad

Recruit Kappa
Recruit Goat Whisperer
Recruit Gman
Recruit Badger
Recruit Fury (?)
Recruit Portals (?)

The RSL attends events nearly Everyday, and will have competitive events throughout the week whenever possible.
Monday: 8-9 Line Battle NW
Tuesday: 8-9 Line Battle NW
Wednesday: FREE
Thursday: Free
Friday: 8-9 Line Battle Nw
Saturday: 8-9 Line Battle NW
Sunday: Line Battle NAS

How to join or get in contact
The Captain,
The Lieutenant,
Our Ts
The Steam Group,
Interested in joining the RSL? If so then click on one of the links above!

 Recently, There have been a ton of bad lists.I am here to fix this. For my list I take into consideration Both duel and Group fighting skill. This is how each player should be ranked. If u disagree with my rankings, Chances are that u either have autism or have never played the game before. If you or somebody you know is not on the list and you think they should be added, Just tell me and i will try to put them on. I got a lot of help from james , jerry and mostly Goomba so bitch at them too.


All Star


Role Player
Ghost Rider

Two Way Contract
Best Meleer In Each Reg
Whatever Reg Matt is in - Matt
6te - RunePkyz
VB - James
HRE - Rico
3ePro - Bluenose
LG - Yoshie
41st - Mikey
LIR - Jetch
RSL - Amiranger
1erGren - Gavin
51st - Wayne
63e - Fartknocker
Saquon Barkley

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