Author Topic: Putting your NW server on AZW  (Read 2708 times)

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Putting your NW server on AZW
« on: April 18, 2016, 07:41:29 pm »
After a few requests asking how to put your server on AZW (or a different module) I'm just going to put a very brief guide how to do this here

Putting your NW server on AZW Reloaded (or a different module)

1. Copy and paste your AZW Reloaded folder (or mod file) into the Modules folder in your server files.

2. Find and open the file NW_Sample_Battle.txt (or gamemode of your choice, in AZW you want battle). Make sure you have the server details done correctly. The lines set_admin_pass, set_server_name and set_welcome_message must not have a # symbol on those lines. There are customisation options further down in this guide for this file. After checking/customising, save and close.

3. Right click on the file NW_Sample_Battle_start.bat and click edit. You should be able to see the single line: mb_warband_dedicated.exe -r NW_Sample_Battle.txt -m Napoleonic Wars. Simply change the Napoleonic Wars to AZW Reloaded (or the name of your mod shown on its folder) spelt exactly to be -m AZW Reloaded

 4. Run the NW_Sample_Battle_start.bat (or gamemode of choice start file) and it will be up in AZW Reloaded

I'll make this mini guide a little clearer later...possibly including the server from scratch tutorial

Server load options for AZW Reloaded
  • Remove the default faction lines and add the lines below for Factions automatically loaded as Brit vs Zulu. This stops factions switching/randomising after a round as well.
    #adding less nations will reduce the randomization set (used in set_randomize_factions command)
    add_factions fac_britain fac_britain
    add_factions fac_france fac_france

    set_randomize_factions 0
    set_factions fac_britain fac_france
  • Below the line set_max_players, add the lines below for: allowing team stack, no friendly fire, mouse controlled block direction and no class limits
    set_auto_team_balance_limit 7
    set_friendly_fire 0
    set_melee_friendly_fire 0
    set_control_block_direction 1
    use_class_limits 0
  • You can also choose to have ban and faction voting removed with the lines below (only use this with the factions permanently set to Brits vs Zulu)
    set_ban_voteable 0
    set_factions_voteable 0
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Re: Putting your NW server on AZW
« Reply #1 on: April 18, 2016, 07:44:23 pm »
Nice one thanks alot.
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