Author Topic: Regiment taking over 59th server  (Read 2998 times)

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Regiment taking over 59th server
« on: August 10, 2015, 01:24:49 pm »
Hey, I was playing AZW and then a regiment called something like Die Dren or whatever came, they acted like assholes revenge killing any and all accidental TK:s and such. Thy were also the mjority of players so at times they would not only stop at revenge TK but also kick any they pleased. Finally I left the server 'couse I couldn't play with these, I assume 12 year olds, anymore.

Anyways, I just went back to see if they had moved on, they hadn't, ow it was only them on the server, as soon as I joined they kicked me, now I am banned from the server. These people should not be allowed to play on the server, they should be banned the lot of them. This isn't my dicision though...

Was was digging through google to see if 59th has any kind of forum where I couldd post this violation, but I found nothing, so in the end I posted it here.
I ask, if anybody knows, where can I post this so that 59th admns will see it?

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Re: Regiment taking over 59th server
« Reply #1 on: August 12, 2015, 06:55:31 am »
Hey, I am an admin for 59th on some other servers and I could definitely bring it up to them. Also, go to the 59th forums (Google 59th eu) and there you may or may not find a thread about the server.