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Technical Support / Can't switch weapon (commander battle)
« on: April 13, 2013, 01:38:39 am »
I can't switch my weapon in commander battle.

I can give orders to my men just fine. I can use the weapon just fine for example I can zoom in with the scope and can shoot my pistol and can slash my sword. I just can't seem to switch my weapon (my mouse wheel isn't broken). Occasionally after swiveling my mouse wheel angrily  for a while it will cycle between them all. I can see other people on the server switching their weapons normally. It only happens to me on commander battle and can lead to some unfortunate situations where I have my scope out and can't change as a cavalryman charges towards me, normally I take them out but now I have to hide in my men so they don't get me.

I am pretty sure it is not my internet as my ping is generally in the 30's and there is no over step or characters walking in the air. My internet to my actual PC is fine as I will check it afterwards and it will display what I expect it to display, 10mbps download and 10mbps upload speed It isn't where our internet provider is cutting us of as I have the highest internet speed they offer and that means we don't get cut back.

If it's any help my PC specs are below:

16gb RAM
Windows 7 64bit
HD Hp 2000 on board graphics (pretty bad I know)


Off Topic / Your gaming story
« on: April 01, 2013, 03:24:19 am »
Your gaming story from when you started and what games you played as you went along, you could talk about a game you got really good at before you moved on, do you miss anything and things like that.
The longer the better!

I will post mine in the morning when I get up as it is 02:30 AM where I am at the time of this post

Suggestions & Bug Reports / Commander Battle suggestion
« on: March 31, 2013, 07:58:55 pm »
My favorite game mode is commander battle because it just feels so much more fun than any of the other modes (with the exception of the 15th bots vs humans server). However I do think it could be upgraded:

I think we should be able to have members of the colour party and musicians present during a battle and they go behind the line or to a set point along the line.
You could have the musicians play the corresponding tune to what you are doing for example if a British Line Infantry regiment was moving the drummer could play British Grenadiers, If you order your troops to fire your musicians could  constantly drum until you give the orders to fire or another order.
The colour bearer might just hold the flag but it could be useful so any allies can be sure that that is an allied squad or just to look plain awesome. If he gets killed and the flag is on the floor your troops could suffer an accuracy penalty or just not get one if the flag were to give out an accuracy buff. Maybe we could use the buffs the drummers and fifers give out to give the troops a speed buff or a reload speed buff.
I hate it when as the officer for my squad I get killed of early because of some random ramboing cavalry or a lucky (or in my case unlucky) arty shot and I am left giving orders as one of the regular troops, it just doesn't feel right. If we could get another officer that spawns aswell that comes along too and waits with the colour party, If you die you spawn as him before spawning as one of the regular troops and then if you die again you could spawn as the ensign (if they are both still alive of course) and then finally become part of the regular line.

This doesn't have to exclude cavalry and skirmishers too as they can just use their horns or if that regiment does have a standard bearer they use it.

On the technical side of things because musicians walk everywhere and in commander battle you run everywhere we could allow them to run at the same pace as the regular troops.

I don't know much about code and things like that and I don't know how hard it would be to implement but the game already has the textures and models so it can't be too difficult.

The Anglo-Zulu War / I preferred the buggy version
« on: March 12, 2013, 11:32:51 pm »
I preferred the buggy version of v4.

 While generally bugs are bad, in this case I quite enjoyed it. Because sappers didn't work obviously no one went as them which meant more people were taking rankers  and cavalry instead of them. This meant nobody could cower in a building without a team or a really really skilled at this game. I found we won a lot more compared to the non-bugged version. I am guessing because weren't really looking out for their own hide anymore and focused more on holding a single point in a line or in ranks of two. As we had no defense to hide behind we had to use superior gunfire to take down the enemy. Even with 200 or so Zulu and 25 Brits we still won before they even got close. I found that epic-er moments happened more often as people had to hold their position or they would loose because their was no other place to hold safely.

What I ma trying to say is that without sappers everyone was more effective and even on maps like Rorkes drift we could hold the front sandbag wall against about 150 Zulu with only 20 Brits lined along the wall. Now people have to rush inside to avoid being trapped outside because a sapper blocked the entrance. I found that down chat people were discussing tactics more instead of random banter. It just seemed so much more... awesome.

Regiments / 61st Shropshire Regiment of Foot [Recruiting]
« on: March 12, 2013, 07:50:01 pm »
61st Shropshire Regiment of Foot


The 61st plays on the AZW mod and you are welcome to join our ranks. The 61st has layed back attitude to most things but will not tolerate things such as bullying or things of the like. When we are in game on  AZW we play to win but we like to do it with epic scenes such as a group of 5 infantry holding out in a last stand situation against the Zulu and triumphing over their native enemy or an other example is the 61st holding line until the last man falls and giving the rest of our team the time to fall back and regroup. You can expect promotion and recognition fairly fast due to the fact we only have a few ranks, From Private, Corporal, Sergeant and Officer (When you become an officer you get selected on which rank of that officer by how well you perform upon reaching that rank. Officers can be thought of as being part of a new promotion league and have equal say in inter-regimental matters.

General-General Coppard

Major-Major Collins




Private-Private Michele

Promotion worth achievements

Promotion worth achievements:

-Going out of your way to defend a comrade

-Holding a point to allow allows to escape to safety at the cost of your own life

-Taking on a force worth of recognition, on your own

What these mean for you

This will allow you to become a specialist during a battle such as:

-A Sapper


-Standard Bearer

The leaders of the Regiment are 61_Shropshire_Gen_Coppard, Steam name-EPICPANDA
                                                    61_Shropshire_Maj_Collins, Steam name-Rowaan

To sign up join our Steam Group Page '61st Shropshire Regiment of Foot'
or post an application below (your pretty much guaranteed to be accepted)

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