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The ABC of Community Clans: Regiments
« on: December 31, 2015, 12:51:12 am »
Basic Rules of the Regimental or Community Clans board

1. Don't troll other unit threads. OPs can delete posts in this board, so it's no use anyway.

2. If your unit disbands, close down the thread. We will remove threads that have been inactive for a very long time.

3. Please put 'Inf/Cav/Art' and 'EU/NA' in your regiment's name.
For all the rules: Click here.

A list of all units in the Civil war can be found: here

Historical ranks, where can I find them?

Historically, ranks went:

Quartermaster Sergeant (Non-commanding position in the cavarly only)
First Sergeant
Ordnance Sergeant (Non-commanding position in the artillery only)
Sergeant-major (Regimental staff only)

2nd Lieutenant
1st Lieutenant


The insignia can be found here


What is a 'Regiment'?

A 'Regiment' is the most common name for gamer clans used on this forum and has been in use before Napoleonic Wars was even a DLC. "Regiments", though they sometimes take other names, usually use names based on historical units from the Napoleonic Wars and the American Civil war (or other periods). They train and play together, join events or even organize them. We highly suggest you join a regiment, as it really opens up a new way to play the game.

What are these brigades/divisions/armies?

Sometimes, several regiments join together to form bigger units, and they usually take names of 'higher' units. Actual size doesn't always matter; there have been NW regiments bigger then NW brigades or armies. To avoid problems of similar-named units (and a idiotic amount of officers), it's best to use the lowest-scale (Regiment or brigade) for these kind of cooperative clans.

So, if I want to start a unit, I must pick a historical regiment? I can't make something up or make a company?

No, you don't have to, though tradition-wise most NW regiments were based on historical regiments. You also don't have to pick a regiment; you can name your unit after a company or a squadron as well. We try to give members as much creative freedom as possible.

I've made a thread for a certain unit, but I've seen people use the same name in the game, and they're not my members!

Nothing we can do about it. People are free to use any and all tags in the game.

I don't really want to join a regiment, but I'd like to join an event for once.

Many events have so-called 'public lines', enabling non-regimental members to join the event. Check the event board for that.

Can I make an extra (double) account specifically for my unit, so more members can edit the thread?

While we don't support Unit accounts, they're allowed under certain limitations:
9B - Unit accounts
So-called 'Regimental accounts' or 'Unit accounts', accounts that are registered to represent a certain unit and is used by one or more members of that unit to maintain a unit's thread in the 'Regimental Board' are excepted from rule 9 as long as these accounts only post in the Regimental or event boards, keep posts to a minimum (preferably only used to maintain the OP) and are not used to circumvent mutes or bans. Remember that we can see what Registered Members use a Unit account. Accounts that do not abide by rule 9B will by banned and their users punished.
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Re: The ABC of Community Clans: Regiments
« Reply #1 on: January 01, 2016, 06:07:52 pm »
Very informative for new players, nice  8) 8)

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Re: The ABC of Community Clans: Regiments
« Reply #2 on: January 29, 2016, 01:18:33 pm »
mm daddy


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Re: The ABC of Community Clans: Regiments
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Very nice Duuring! Very informative. :)