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2nd New York State Militia [NA]
« on: May 25, 2020, 03:43:13 am »

This regiment has a lot of in-game history behind it and it is arguably one of Reich's most successful regiments. Started as the 2nd United States Marine Batallion (2ndUSMB), this group was filled with many dedicated and loyal members. This regiment would be retired down the road and transformed into the 7th New York State Militia (7thNYSM) until that was soon to be transformed into the 2nd New York State Militia (2ndNYSM). This regiment was primarily a line infantry and sharpshooter regiment that would perform very well on the field. With the addition of Hess, a grand company that the regiment could pride itself on was created. This company was called "Company C" and consisted of the more skilled players in the regiment that would work and train often to become good at the game. With a rigorous tryout process, members of this company would distinguish themselves with a company tag in-game. As time progressed, the regiment would grow in size due to a merge with an artillery regiment and bring 14-15 to events. Two lines would be ran and lead by Hess and Reich. This regiment would eventually decline due to internal problems between Reich, Hess, and others and eventually split. With the emergence of NaS again, the 2ndNYSM plans to comeback stronger than ever. While we do comeback to NaS events, we will still primarily do the 8e stuff for NW since most of our group enjoys that more than NaS.

In actual history, a 2nd New York State Militia actually existed, but it was short lived since it failed to successfully form at the call of the war and would go by its more formal name of the "82nd New York Volunteer Infantry" that would see action throughout the war. These soldiers, depending on the regiment could be seen wearing blue, grey, and even zouave uniforms to distinguish themselves from the other regiments. This regiment as the 82nd New York seen extensive amounts of action by participating in many important battles and is honored with a monument in Gettysburg. This regiment would have a medal of honor recipient by the name of "Sergeant Hugh Carey" who was wounded twice while capturing the 7th Virginia's colors. This regiment would go by the 82nd New York until 1864 where it was combined into the 42nd New York and then soon after into the 59th New York. A total of 15 officers and 251 enlisted men would die throughout the war to disease and the enemy.




First Battle of Bull Run

Battle of Ball's Bluff

Battle of Yorktown

Battle of Fair Oaks

Seven Days' Battles

Battle of Antietam

Battle of Fredericksburg

Battle of Chancellorsville

Battle of Gettysburg

Battle of Bristoe Station

Mine Run Campaign

Battle of the Wilderness

Battle of Spotsylvania Courthouse

Battle of Cold Harbor

Siege of Petersburg



Commissioned Officers

| Colonel [Col]
| Lieutenant Colonel [LtCol]
| Major [Mjr]
| Captain [Cpt]
| 1st Lieutenant [1stLt]
| 2nd Lieutenant [2ndLt]

        Non-Commissioned Officers

| Quartermaster-Sergeant [QSgt]
| Sergeant Major [SgtMaj]
| 1st Sergeant [1stSgt]
| Sergeant [Sgt]
| Corporal [Cpl]

| Lance Corporal [LCpl]
| Private [Pvt]
Volunteer [Vol]





8e NW Stuff
8e NW Stuff
North and South Community Event
8e NW Training
8e NW Stuff
8e NW Stuff
North and South Community Event



8:00 PM EST
8:00 PM EST
8:00 PM EST
8:00 PM EST
8:00 PM EST
8:00 PM EST
8:00 PM EST

Commissioned Officers

| Colonel. Reich
| Major. Hess
| 2nd Lieutenant. Hand

Non-Commissioned Officers

| Quartermaster Sergeant. Mistakee
| Sergeant. Wallace
| Corporal. Nesoberi


Bugler Heath
| Lance Corporal. Ninoybox
| Lance Corporal. Rocksteady
| Lance Corporal. Painkiller
| Lance Corporal. Snowball
| Lance Corporal. Knerdy_Knight
| Private. Fiji
| Private. Killinspecialist
| Private. Profanity
| Private. Nickcole
| Private. Froggo
| Private. Maeker
| Private. Manbearpig
| Private. Mexicant
| Private. Tinhead
| Private. Raptor265
| Private. Maxmaster32
| Private. James
| Private. Arcanine
| Private. Apeman
Volunteer. Perc Dealer
Volunteer. Noble
Volunteer. Jean
Volunteer. Seriousjin
Volunteer. SirBeef
Volunteer. Kiss

Mercenary. Hagman
Mercenary. Vlad
Mercenary. Swag_Daddy
Medicist Saint Hagnar of Medics


Commissioned Officers: 3
Non-Commissioned Officers: 3
Enlisted: 27
Mercenaries/Reserves: 5
Total Strength: 38

Thread credits: VetroG & Shadey
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Re: 2nd New York State Militia [NA]
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Sweet, Good luck boys! ;D

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Re: 2nd New York State Militia [NA]
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Good Luck from Vincent's Brigade Hess!