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1st Maryland Cavalry Regiment

-NA timezone based with some EU members.
-Serious and historically focused.
-Friendly Community to play other games with.

The 1st Maryland Cavalry Regiment is the first continuously active Union Cavalry unit in game. This unit has a rich history and was involved in many famous engagements. Cavalry is still many months out from actual utilization in-game. However, the unit is organizing for the eventual release of the Cavalry. Cavalry is going to be a super interesting part of the game. It allows you to do cavalry charges, act as light Infantry when dismounted, or just form up in a line like traditional Infantry.

We will be following Cavalry and Dragoon traditions. So essentially we will be mounted at times and act as dismounted infantry as well. In-game currently we will act as skirmishers/light Infantry. In the future, we will keep these dismounted Infantry/skirmisher roots whilst adding in Cavalry charges with horses.

Follow the traditions of the Cavalry! Join 1stMDCav today!

 Company D, 1st Maryland Cavalry Regiment

Duty Roster

 Capt. Pathfinder
 Sgt. Rozzi
 Cpl. Boingo
 MTpr. Penguin
 MTpr. Ezaco
Tpr. Denzel
Tpr. Lexi
Tpr. Andrere
Tpr. Sean Green
Tpr. Demon
Tpr. Renegades
Tpr. Strambetto
Tpr. Nine
Tpr. Ethan
Tpr. Gogurt
Tpr. Matt
Tpr. Taco
Tpr. Viper
Tpr. Yato
Tpr. Jones
Tpr. Jake
Tpr. Polar
Tpr. Seawolf
Tpr. Top
Tpr. Repaul
Tpr. Scooby
Tpr. Adam
Tpr. Arthur
Tpr. Larry
Tpr. Editor
Tpr. TroubleTwist
Tpr. Tychonoff
Tpr. Xman
Tpr. Bobby
Tpr. TheDuck
Tpr. Frost
Tpr. Grimm
Tpr. Logan
Tpr. McRuckus
Tpr. Tony
Tpr. SirSteven
Tpr. Case
Tpr. Murderface
Tpr. SirThomas
Tpr. Yuuki
Tpr. Wally
Tpr. Witcher
Tpr. Omen
Tpr. Itashii
Tpr. FinSaver
Tpr. Leezer
Tpr. Tommy
Tpr. Cass
Tpr. Gannon
Tpr. Jeffro
Tpr. Limbo
Tpr. Sammy
Tpr. SlimTracy
Tpr. Wanax
Tpr. Anatoly
Tpr. Wally

Officer: 1
NCO: 2
Enlisted: 55
Total: 58


 1st Maryland Cavalry was organized in Baltimore, Maryland on August 1861.

Battle of Greenbrier River
Battle of Ball's Bluff
Battle of Hancock
First Battle of Winchester
Battle of Cedar Mountain
First Battle of Rappahannock Station
Second Battle of Bull Run
Battle of Chantilly
Battle of Harpers Ferry
Battle of Fredericksburg
Chancellorsville Campaign
Stoneman's 1863 Raid
Battle of Brandy Station
Battle of Aldie
Battle of Middleburg
Battle of Gettysburg
Bristoe Campaign
Mine Run Campaign
Second Battle of Deep Bottom
Siege of Petersburg
Battle of Chaffin's Farm
Battle of Darbytown and New Market Roads
Battle of Darbytown Road
Battle of Fair Oaks & Darbytown Road
Appomattox Campaign

1st Maryland Cavalry Regiment was mustered out of Union service August 8th, 1865.
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Updated Roster!

Looking for NCOs and Troopers!