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Developer Blog 14 - Artillery Sabre & Music

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Developer Blog 14 - Artillery Sabre & Music
Hello and welcome back to our Developer Blog. We are incredibly sorry for the delay but we have been unbelievably swamped with developing Battle Cry of Freedom and as such we have a few things we would like to show you!

So, we have been working on several pieces of equipment, but one of our favourites is the “Light Artillery Saber Model 1840”. The sabre was one of the most used weapons during the civil war. It was a single-edged, 42 inches long curved blade and featured a metal scabbard that could also be used as a sort of wack thump ouch improvised weapon of a sort, if necessary. Yes if the idea is popular we can have a look at including this as a feature.

Besides that we have some new ear candy for you. So make sure to turn your speakers up and listen to this awesome piece of music.
To listen to the sounds, take a look at the Developer Blog on our Website, here.

I’m sure many of our backers and probably quite a few of you loyal folk following development would quite like to know where these funds are going. Contrary to popular belief, the marketing muppets have managed to curb some of the teams more bizarre appetites and instead of ordering vast quantities of vodka and cookies, we have dedicated our resources to acquiring much needed support and technology for BCoF!

As well as purchasing our Unity engine licenses, we have been making huge amounts of progress in our 3d visuals and sounds. You have seen many of these so far, but we are actually way ahead of schedule on this front thanks to your support! As you have seen we have also managed to buy the equipment needed to record our animations with, and now have the resources to record as many animations as we can possibly think of!

The only thing holding us back from a prototype right now is the extremely complicated scripting Vincenzo is currently creating, and as Merlin once said “magic takes both time and patience”. Or he would if he knew anything about magic.
That being said BCoF is very much on track and we are all getting very excited about the prospect of an early-game prototype and alpha release looming in the future. Once again, we cannot thank you enough for your support, and we hope that the game we are creating will be more than worth your wait!

P.S. And also some good news for you donators, your wallpapers should be on their way soon enough!

Thanks for reading.
Flying Squirrel Entertainment

Hugh MacKay:

--- Quote ---Yes if the idea is popular we can have a look at including this as a feature.
--- End quote ---

Ehm, yeah?!

But nice update. Really good to hear you guys make so good progress!

This Music :O




Amazing as always. :)

Thanks for the much needed support! I can assure you that we are working hard on this game.  ;)


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