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Wemans Deathmatch
« on: May 25, 2022, 01:31:43 pm »
hello brothers and sistas, this is our extremely funny server if you are not aware

cool stuff
  • we have a cool b menu with no cooldown
  • we have instruments to play on any class(PRESS V to play music)
  • boats are faster enough to catch light speed
  • you can remove your clothes from b menu
  • you can change your chat color if you want
  • we have special animations for you! Artillery yell to speak "Women fight with swords, men fight with cannon!" loudly
  • there are no strict rules in server


there are gamemodes for you to play with others in server. all gamemodes are voteable
  • deathmatch
  • naked wars(everyone is naked and fighting with fists to the death!)
  • horce racing
  • molo wars(you fight with molotovs)


/referral (your friend's guid)

there's a /referral command for your friends. If your friends refer you in-game, you will get special rewards in return! we are trying to give people cool stuff without paying for it.
Current rewards(can change in further)
5 friends: custom chat color
10 friends: custom tag
15 friends: special welcome message

Join Discord

more is always coming
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